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There is not a whole lot about me to say. I just like to think up stories. Being creative in that sense ensures that I am never bored when it comes to masturbation as I know some of my friends say do. Also, all of my stories are fictitious.

I'm not a seasoned writer, however I do love to write. I have had a ton of experiences that I'm turning into stories. Most every story written here will be true. I'll tag it both ways...if it's fiction or if it's true.

I like to read all kinds of stories. If you want to chat or something feel free to msg me.

I'm an aspiring writer, currently writing a novel. I have a habit of retracting myself from reality and currling up in a ball in my imagination. I have to say I am a bit of an incest nerd when it comes to lush stories.

I've not really written anything yet ! I would love to try my hand at it (thanks to Lucky) my favorite author , I actually have a story in the works !?hope to share it soon!

I am a 28 year old male who finds coming to lush a sweet release by reading and chatting with new people. I love incest because I have a long history in this area from personal experience. Ladies and Gents please send me a chat request as I love to share and also enjoy getting kinky via cyber as we...

Hmm. Currently, I am 21 years old. I've never known my father and I pretty much grew up with out my four older brothers. I don't even have pictures of my father or anything. My mom refused to date anyone while I was growing up so I never really had a father in my life. I may or may not write anythi...