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hi all i go by Ridley Scott which is my pen name and i'm from Illinois. my stories are all fiction but the names that i use are real names that i found on-line.

Updated: 5-6-13

Hello! My name is Tori! I'm 18... almost 19. I beginning to lose my interest in having an account on Lush, mainly because my boyfriend of 6 months has no clue about this site and I feel like I'm somewhat cheating on him... SO! I will NOT cyber (IM or cam) and I'm taking down...

Hey my name is Skyler but i go by sky i'm 25 and i'm bi. I love 4 wheeling and dirt bikes. Love camping and just being around nature. Im very outgoing and am willing to do almost anything to have a good time

wide variety of things u can e-mail or IM me

In a relationship but love to come here to read, visit and play a little. No, I don't have a webcam, and no, I won't give out pictures except the couple of snapshots of Bob and me that I posted on my image part. No, the girl on the car isn't me, but Bob loves that picture and says it looks like mi...

I like reading lots of smutty, taboo stories. I like watching porno; been watching it since I was a kid.

I am new to crossdressing, but I love the feel and excitment of tight fitting, especially latex and spandex, women's clothes. I enjoy reading the stories on here and I hope to have a good crossdressing story soon.

Send me a message or chat with me, I don't bite;)

If I dont want to chat at the moment then I wont....dont be offended.just know that iam not in the mood at that moment :)

I am Just getting started here, and I have enjoyed myself everytime I come here. I am very much in to other girls, But nice guys still rock too. I love my sex toys! Kisses

one note at a time - life is too short

Hmm.. What to say what to say... I'm a fairly complex person. There's more to me than meets the eye. I'm passionate about life. I love to make people smile. I'm funny (if I do say so myself).

hi everyone im here for mostly women, im more into them then guys so please relax with all the adds boys. im very outgoing hoping to go farther with a woman and i am into incest or fantasy wise and i love to hear stories of girls doing it.