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25 May 2012 19:29

Read about our real life swinging experiences at

25 May 2012 08:23

Hubs and I decided to become swingers. I got distracted a bit with activities, but am back with fresh new stories to tell!

19 Apr 2012 15:50

Today someone told me that I had a sexy bottom lip, and it wasn't my husband, though, he's told me that a time or too also

02 Apr 2012 23:27

New blog entry. A little tease for Between the Neighbors -

01 Apr 2012 21:58

Spent the whole weekend reading a writing. Think I'll take a break from writing for the next week and spend time with the family.

31 Mar 2012 17:46

Just posted Office Quickies - The Executive. Waiting for moderation, so keep a look out