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Topic I would like to know you thoughts on something interesting.
Posted 17 Jul 2014 19:45

But I do agree I do think very highly of myself.

Enough said. laughing8

Posted 14 Jul 2014 18:13

Happy Birthday!!!! occasion4 occasion7 occasion9 occasion1 occasion6

Topic Have you ever been hit on at work by a client, patient etc.?
Posted 24 Apr 2014 19:24

Yes, sometimes welcome and often not.

Topic Are you happy with your breast size?
Posted 24 Apr 2014 18:48


Topic Favorite Pizza?
Posted 24 Apr 2014 18:47

Pepperoni & cheese

Topic Happy Birthday to DanielleX
Posted 15 Mar 2014 12:27

Danielle, you write wonderful stories!! I wish you a blissfully happy birthday!!!!

Topic Happy Birthday Buz!
Posted 14 Jan 2014 19:13

Happy Birthday Buzzy Wuzzy!!!!

Topic Happy Birthday Buzz 1/15
Posted 14 Jan 2014 19:08

Happy Birthday Buz!!!!!

Topic Announcing the Winners of our "Quickie Sex" Story Competition
Posted 14 Jan 2014 15:52

Congratulations to Dancing_Doll!!!! Congratulations to the runner-ups and those mentioned. You all wrote wonderful stories.

Topic Nudity in general.
Posted 14 Jan 2014 15:49

As long as its a designated place for nudity I'm fine with it.

Topic How Many People Are "The Daily Show with John Stewart" fans?
Posted 14 Jan 2014 15:47

Not a fan.

Topic Male Haircuts
Posted 22 Dec 2013 13:02

No to slick or wet hair. No to perfectly placed or combed hair. I like short & dry hair on men.

Topic What did you have for lunch today?
Posted 20 Dec 2013 20:27

A spinach salad & lemon ice water.

Topic Christmas Day - what will you be doing?
Posted 20 Dec 2013 20:25

This year, my husband & l will spend Christmas with his family. Very traditional. Exchange presents Christmas Eve, dinner on Christmas Day.

Topic Is being a prostitute a fantasy for many women?
Posted 20 Dec 2013 19:51

Not my fantasy.

Topic Happy Birthday Lafayettemister!
Posted 20 Dec 2013 19:48

Happy Birthday!!! occasion7 occasion9 occasion1 occasion4

Topic Have you made "enough money" ?
Posted 25 Sep 2013 15:37

That's grade-A bullshit right there.

I must've hit a sore spot!!! I guess that's why you got your panties in a wad!!! LOL

The one spreading bullshit is you!

Topic Have you made "enough money" ?
Posted 25 Sep 2013 15:21

Obama hypnotizes the working class with meaningless rhetoric but has done nothing for them. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer while he plays golf.

Topic Youth football coaches to be fined/suspended for blowout wins
Posted 24 Sep 2013 17:12

I think fining the coaches for letting their kids play up to their potential is immoral. This just promotes mediocrity. Calling a game is just quitting. That would just teach kids to give up when the going gets tough. A learning lesson is when you don't quit after getting beat really bad and use that experience to motivate yourself to get better. Excellence is earned not given.

Topic who honestly likes to give blow jobs
Posted 24 Sep 2013 17:02

Yes I do.

Topic Lush Inbox not working
Posted 11 Sep 2013 20:05

The links in the pm's about stories by authors I follow only link to an error message.

Topic Business travel tips, packing & things to take
Posted 18 Aug 2013 09:07

Oh my, I always over pack, so I have no real advice. This is a very useful thread. Thanks for the ideas! :)

Topic Disappearing friend requests
Posted 15 Aug 2013 19:50

When I receive a friend request I go to the requester's Lush page to see if I want to accept it or not. When I go back to the request and click accept, a red error message comes up and the request disappears. So nearly every friend request I wanted to accept recently is now lost. What is causing this to happen?

I have followed up and the acceptance did go through, but I never saw the 'error' message before tonight when clicking on 'accept'.

Topic Can guys wear heels?
Posted 02 Aug 2013 19:42

I like a man in cowboy boots & jeans, but high heels, NO.

Topic One sexual act
Posted 02 Aug 2013 19:37

I'd have to go with fucking also.

Topic Frilly things: lingerie love
Posted 21 Jul 2013 13:51

Oh wow! I have a lot of things. Corsets, stockings, garters, lace panties, negligees, etc.

Topic Male hairstyle recommandation
Posted 21 Jul 2013 13:49

I like men to have short dry mussed hair.

Topic Is girls masturbating still considered taboo?
Posted 21 Jul 2013 13:48

Taboo? No

Topic Ladies...does it bother you?
Posted 11 Jul 2013 15:15

I am not into that.