My Freaky Girlfriend

My girlfriend loves anal sex.

Recently, I met the freakiest chick I've ever met. This chick has the greatest body and what an ass. It's perfectly round and she wears those short shorts and you can see her pussy right through them. The girl is freaky and she loves to have anal sex. In fact, we had anal sex long before I ever fucked her pussy. She loves to get all nasty and even enjoys when I dominate her. I must be...Read On



The Guessing Game

Can you guess what this is

I am sitting here remembering my interesting day with my boyfriend. As I am thinking about it, I am playing with my vibrator and remembering all the naughty things that happened. My boyfriend, Jack took us somewhere special. I was given a blindfold to wear in the car. The rules of his game were explained to me. I would wear a blindfold for the entire day. Jack would be giving me things to...Read On


The Fetish Club

Come Play With Mistress Mysteria

I just moved into town, and want to check out a new fetish club. I have read about them in magazines. I get there, and there is a bouncer at the door. I show him my identification, and proceed to walk down the stairs. The club is dark inside, and very smoky. It is very crowded. There are men and women milling about. Some people have leather outfits on. Others are wearing leather and studs....Read On



Hanging with my friend and watching a porno tape

This is a good porno dude

I've always felt like I liked both sexes. I love women, but I’m curious about men. I've never really acted on it. Recently, my friend Jack and I were hanging out at my apartment. We were drinking beers and getting high. We were acting very silly and then I threw a porno tape into the DVD player. I wanted to show my friend Jack this girl on the tape who could deep throat really far down...Read On



I had sex with my mother's best friend

The night I had sex with my mother's friend

My name is Jake and I’m nineteen. I’m on summer vacation from college. I’m a pretty popular guy and I love girls. I was on the football team as the quarterback in high school and now I play college football. All the girls swoon over me. It’s a pretty good gig. I mean these girls will just about throw themselves at you. They love to have sex with football players. I love to have sex. I’m not...Read On



A Little Naughty Fun When My Wife Is Away

A little wicked fun

When I was in high school, I always loved to dress in women’s clothes. The problem is I'm a guy. Whenever my mother was out, I'd always go into her room and try on her intimate apparel. I just loved how it felt on my skin. I'd especially liked how her bras and panties felt. I loved to get dressed in her dresses and even apply make-up. I really never told anybody about this. The lacier...Read On



I'm Acting Like a Hot Wife Now

Finally having great sex

Lately, I've been having sex with whoever I want. I’m married, but my sex life is just awful. My husband has a very small penis. He’s only four inches, when he’s hard. I basically married him for his money, because the man cannot fuck at all. When we do have sex, he's like hard for fifteen minutes tops. He’ll put his small cock into my pussy and to be honest, I really don’t even feel it. On a...Read On

Erotic Poems(122)


My Sugar Daddy Loves Me

A sugar daddy and his princess

A young woman dates an older man,  Hoping to marry him if she can. This of course is her game plan. He buys her sexy lingerie and other things, She loves when he buys her jewels and diamond rings. At one time, this was a very hot and sexy fling. He loves her and treats her very well, She's so gorgeous and makes his cock swell. He's captivated by her beauty; feels like he's under a spell. ...Read On


Phone Sex Operator Poem

You have dialed one eight hundred pleasure

You've dialed one eight hundred pleasure, Hey big boy, I'm here at your leisure. I'm wearing an outfit made of leather. Give me your credit card, it costs to play, I'll delight you in so many ways. I'm running a fifteen minute special, free today. Oh baby, take out your cock, I know precious you're hard as rock. I'm a slut who loves dirty talk. Sweetie, I'm fingering my wet, tight,...Read On


It's Pussy Buffet Time

Guess what time it is?

It's my favorite part of the day,  Time to get you off and have my way. Licking your pussy is like eating at the buffet. Lay down and spread your thighs, Close your beautiful brown eyes, Your orgasm will be my prize. My tongue licks and explores your clit, My hand is massaging and cupping your tits. I'm starting to lick and tongue fuck your slit. My tongue is deep inside your box, I feel...Read On


A Man's Bi-Curious Dreams

Looking for something a little different

A couple love together, but the man thinks he's bi-curious, Lustful and sexual thoughts for men, would make his wife furious. He can't think of anything else, it's really very serious. Thoughts of cock-sucking another man makes him hot, Feeling a dick in his mouth would just hit the right spot. He fantasizes of scenarios and different plots. He dreams of another man's hot, salty,...Read On


Sexy Beach Fun

A hot and sexy day at the beach

An afternoon spent at the beach is so much fun,  People wearing suntan lotion, baking in the sun. People running up and down the beach playing with water guns. I put suntan lotion all over myself and relax on my chair, Sometimes I twist my fingers in my curls and play with my hair. My eyes find a gorgeous man sitting over there. We exchange glances and both start to smile at each other,...Read On


A little sixty-nine for me and you

A little sixty-nine action

Let's get into sixty-nine position,  Working together to come is the mission, We both have lots of ambition. Ass and pussy in my face, I shall lick you all over the place, Licking and invading your tight, wet space. Oh, you're sucking, slurping, and gagging on my dick, You're slobbering up and down, over my nice thick prick, Kisses and licks all over my joystick. My tongue is...Read On


Playtime and Thinking Of You

Loving my Wand

It's my most favorite part of my day let me begin,  I go to my drawer, get out my wand, and put it on my skin, I'm so excited and aroused; I'm wearing my devilish grin. Oh the vibrations are strong as I rub my clit, Sliding the rabbit attachment on and fucking my slit, My other hand is rubbing my firm and full tits. I'm imagining your cock in my tight hole, In my mind your fucking me...Read On


I'm Going To Rock Your World

Close your eyes and open your thighs

I'm licking your beautiful pussy and making you wet,  You'll come my dear want to make a bet, You're getting excited, but no orgasm yet. I'm licking your beautiful cunt dry, You're bucking your hips, perhaps feeling high, You're my lady and I'm your guy. My tongue explores your beautiful folds, Your feet around my neck are so damn cold, Licking your beautiful pussy never gets old. ...Read On


A Hot Little Milf

A woman that loves sex

This mother that loves to fuck is looking for sex, Her life is troubled and quite complex. Her husband is too busy and is always away, She found a lover who will see her every day. He showers her with love and affection, He thinks she is pure perfection. She dresses very feminine for her dates, Her lover always tells her that she looks great. They drive separately in their cars, And...Read On


