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07 Mar 2011 12:12

Taken the plunge and posted a pic of me. Be gentle with me http://www.lushstories.com/mistress_of_words/images/57468

07 Mar 2011 11:41

Taken the plunge and posted a pic of me. Be gentle with me

07 Mar 2011 09:18

"Stay or forever go, play or you'll never know. You're spirit's divided, you will decide if I'm all you've been waiting for."

07 Mar 2011 04:43

This place is seriously bad for me I can't keep up with writing all the ideas you boys give me!

04 Mar 2011 09:38

Pimping my profile out today with pics (not of me!) and vids (also not of me!)

03 Mar 2011 08:27

Chilling out to Royksopp. What are you up to?

01 Mar 2011 11:13

Hmm, mixed reviews on the new story. But reviews none the less. Thanks to Hornykez for being my inspiration on this one

01 Mar 2011 10:10

Still working on the supernatural story but submitted another short one today. Fingers crossed it gets accepted.

28 Feb 2011 13:53

Working on a new story to go in the supernatural category. I want my top author spot back for March

23 Feb 2011 04:54

New story up yesterday - The Dream Inside the Candlelight. Thanks to OwenAnderson for the photo that inspired me:

22 Feb 2011 12:56

Yes, they are my eyes. Why does everyone keep asking me that?

20 Feb 2011 18:16

New story submitted today. Fingers crossed it gets accepted.

20 Feb 2011 12:48

Oh harsh, 19 perfect votes and then someone comes along and gives me a three. Well it was nice while it lasted :P

20 Feb 2011 05:17

19 perfect votes on "How Quiet Cab You Be?" I'm now number three on the most popular page of the home page and number one on the most popular love stories. I love you guys!!!!

19 Feb 2011 13:58

Ooh, I have followers. Awesome. "Hello, followers!"