midknightman's Blog Entries

19 Feb 2014 13:27

Just want to acknowledge the wondrously sexy and luscious new pictures, keeping my wall fresh and spicy, just the way I love it! I hope you'll forgive my swelling state as I touch myself in honor of your passionate effort at bringing such awe and joy. I hope to get more active here soon. In the meantime you are in my thoughts and dreams nightly and during the occasional day dream. Yum. XO

29 Jan 2014 17:14

Peaking in from time to time. Employee team building and self defense went well. Everyone felt they benefited. Glad I signed some of my employees and self up. Will get back to writing and
contributing soon. Stay connected and keep working at your creative spirit my good friends. Peace!

18 Dec 2013 00:06

AWOL... Again? Well kind of, but not by choice! In a vigorous boot camp style training regime with little time or access to computer. Martial arts, self defense, weight training and aerobics fill my days for the moment. Rest assured... I'll be back and sharper, more fine tuned, and more buff than ever! Patience is requested and desired. Miss you one and all. See you soon. Write on!

07 Nov 2013 08:35

Just want to thank you naughty girls for keeping my profile wall vibrant and alive with such sensual erotic dreamscapes. You know how much it keeps my mind actively fertile and potent, provokes such intriguing desires within my creative soul and keeps me fluid, engaged, yearning and at the ready to provide yet again the kind of sentiments that can draw you near. Sometimes I'm juggling a lot and have to remain in the shadows (business beckons), but you are never far from my burning thoughts, and your contributions to keep my fires alive are always taken to heart.

07 Oct 2013 23:02

As MidKnightMan is such a busy bee these daze, I'd just like to take this moment to thank thee one and all for your kind, thoughtful and sensual updates on my profile page/wall. It means much to me and helps keep my fires burning ever so hot, my imagination ripe, and my juices flowing... which can only mean one thing... (well... yes... that too), but alas -- another contribution is in the offing.
Have a great rest of the week and forgive my absence from individual pages during my busy season.

27 Sep 2013 23:19

Just thinking about the great friends I have here, the amazing talent and the generous continual updates my wall here. I want to thank you one and all for keeping this fresh and me poised at the ready. Keep muse alive, the fire burning and the juices flowing! Ahhh just the medicine this curve lover needs right now.

24 Aug 2013 13:58

AWOL? Me? LOL... Thought I better bring everyone up to date here... been one crazy hectic summer so far! Healing a back injury is no fun... over did with weights it seems... arrgggg, when will this thick headed Irishman learn? Can't keep a good man down though right? Maybe some of you vixens have a cure to that? ;-) Also dealt with the passing of my mom and also three family friends in the last few months. Jonesing for a hard fast care-free ride... how about you? So... trusted friends and casual acquaintences and readers... I shall return! Patience please. I will endeavor to catch up on all your posts and new stories and contribute soon enough... promise.
In need of your "touch", your "attention" and your postive vibes... and love! Peace in your hearts.
Missing all with every fiber of my being...

31 May 2013 13:57

I'd just like to take a minute to thank all of you who keep my profile page fresh and alluring. Love the tune Buttercup! Thanks for the nice acknowledgements and comments too. Nice voluptuous art/photos Buttercup, Mystic and Personal Assist. YUM! Gets my fever running high... piston pumping and motor roaring. So busy these days, running the business and all, but so as not to get accused of being totally AWOL, I'm posting a short but deeply felt poem today.
Speaks to my transcendental side, inspired by a special friend and special connection I feel to the elements that feed my soul and energy... ride on kindred spirits... hear me roar... feel my power!

14 May 2013 23:57

Been crazy busy lately... work work and more work... boring guy eh? Gotta make hay while... oh, you say way? Make out IN the hay? Hmmmm... yea, probably a better way to spend the time! I will try to make up my neglect as soon as possible, but in the mean time thank you one and all for your support and encouragement and your continued contributions to my wall and friend's list. I miss you all dearly. Can't wait to cum play with you all again.... ohhh yea baby!

12 Oct 2012 22:44

Thinking how off the grid my mind wanders sometimes... where the keepers of my soul and free spirit await my arrival, to reward me for keeping alive my curiosity and quest, and for my willing nature to continue to wander to the edge or beyond (into the forest), to refresh and reawaken my eros heart. How hungry I get in the moments inbetween, the mundane realities where responsibilities rule my time, but rob my desire to bask in the awe that she might beckon me to... out there!