Anal Loving

Booty call with my beauty

A husband, loving his wife's rump, Is so very excited; he wants to hump. His wife is an amazing beauty. And tonight he's going to spread her booty. He gets out a bottle of liquid lube, Squeezes out a measure from the tube, Smothers it all on her buttocks and his dick, And slowly fucks her sweet ass with his enormous prick. She's so tight as he fucks her ass, The feel of...Read On


A Romance By Chance

Loving You

Loving you is all I want to do,  I love to tell you "I Love You." We connect in such a good way, I love to talk to you every day. The connection is so hot, We talk to each other a lot. Lustful thoughts and cyber games, Calling each other little pet names. Sexy games to turn each other on, Ready to play c'mon. Teasing and pleasing each other, We're each other's cyber lover. Words...Read On


Escort in the City

An escort meets her client

There is an escort her name is Yvonne,  She's getting ready to meet her client named Donn. She's wearing a very short mini denim skirt, With a sexy bra that shows through her revealing shirt. Gold high heels that adorn her sexy feet, She looks so beautiful, now her look is complete. She takes a cab over to the four star hotel, She sprays herself with her favorite perfume Chanel. The...Read On


Blow Job Fun

A little blow job for you

I only have eyes for you,  Pleasing you is all I want to do. While your laying in our bed, I want to give you amazing head. First I love to hold your dick, Then I like to kiss your prick. Licks and kisses up your cock, You're getting hard like a rock. I love to tease you with my tongue, You really are very well hung. I swirl my tongue on your tip, If I do it right, your pre-cum drips. ...Read On


Exhibitionists in Love

We Like To Do It Out In The Open

Two exhibitionists love to have sex in front of others,  This is the way they get off, when they are together. They love to have sex out in the open air, They're quite an interesting and unique pair. They like to do things, whenever they feel the need, One of them may be more horny and take the lead. When they go to restaurants, there may be some table action, Hand jobs or pussy...Read On


Let's Have Sex Tonight

It's That Time Of The Day

Oh my goodness, it's that time of the day,  I want to fuck you and have my way. Let me straddle you while I fuck your cock, You're erect and harder than a rock. Sit up and make love to my breasts, Lick and suck my beautiful chest. I moan and I start to grunt, Your cock is so deep into my cunt. Your cock is brushing my special spot, My honey is flowing out of my pot. You say to get on...Read On


It's Playtime Again

Time to Grab My Vibrator

It's playtime again and I grab my wand,  As you know, we have a strong bond. I get set up and spread my thighs, I love how it feels and I close my eyes. The vibrations are very strong, I will squirt, it won't be long. I rub it all over my pussy lips, I'm holding my wand, with a good grip. I slide the curved attachment over the wand, I fuck myself hard; my pussy starts to respond. ...Read On


The Streaker

There was a guy who was a streaker

There was a guy that loved to streak,  He loved to feel air on his ass cheeks. He loved to have his body bare, Loved when he got attention and lots of stares. Of course, he was breaking many laws, But, that was the game and the big draw. He'd go to events and take off his clothes, And run and streak and become the show. He always was aroused and very hard, He was very avant-garde. ...Read On


Orgy Party

Opening the door to the party wide,  A room with lots of people inside. It's a party and everybody is bare, Some are in groups or even in pairs. Ladies are with each other, Lots of guys are together. An orgy of people on their knees, Fucking each other with greased ease. Asses presented and in the air, Lots of pulling of the hair. Ladies bobbing up and down on pricks, Slurping,...Read On


Do you want Cock-Sucking or Sex

Which do you want to do

Cock-sucking or fucking, oh what should we do? I love to do either thing with you. I love to feel your dick in my lips, I love to swirl my tongue on your tip. I love to bob my head on your joystick, Slurping, Gagging, and sucking your fine dick. I taste your pre-cum, it's starting to drip, You're thrusting your cock and moving your hips. You grab my face, while you face...Read On


A Blow Job For You

A little cock-sucking for you

You're relaxing on our bed; I surprise you and give you some head. You're soft as I play with your cock; as I rub and massage, you grow into a rock. My fingers stroke and massage your dick; you're getting more excited as I rub your prick. Little kisses and licks up and down your shaft. I hear you giggle and become a bit daft. I like to lick your shaft up and down the sides. I love...Read On


A Marriage that is Wrecked by a Cheating Affair

A slut ruins a marriage of twenty eight years

A man is going through a mid life crisis and wants new things, His wife is distraught and thinks maybe he is having a fling. The wife hires a detective to see what is going on and in fact he is having an affair with his secretary Yvonne. With further investigation, he has bought her all this stuff while the wife is caring for her family; he is fucking this cream puff. He buys his...Read On


Feelings and Excitement of Meeting your Cyber Lover

What you might feel like when you meet your cyber lover

I wonder and dream about meeting my cyber lover  what exactly would it be like, if we met each other. Would he really like the real me I guess I would have to wait and see. Would he think I was just ordinary, Or maybe the situation would be extraordinary. Those first five minutes to actually see each other you've had cyber sex thousands of times together. You even shared pictures...Read On


Oh How I Love My Lover

Pleasing thoughts for my lover

I get so excited and happy when my lover is on-line  we chat and talk and I always lose track of time. We talk about a little of this and lots of that but I really do love all the hot sexy chat. The ideas and thoughts are really hot I love chatting with him a lot. Even though distance keeps us apart it doesn't matter because the love is in my heart. This connection might be strange...Read On


Dream Lover

Loving my lover with all my heart

My lover excites me when we play  I love him in so many ways. He is so sweet and very kind when we chat I just lose my mind. I love to chat with him when he can he's my prince and a lovely man. Our sexy chats are really hot he makes me crazy in my special spot. I love him so much in many ways I love talking to him each and every day. The cyber sex is hot and off the charts I love...Read On


Pussy Surprises

Loving your pussy

It's time to get your oral fix  lots of sucks and little licks. Spread your thighs, I've got a surprise happiness awaits; now close your eyes. Butterfly kisses between your long legs I'll delight you so much if you beg. Your pussy is gorgeous and needs attention all my licking brings you to new dimensions. My tongue licks and plays with your swollen clit I'm tongue fucking your tight...Read On


First Time Lovers

A couple's first time making love together

On their first night together, they've just wed two lovers sharing each other in bed. Their kisses so tender on their lips holding each other around their hips. The passion is heightened as this is new they've never had sex, these loving two. She's in lingerie made of beautiful lace they undress and he kisses her face. Her breasts are firm, her nipples erect she is so gorgeous and...Read On


Let's Go All The Way

A couple have sex together

A man begs his gal to go all the way  he tells her he'll make her day. She asks him what he would do he said they'll have sex and they'll screw. First they undress and he massages her breasts he sucks and plays with her firm and perky chest. He twists and pinches her erect nips then back to kissing her ruby red lips. He licks her stomach and kisses her toes his pecker is hard and...Read On


Cyber Games

Do You Play Cyber Games?

