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New Jersey

New Jersey

All American guy that enjoys giving an receiving all types of pleasure.

New Jersey

I am a switch...i have been into BDSM for almost 15 years....i enjoy being a subbie and i also love being a Mistress...Groanman is my best freind, and Master when he is on...i dont private chat..and do not like no avi"s or pics on profile...I have made many awesome freinds on here which I LOVE THEM ...

First of all... I am so glad that you had enough interest in me to warrant clicking on my name and pulling up my profile.. I know I have a fairly gender neutral name and profile pic.. so lets get this out of the way.. I am a guy.. and I am heterosexual.

.....waits for all the straight men ...

Name's Nick. Motivational speaker. Get to know me.

08715, New Jersey

I love to write and read incest, gay, straight, first time stories. I love to talk to new people and I'm always up to play.

08757, New Jersey

Brick, New Jersey

I am a midwestern boy grew up in Central Illinois Moved to florida when I was 20 and skinny as a rail 5'10 130 grew up there tho now I am in Brick NJ and still 5'10 but now 180 brown hair I usually like to wear long but have it cut short at this time. I don't drink much at all and don't smoke

Bridgewater, New Jersey

Burlington, New Jersey