Do you play cyber games, or do you find it rather lame? To have fun with a cyber lover you create naughty stories together. Will you play the part of a whore when you get fucked fast on the floor? Maybe you're a virgin for the day your lover licks your pussy when you play. Are you master's little cum slut will he fuck you in your butt? Maybe just two lovers on a date lovemaking together...Read On


The Man with the Ten Inch Dick

A man with a monster cock

There was a guy with a ten inch cock, Most ladies were terrified when he was hard as a rock. The head of his dong would pulsate and throb, The ladies would give him the best hand jobs. He came across a lady who loved to cock suck, He felt blessed and was feeling he had good luck. She'd stroked his cock from the base to his head, He got comfortable on the bed. She swirled her tongue...Read On


Ladies of the Night

Ladies of the night looking for you

Ladies of the night are often bought for sex,  They only take cash; they never want checks. There is a whole array of services to pick, All that is required is a nice erect dick. Hand jobs and blow jobs are nice, Once you both figure out the price. Rough sex or anal play, Is something you like and will make your day. Maybe golden showers is what you like best, It's a little different,...Read On


Seduce My Mind

Arousal starts in the brain

I love to get aroused, it's what I prefer, Seduce my mind with your words. If you can stimulate my brain, My pussy gets so wet, it's hard to explain. They say great minds fuck each other, Two people that are hot and sexy lovers. I love to chat with my lover, All sorts of sexy words said together. The conversations are very hot, My pussy creams from my honey pot. I get very hot and...Read On


It's Time to Vibrate My Pussy

It's that time of the day again

I love to vibrate and play with my wand,  My pussy gets so wet and really responds. I lay my vibrator on my swollen pink clit, And slide the attachment on and fuck my slit. I watch in a mirror and see my pussy drip, It feels so good on my pussy lips. My wand makes my pussy squirt, Juices come pouring out in a big spurt. I can't stop yet and continue to play, Moving my wand all around...Read On


Tonight is the Night to Worship your Cock

Tonight is your night

Tonight I'm going to worship your dick,  I love to tease you and love your prick. I get a firm grip and stroke your cock, You're hard and stiff like a rock. I love to lick your shaft from your base to your head, Maybe you should lie down on the bed. I love to lick your cock, up and down your shaft, You moan and groan and become a bit daft. My hands are still stroking you and have a...Read On


Pussy Action and Reaction

It's time once again to lick your pussy

Close your eyes and open your thighs,  I'm going to lick you into whimpering sighs. My tongue is long and will delight your clit, Circling and exploring, while I plunge into your slit. I take out one of your favorite toys, And fuck you slow to give you more joy. Your pussy is loving all the vibrating action, I love teasing you and seeing your reaction. I'm laying the vibrator on...Read On


Control is the Game - Final Part

Pet calls Mistress mid week

You can't wait for next Friday and need some attention,  On the phone you have a bit of apprehension. Mistress tells you to swing by, but she is not pleased. She tells you when you get here, strip and get on your knees. Mistress has her pleasure whip in her hands, She tells her pet to get up and please stand. Mistress looks at you for full inspection, You're all ready hard with a...Read On


A Yummy Pussy For You

Loving Oral Pleasure

I get comfortable on the bed, You give me a fluffy pillow, for my head. I open my long legs and spread my thighs, You're going to lick me into whimpering sighs. My pussy is bald and looks so pretty, You're going to lick my beautiful kitty. Your tongue wanders and finds my clit, You're licking and loving my tight wet slit. Your tongue goes deeper into my pussy, I feel all tingly and...Read On


My Love For My Sweet Prince

I Love My Lover

I love to talk to my lover, he brightens my day,  We have hot cyber sex, when we play. He makes me smile and tells me nice things, He's so amazing and we're having a fling. I never thought I could love someone this way, But I love talking to him each and every day. He really is quite special and I'm so happy we met, When we play cyber games, it certainly makes met wet. He's always in...Read On


Let's Make Love

A night of total bliss

Let's make love, today is the day,  Lots of positions, many different ways. Lots of attention and cock-sucking, Plenty of screaming and lots of fucking. On all fours, please grab my hips, Push your cock through my pussy lips. Thrusting and pounding my bald wet slit, I'm rubbing and playing with my tits. Slapping my ass as you fuck me, Feels so good don't you agree? Your cock is deep...Read On


Let's Eat Some Pussy

It's Pussy Time Spead Your Legs

I lay back and open my thighs, I'm so excited and close my eyes. Your head is between my thighs in position, Licking my cunt and making me cum is the mission. You suck and nibble on my pussy lips, My pussy is so wet and juicy it's starting to drip. I grind my cunt into your face, Your tongue has now quickened the pace. Your tongue licks all around my clit, Your fingers are finger...Read On


Should I Suck Your Cock?

I want to suck your cock.

Do you want me to suck your cock?  Hoping you are harder than a rock. You get undressed and take out your dick, Eight inches long and nice and thick. You can tell me what to do, I really like to tease and please you. I love to pleasure you, while I lick your dick, Working my tongue up and down your prick. I'm sucking and slurping on your rod, You've given me approval and a nod. I...Read On


Control is the Game - Part Two

It's Friday and Slave has come back to play

It's Friday; you've come back to see your mistress,  You love how I am your seductress. You strip your clothes and get on the bed, Handcuffs and blindfolds are put on, nothing is said. You're excited and aroused as I begin, Using my feather tickler on your skin. I go into my draw to get out the nipple clips, Apply them to slaves erect and swollen nips. A little pain and now some...Read On


Control is the Game

A slave submits to his mistress

Hot passionate sex with total trust,  Desire, need, want, and total lust. Blindfolds and restraints are used. Feeling a little excited and a bit confused. Teasing and control is the game, Pet or slave is your name. Your tied to the posts and I will explore, The nipple clamps are in the drawer. Your excited for what I will do, This game involves just me and you. I straddle your face...Read On


When Married Women Come To Lush

Married women looking for a little fun

When married women come to Lush, they are looking for love affairs,  Men or women who delight them and show them they care. They're looking for people who excite them, A needle in the haystack, a possible gem. They love to be romanced and shown that you care, Arousing, stimulating conversations with a sexual flair. They're missing something in their lives, a possible void, They're...Read On


When Men Come to Lush

When men come to Lush, what are you looking for?  A beautiful lady to be your whore. Looking for hot sexy things for you to explore, Maybe a special lady for you to adore. Or do you want to have a blossoming romance? Talking to hot, sexy, horny women who give you a chance. Do cyber chats and words excite you? Saying nasty whorish things on perfect cue. Creating sex filled scenarios...Read On


Loving my lover

My lover excites me so much,  I can feel his loving touch. He plays with me in many ways, He excites me, when we play. I love to go to our pretend bed, I love to give him amazing head. His cock is eight inches thick, My oh my, how I love his dick. I'm his whore and his little slut, I like when he calls me that kind of smut. We have so many interesting chats, Lots of this and a little...Read On


The Naughty Husbands

So much time, what to do

The naughty husbands of Lush,  They're home, or at work, and not in a rush. Looking to chat with you and play, Coming back looking for you every day. They're charmers and very horny, Sometimes telling you things that are corny. Some are writers and will write you stuff, They love to chat with you and can't get enough. They love to role-play with you every day, They like to fuck you...Read On


The Naughty Housewives

So much time, what to do

Lots of housewives are on Lush, All the time in the world, no need to rush. Posting x-rated pictures on people's walls, Maybe they chat and do voice calls. Possibly they like to role-play, Being very naughty in their days. Reading all the hot sexy stuff on the website, Chatting with cyber lovers all through the night. They could be looking for love and are cheaters, They might like...Read On


Kinky Fun

Life of a kinky couple

A kinky couple love to play with toys,  They love to give each other joy. She will wear sexy lingerie for her man, She has many ideas and lots of plans. The man will wear a cock ring on his dick, He holds an erection much longer on his prick. The man holds a vibrator on her clit, Puts the attachment on and fucks her slit. Blindfolds and restraints are fun, Flavored lotions that taste...Read On


The Nudist's Adventure

Hot sexy masturbating fun in the sun

A nudist is in his yard playing with his dick,  His shaft is long, erect, and very thick. He loves to be outside, when he plays, Jerking his cock each and every day. The sun is out and the trees are in bloom, Jerking off outside is always better than your room. He loves to stroke his cock in the cool air, His body under the sun completely bare. Fondling his balls gives him absolute...Read On


Quickie Sex Poem

Hot sex with a hot guy

Sat at the bar sipping rum and coke, Next to me was a very handsome bloke, We shared shy glances for a while, He was quite good looking and had a nice smile. He was strangely attractive not like any other guy, A bashful smile and lustful green eyes, He took my hand and led me down the hall, Then pushed me up against the wall. We shared a passionate kiss as we locked lips, ...Read On


A Couple of Sex Addicts

A couple of sex addicts enjoy each other,  They love to have sex together. They love to have sex many different ways, Having sex a few times every day. They love to get into the sixty nine position, Making each other cum is the mission. She loves to dress up and role play, Lots of costumes all different ways. They play with lots of vibrating toys, Making his lady experience joy. ...Read On


Hot and Horny MILF

A Milf looking for sex

A sexy MILF is always looking for hot sex, Her own sex life is a complete wreck. She loves sex and wants it every day, Finding men to fuck her all different ways. She joins lots of affair dating sites, Wanting hot sex and sultry nights. This MILF loves to find fucking dates, She will travel to many other states. Her goal is to fuck, as many men as she can, Hoping to find that one...Read On


Cock-Sucking Adventure

May I Tease and Please?

When I'm on my knees, I look at your cock,  I'm amazed it's so stiff and harder than a rock. Your cock is clean shaven and looks like fine art, I take a moment and worship it before I start. Pouring oil on my hand and then applying to your dick, Rubbing it all over your very erect and thick prick. My hands work and caress your shaft, It feels so good you become a bit daft. I caress...Read On


Sighs from Good Pussy Licking

Sighs and Cries from Pussy Licking

There is nothing better then to be licked into sighs,  All that is required is to open your thighs. Having your lover licking your pussy lips, Spending quality time until you drip. Moving their tongue along your hidden pink clit, Tongue fucking your very tight and wet slit. You grind your pussy into your lover's face, They keep a nice tempo and quicken the pace. Their tongue is licking...Read On


Lushies Cyber Life

Cyber Fantasies and Dreams Come True

A website for reading and other things, Brings people together for hot erotic flings. A social media site with an erotic flair, Cyber games and hot conversation if you dare. Lustful thoughts and secret desires, Your mind wandering, your body on fire. A place that you don't share with your spouse, Creating a secret life and perhaps playing house. Couples that are looking for a third...Read On


Cyber Affair

I Love My Cyber Lover

Loving my cyber lover with all my heart, Never wanting to be apart. Sentiments said with lust and desire, My body aches and is on fire. Each day is better than the last, My love for him is growing so fast. I love to chat with him every day, Fucking him in our pretend way. My love for him grows each day, I promise I will never stray. You have the key to my heart, My love for you is...Read On


Pussy Loving

Feelings I feel When You Lick My Pussy

The best time of the day is when I spread my thighs, I love when you lick my pussy and make me cry. Feeling your tongue exploring my folds as you play, Licking up and down and so many other ways. You slurp and you taste my wet bald little pussy, I moan and groan and am never fussy. Your fingers are knuckle deep in my very wet slit, Your rubbing and massaging my hidden pink clit. My...Read On


Valentine Surprises

Will You Be My Valentine?

Will you be each other's valentine?  Sharing a glass of the finest wine. Valentine sentiments for your special one, Flavored lotions that taste like cinnamon bun. A box of chocolates is a sweet treat, A foot massage of her feet. A romantic dinner invitation for two, Telling each other, "I love you." A negligee made of the finest lace, Lots of kissing in a strong embrace. Flowers...Read On


Fantasy Lover

Love for my Fantasy Lover

Fantasies and dreams for you, The perfect words said on cue. Happy to have met my fantasy lover, He tells me things like no other. Even though this is a fantasy game, I feel like I've been claimed. This love is an affair of the heart, Love blossoming it is a start. Feelings of lust and desire, Dampened panties wet on fire. Sexual conversations that feel so right, Talking to my...Read On



A Milf looking for love and sex

Lots of lovers, too many to mention,  For a milf looking for love and attention. She feels she is not getting what she needs, Hoping to find possible leads. Looking for men in all kinds of places, Making sure to cover all of her bases. A man who is fit and pleasing to the eye, Business men who wear silk ties. Looking to take her suitors to bed, Sucking their cocks and giving them head. ...Read On


Lustful Thoughts

Cyber Fantasy Thoughts

Cyber conversations that feel so right,  Steamy conversations into the night. Excited feelings of loving one another, This is my sexy cyber lover. A fantasy life that is just a game, A married housewife with no shame. Cyber feelings of lust and desire, My panties wet and on fire. Words crafted to give pleasure, Exciting thoughts that I will treasure. Sharing pictures so we can dream,...Read On


Uh Oh! Master Caught Me

Master is Not Happy

Her vibrator was deep in her pussy,  Sliding in and out she was not fussy. Moaning and whimpering with feelings of joy, Going deeper and deeper with her toy. Her door opens and her Master is there, Giving her a look, then a very hard glare. She removes her vibrator and bows to him, He is disgusted that she did this on a whim. He tells her to assume the position on his lap, He is going...Read On


Wild Sexy Thing

On the Hunt for a Sugar Daddy

A young woman is dressed in revealing things,  Trying to pick up and older man and have a fling. She is dressed in a see through and revealing shirt, Wearing a form fitted and pleated mini skirt. She hangs around popular nightclubs, Or has lots of pints in rustic pubs. Her body is fit with a gold suntan, Wanting to hook an older gentleman. This sexual being is on the prowl and starts...Read On


The Bored Housewife

Housewife being naughty

There once was a bored housewife,  She has a happy marriage and a good life. Life was hectic with lots of demands, But, she still hand time on her hands. Naughty ideas and sexual thoughts, She can't help herself it's not her fault. She loves to play with her vibrating toys, Having orgasms all day brings her joy. She is very creative and loves to write, Writing her ideas down through...Read On

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May I Suck Your Cock

Asking My Lover If I Can Suck His Cock

I love to suck cock and tease and please, Getting myself ready on my knees. Lots of little kisses and licks up your shaft, I have mastered this cock sucking craft. I love to wrap my lips around your dick, You're so hard and your girth is so thick. You're face fucking me and moving your hips, Your pre-cum is oozing and starting to drip. While I'm sucking, I'm looking into your eyes,...Read On


Cyber Loving

Thoughts and Feelings of Cyber Lovers

Cyber loving is exciting when it happens,  It's very arousing by people's actions Creating scenarios that are very pleasing, Sexual innuendo's and lots of teasing. You can almost feel the words on the screen, Lots of sexy talking that can be obscene. Lovers that really connect with each other, Thoughts of having sex together. Chatting with a lover every night, Your relationship growing...Read On


The Slutty Wife

A Slutty Wife who Cheats on her Husband

There was a woman that was having an affair,  Her lover was the answer to her prayers. They played many games with each other, She was his whore and his lover. He loved for her to be his slut, Loved to bend her over and fuck her butt. He was always interested in her underwear, Her pussy was freshly shaved and always bare. He would lick her panties and find her wet, She was his...Read On


Sexual Games Lovers Play

Let's Try Something Different

A couple love to experiment whilst having sex,  They love to play with food and other objects. They always play with all kinds of toys, Making their partners experience all kinds of joy. The vibrations feel so good on her clit, While the vibrator goes deeper into her slit. They slide a cock ring onto her lovers prick, The vibrations feels so nice on her pussy and his dick. She may...Read On


Sexual Dreams

Soon We Will Make Love

The wedding night is planned and they've set the date,  These mature virgins have decided to wait. Soon it will be the perfect setting, For lots of kissing and lots of petting. Thoughts of touching and feeling her breasts, Finally, he will cup and massage her chest. Dreams of her hand stroking his dick, His lovers fingers moving up and down his prick. His tongue would swirl over her...Read On


Threesome Fun Tale

Lovers share a woman for the night

Two guys and a beautiful gal sharing each other, Tonight they will have sex all together. Lots of kissing and lots of foreplay, All sorts of fucking all different ways. Donna is jerking one cock and sucking the other, The guys are dating and are lovers A firm grip and a nice hand job to Tim, Slow and steady cock sucking to Jim. Donna's fingers working up and down Tim's shaft, Slurping...Read On


A New and Exciting Relationship

A Couple Meets by Chance

A couple meet each other by chance,  They start to date and start a romance. Lots of dates getting to know each other, Hopes and dreams that they will be lovers. They take it slow not trying to rush, Them seem to both like each other possibly a crush. Several months pass and they are hot for each other, Tonight they will have sex and become lovers. They kiss each other on their...Read On


Sweet Sexy Honey

My Sexy Young Lover

Old man has a younger lover who loves sex,  The man is so happy and pays her with checks. She is a beauty with an amazing set of tits, Even better is her bald and juicy slit. She is his honey and is twenty one years young, He loves to eat her sweet pussy with his tongue. She sits on his lap and he whispers in her ears, Tells her he hasn't had sex in many years. He tells her they will...Read On


The Sexy Hooker

Come and See Sexy Leigh

There was a woman that was a beautiful hooker, Many men and women would call her a looker. A sexy woman who loved to flirt, She had a great ass and wore mini skirts. She also wore revealing shirts, She seemed to attract many perverts. You could see right through her shirts, She never wore panties under her skirts. She wiggled her ass when she walked, Striking up conversations as...Read On


The Exotic Dancer Tale

A tale about an Exotic Dancer

There was a woman that liked to strip,  She loved to dance and gyrate her hips. She would give lap dances on the side, Sit on your lap and give you a ride. For a little more you get together, She didn't care whatever gender. She was tan and had amazing skin, Her body was fit and built for sin. The customers would call her honey, She made an obscene amount of money. One customer loved...Read On


A fun poem about a MILF

Life as a MILF

Finding younger men was pure luck,  For this mother that liked to fuck. She was a sex addict looking for hot sex, She would even write out monetary checks. Her husband was always on the job away, She would be on the hunt looking for her prey. She liked men fit and with big dicks, She loved for them to be very thick. She loved to grind her pussy on their face, Smothering them with her...Read On


Sexy Spicy Game

Let's play a little game

A man suggests to his wife that they play a game,  Calling her all sorts of different names. He tells her to undress and lie on the bed, She is a little nervous and her face turns red. He restrains her hands and her feet, She is laying on her back on the sheets. He puts a blindfold on her eyes, She starts to whimper little sighs. He take some ice running it along her nips, He gives her...Read On


A tale of Stroking Your Cock

Bob is jerking his cock again

Bob is on his bed stroking his cock,  His prick is as hard as a rock. His hands have a firm grip, A little of his pre-cum drips. Stroking from the base to his head, He adjusts himself on the bed. Thinking of things to make him excited, Rubbing his cock makes him delighted. Rubbing and jerking his dick, He is seven inches and very thick. Bob fondles his warm and fleshy balls, Looking...Read On


My Sexy Slut Tale

My girlfriend loves sex all the time

I met this woman she was younger than me,  She loved to have sex on her hands and knees. I would hold her hips and slide into her pussy, She was so slutty and a complete hussy. I rubbed and massaged her pierced little clit, Thrusting and pounding her tight wet slit. I smacked her ass and called her my slut, Talked all nasty with other filthy smut. She said to lay down and she would...Read On


The Nudist

My friend the Nudist

My friend Ed likes to play with his cock, Edging all day and staying hard as a rock. He likes to chat and play on Lush, Jerking his cock all day and never in a rush. Watching videos to keep himself hard, Smoking cigarettes naked in his backyard. He loves to put on shows on messenger, Hoping to raise peoples temperatures. Ed might ask you to talk on the phone, Jerking his cock with...Read On


Caught at Work Masturbating Fantasy

Caught masturbating on the job

There was a woman that read on a website, She was at work and would masturbate and it felt right. She would finger herself in one of the stalls, And when her phone rang, she would run down the hall. She finger fucked herself after she read hot stories, She hoped nobody heard her and she got worried. After the stories she would rub her clit, Finger fuck her tight little slit. She would...Read On


A Couple of Swingers

Come to Our Wild Sex Party

There was a couple whole liked to swing,  Switching partners was their thing. They would have wild sex parties, The hosts of the party were Martie and Artie. At the party there is top shelf booze, Everybody gets drunk and then they all screw. The party starts out with everybody fucking their spouse, Everybody sits and watches who are in the house. When each couple is done, Then it's...Read On


It all started with masturbation

Let's masturbate together

A couple who like to masturbate for each other,  Put on little shows while they are together. She would spread her legs and rub her clit, Watching her fuck her bald pretty slit. He had a firm grip on his dick, His fingers moved up and down his prick. Her fingers were deep in her honey pot, This was getting them both very hot. His hands moved faster up his shaft, Little sighs, moans,...Read On


The Lingerie Store

There was man who owned a lingerie store,  A beautiful women walked though the door. The man asked her if he could help her, She was a little tipsy and started to slur. She told the man she was at a bar, She smelled of smoke and cheap cigars. She asked him if he had some thongs, He shook his head and felt tingles in his dong. He took her to a table where the panties were, Her...Read On


Orgasmic Pleasure

When your body reaches orgasmic pleasure

The most emotional of sensations, Is the feeling of orgasmic celebrations. When your sexual muscles have contractions, Yeah I got me some satisfaction. Two sexes in real relation, From all the sexual gratification. All of this orgasmic pleasure, Explosive feelings you will treasure. To experience passionate love making, When your body cums, rocks and shaking. ...Read On


The night we met

I saw you across the room

I went out dancing for the night,  You were with your friends and in my sight. I looked at you in your direction, You were sitting across from me in my section. The waitress told you I would buy you a drink, You accepted kindly and gave me a wink. We talked and laughed and went to the dance floor, Your hands were roaming and I wanted more. We shared a kiss on both our lips, Your...Read On


Why do you go on-line

On-line adventures a journey into the abyss

It's interesting to have an on-line life,  Secret lives not including your husband or your wife. All these interesting connections can be exciting, In your real life maybe there is fighting. Maybe you do it to spice up your sex life, Learning sexual things to share with your wife. Not getting any attention when you're home, You love to have phone sex when you're alone. It could be...Read On


Naughty Cyber Lovers Part Two

Two women find love on-line

There were two women who met on-line,  They talked to each other and were on cloud nine. Their names were Faye and Kay, The ladies chatted together every day. Faye and Kay met in a chat room by chance, A budding connection blossomed into a romance. Sharing pictures and links with each other, Now they were each other's cyber lover. Giving each other things to do, With subtle hints...Read On


Naughty Cyber Lovers

Finding a needle in a haystack

It's kind of naughty and wicked to have a cyber lover,  You talk about fucking, licking, and sucking each other. The fantasy of it all is very arousing, You pick and choose your lovers in a form of browsing. I especially like very detailed chats, With lots of juicy details and lots of facts. Finding a cyber lover is like a needle in a haystack, All this heated conversation, you...Read On


My Vibrator

Time to play with my vibrator

When you can't have sex, a vibrator will do,  I start to lose my mind and become unglued. I put the vibrator on my clit, Rubbing and massaging my slit. The vibrations are strong and it feels so good, I fuck myself with my vibrator like I should. It doesn't take long and I start to squirt, Pussy juices run down my leg in a big spurt. I continue to fuck my pussy, Never ever being fussy. ...Read On


A Kinky Couple Tale

A couple who love to be kinky

There is a couple that are very kinky,  The man loves to finger her ass with his pinkie. He loves to lick and rim her ass, She has a butt plug made of glass. They play lots of kinky games, They both have not an ounce of shame. He loves to give her golden showers, So many kinky things, to fill up the hours. Sometimes he will tie her up, Sometimes he will cum in a cup. He gets...Read On


There was a slut

Life of a street walker

There was a slut who walked the streets,  Looking for John's to fuck in their backseats. Cars would hail her down, while she was walking, They would call her over and she would start talking. They would talk to her about her price, She would smile and start to entice. They told her to get in the car, Either the car or a motel not so far. For fifty dollars, she will suck your cock,...Read On


Training Slave Pet

You must obey

There was a submissive that loved her master,  He was training her and it was a disaster. He wanted obedience and her to listen, She was to bow to him in the position. She was to look at master in his eyes, She was to learn to be his slutty prize. He insisted she wear make up every day, She was to look hot for him, before they would play. She was to do all her chores, when he was at...Read On


Dreams on the Shelf

Dreaming of cock

Two beautiful women love each other,  However, one of the ladies wants the other's brother. She loves the woman, but enjoys a cock, She loves when they're stiff and hard as a rock. She loves to feel the friction in her slit, She loves the rough hands rubbing her clit. However, her lady lover devours her pussy, Bringing her to orgasm and is not fussy. Her lover licks her pussy and...Read On


Dreams of Feet

Oh how I love feet

There was a man who was obsessed with feet,  Thoughts of feet, soles, and toes made him feel complete. He loves women's feet in stockings and heels, He stares at feet and would love to cop a feel. He gets quite turned on and wants to suck them, He loves legs in stockings and skirts with short hems. He loves to suck each pretty toe, He really enjoys them, when they are in silk hose. He...Read On


Two lovers on vacation

We are on vacation

Gene and Irene go on vacation together, For a week of lust and pleasure. They are on a cruise ship, They have signed up for lots of trips. The first trip is hiking through mountains, They see a beautiful fountain. They hike further to a beautiful waterfall, It's pressed against a wall. They take off their clothes, And stand under the water that flows. Gene and Irene start to kiss...Read On


Mature man with younger woman tale

An afternoon of sex

There was a man who was mature, his lady was young,  The man was endowed and very well hung. His young lady was a bit of a prude, But the man was going to get her in the mood. He started with a hug and a kiss, His hands were wrapped around her hips. She was very shy and sometimes she would cry, But the man wanted to get between her thighs. They got undressed, she had a heaving chest,...Read On


Threesome tale - two males and a female

A hot and sexy threesome

A woman does a little strip show,  She is dancing and taking her clothes off slow. Her two male friends are wanting her, First they wanted her to pick who she preferred. She said she wants to have them both, They will pleasure her tonight giving their oaths. She starts to suck Brian's cock, He is so thick and hard as a rock. Tony is rubbing her clit, Finger fucking her very wet slit. ...Read On


Cuckold dreams

A hot wife's tale

There is a man and his wife,  The wife is not happy with her sex life. She wants a man with a bigger dick, Her husband's dick is not very thick. In fact, it's very small and she is upset, Sex with her husband she would rather forget. She tells her husband she will be with another man, He will have a bigger cock and that is the plan. She tells him he will help prepare her for her...Read On


A crossdressing fetish tale

a crossdressing poem

There is a guy and his wife,  He has a fetish in his life. He enjoys wearing women's clothes, He likes all different fabrics with lots of bows. When he dresses he gets very excited, Thoughts of sex makes him delighted. He loves to wear his wife's thongs, They feel so sexy on his dong. He walks around with panties on, Sometimes he wears dresses made of chiffon. He loves to wear all...Read On


How could you do that?

You did what, okay well now I will too

A couple are together but one is mad,  The man has done something very bad. The man admits to his wife he did cheat, He is ridden with guilt and filled with deceit. The wife is shocked and cannot believe what he said, She starts yelling and says you took that bitch to bed. He tells her it was a woman where he works, The wife starts crying and calls him a jerk. She asks him if he is...Read On


Tonight is Our Night

Welcome home let's play

When your day is over and you finally come home,  I can't wait to get everyone asleep so we will be alone. We undress each other and start to kiss, Our hands on each others hips. You massage and play with my breasts, I move my hands up on your chest. We lie down and you spread my thighs, Your tongue is exploring my pussy and I start to sigh. You're fingering and playing with my...Read On


A couple find an open place

A couple have sex in an open place

A couple find a place together in an open place,  The man wants a blow job and starts fucking her face. She is fondling his balls as she is sucking his cock, His cock is long and thick and is hard as a rock. She teases the head and gives it a taste, He is pushing his cock into her face. He puts his hands on either side of her face, Thrusting and pounding at a very quick pace. He...Read On


How was your day honey

Did you have a nice day sweetie

My husband and I are together tonight,  The kids are sleeping and out of sight. You ask me questions about my day, We laugh and kiss and start to play. Your hands are cupping and massaging my breasts, I moan and groan as you rub my chest. Your fingers are rubbing my pink little clit, You're moving your fingers into my slit. I'm so wet and start to moan, You're fingering me faster...Read On


O Pussy O Pussy

How I love thee

O Pussy O Pussy how I love thee,  Let me get on my hands and knees. Spread those legs and let me get to work, I love to tease and please you so you go berserk. Sweet succulent pussy that I admire, Your happiness and pleasure is all I desire. You're moving your body and your hips, I love to lick and kiss your pussy lips. Running my tongue over your clit, Your pussy is so wet as I...Read On


Pussy Licking Good

I love when you lick my pussy

I love when you lick my pussy,  You lick and play and I'm never fussy. You tongue and play with my little clit, You part my lips and tongue fuck my slit. You lick and suck on my lips, I move my body and my hips. I grind my pussy on your face, Your licking and slurping at a nice pace. I close my eyes and lose my mind, I move my pussy and start to grind. You're tongue fucking my wet...Read On


My sugar daddy

He will never leave his wife

Sometimes, you are in love but the other person is not, Your love of your life shows up and you have sex that is super hot. He tells you things that you want to hear, But he tells his friends other things, while he is out drinking beer. He uses your body just for sex, He treats you with little or no respect. But you're so lonely and you don't even care, You love your time together...Read On


Three best friends enjoy an evening together

We have been planning a threesome together

Three best friends decide to get together, On this night of lust and pleasure. Tonight they will share each other, A man and his two female lovers. The ladies kiss each other on their lips, Pressing their bodies together and moving their hips. The man sits back and strokes his cock, Rubbing his foreskin back and getting hard as a rock. The ladies are massaging and rubbing each...Read On


Giving my man pleasure

Honey let me suck your cock

I love to give my man pleasure and suck on his cock, He starts out soft, but I slowly suck it till he's hard as a rock. His cock is so straight and has a nice head, I love to just kiss it and lick it, there isn't much to be said. I lick and kiss his balls starting at the top, He is moaning and groaning and telling me not to stop. I like to suck each ball, making him feel good, He...Read On


Cyber Confessions

Let's have a cyber chat

Hugs and licks, on your hard and thick dick,  Wet little kisses, on my pretty pink clit. These are the things, that I tell my cyber lovers; When we are finished, playing with each other. I love to make them crazy, with lust and desire, I weave these tales, and their bodies are on fire. There is nothing more fun, then a nice detailed chat, We talk about their fantasies, and lots of...Read On


Our Lovemaking Session

Let's make love

Oh, how I love to fuck, most of the day;  I love to make you excited, and have my way. I love to play, with your big hard cock, I am always amazed, how you're hard as a rock. I love to stroke your cock, from your base to your head; Making you feel so excited, and your face turns a shade of red. I love to feel your fingers, in my bald wet slit, Rubbing and massaging, my little pink clit. ...Read On


The Joy of my Toys

Oh the joy of my toys

I sit here all day, waiting for you, to come back to our house,  I take care of our family, as I am your spouse. I am always aroused, and I play with my toys, Rubbing my pussy, with so much joy. I love to spread my legs, and feel my vibrator on my clit; Rubbing and playing, and fucking my slit. I get so aroused, when I play with my wand; I get so wet, as my body starts to respond. I...Read On


Our evening walk at the beach

Walking at the beach together

It's such a beautiful night, we drive to the beach;  We walk along the ocean's edge, the waves in our reach. The moon is out, and shines so bright; We walk together holding hands, on this night. We walk together, for what seems like miles, Kissing and talking, and we keep on smiling. We find the perfect spot, and put the blanket down; We remove our clothes, and lie down on the ground....Read On


It's that time of the night

Let's make passionate love

It's that time of the night, when the children are asleep. We start kissing each other, passionately and deep. We help each other, unbutton our shirts. You unzip, and help me remove my skirt. We lay down on a blanket on the floor, You get up, and make sure you locked the door. You massage and caress my firm and perky breasts, I start to lick and kiss your hairy muscular chest. ...Read On


The Neighbor

Having a little fun by the pool

My neighbor, is laying out by her pool,  How lucky for me, I just got home from school. I put lube around my shaft, that is hard as a rock; I watch her through the window, and stroke my big cock. She is nude and she lays, on her chair; I know she sees me, and knows that I stare. Her legs are spread, in such a way, She fondles herself, and begins to play. She massages, and caresses...Read On


The Whore House

Ladies are here at your service

There is a whore house, where women work;  You make an appointment, with the clerk. The girls line up, and you decide on which one, The madam tells you the price, and then you are done. The girl you choose, takes you to her room; You take off your clothes, and you can smell her perfume. You lay down on the bed, and she starts to strip; Your rubbing your shaft, and your pre-cum starts...Read On


Our Passionate Love

Our passion unfolding

Three little words, I Love You, So much meaning, because it's true. So much passion and so much heat, When our bodies are together on the sheets. I get so wet as your cock slides in, Our bodies in rhythm, your hands on my skin. Moans and groans, as we make love, Your cock in my pussy, fits like a glove. A few more pushes and thrusts, All this passion and sexual lust. I start...Read On


A Day at the Lake

Memories of an Afternoon at the Lake...

Finally the day is here for our date; You promised this time, you wouldn't be late. We talked about going to the lake; I miss you so much, my heart just aches. I packed a picnic lunch, for us to share; I made all your favorites because I care. I brought a blanket for us to sit on; Two lovers named Yvonne and John. Two friends introduced us and there it began; Love at first...Read On


Affair of the Heart

Online Lover Feelings.....

I know it hasn't been very long;  But my feelings for you are very strong. Whenever we chat, your sentiments are always so sweet; You tell me you wish, that we could meet. Writing and chatting is why I came here; But what I have found is very clear. The things you say are very romantic; My mind goes blank, and I start to feel frantic. Let's take it slow; And see where it goes. ...Read On


Cyber Lover Feelings

Let's Have a Cyber Conversation.....

It is so exciting to have a cyber lover;  To share your thoughts and lustful desires. I chat and I talk and have many conversations; But always hoping for that special connection. I think of topics and my mind starts to think; Of interesting things that generate heat. I type and I write all these interesting thoughts; Once I get started, I get kind of lost. The topics can...Read On


That Magical Evening

It happened one night...

I am standing in a crowded room;  You pass by me and smell my perfume. Our eyes find each other in a glance; We stare at each other like in a trance. You walk over and ask me my name; You tell me you saw me on the train. I tell you that my name is Grace; You tell me I have an amazing face. I tell you that I have seen you there; You tell me that you noticed my hair. My hair is...Read On


Afternoon Delight

A glimpse of adventures with my Mistress......

Every Friday Billy visits me;  He strips and gets on his knees. Our sessions always start promptly at noon; Billy bows to his Mistress until she enters the room. Mistress is dressed in leather and lace; Which always brings pleasure to Billy's face. Mistress asks Billy to stand, so she can inspect; She circles around her pet, and deserves his respect. Mistress stands in front of...Read On


Sweet Nothings

Feelings I feel for my Online Friend and Lover...

I like to read stories and poems on Lush;  I take my time and try not to rush. There was a story that stuck out; I left some praise on how I felt. Awhile later, you wrote me back; We started chatting and we lost track. You read my profile and you were impressed; Moments later, you sent the friends request. When I start chatting, I hope for a connection; Your words and thoughts...Read On



The Amusement Park

Let's have some public sex

My boyfriend and I are exhibitionists. We love to have sex out in the open. We’ve been going out for about a year now. We have had it in the oddest places. Sometimes people will watch us and sometimes people will even approach us and want to join in. We love to experiment and love when people catch us having sex when we’re outside. My name is Valerie and my boyfriend’s name is Scott. We...Read On

Fantasy & Sci-Fi(1)


I met a warlock and he changed my life

The oddest thing happened to me

This is the story of how I met a very interesting man. This man was able to change my whole life literally. With all these changes came one sacred rule. We'll find out in this story, if I was able to abide by this one rule. I was very unhappy and feeling very down on myself. I’m not the best looking person, but lately I was just feeling really unattractive. All the other girls in my class...Read On



Treasure Chest

Let's Go Shopping at the Treasure Chest.....

A new store has opened in my town. It is called the Treasure Chest. It is a lingerie store. I must go check it out. I am shopping for lingerie and panties. The store has all the usual stuff, bras, panties, lingerie, adult toys, nightgowns, etc. I start looking around and a man approaches me. He introduces himself as the owner. He tells me his name is Joseph. Joseph asks me what I am...Read On

First Time(1)


Jayne's First Time

Jayne decides Today is the Day she loses her Virginity

I just started my first year at college. I am out with my friends. They are all talking about their first experiences of having sex. I don't let on that I am only a virgin, but I ache to know what it is like to experience that kind of thing. My boyfriend and I have been going together since high school. He is 20 and has never pushed me into doing anything. My parents have always talked about...Read On

Flash Erotica(2)


Doo Wop Music and Cock-Sucking

A little doo wop music and a blow job for you

My girlfriend and I were meeting to go to dinner. We went to our favorite steak place. We loved going there. They did have a decent bar to visit, after you finished with dinner. They had bands there sometimes. Tonight they were having a Doo Wop band. That is way before my time, but it always attracts a lot of fun people. My girlfriend and I were enjoying each other. We hadn't seen each other...Read On


The Best Night of My Life

I think I have died and gone to heaven

I was out with friends at a local bar. We were drinking and dancing and having the best time. I had a few drinks and then I noticed this very attractive man. He was exactly the type of man, that I found attractive. He was maybe six foot two inches and had short brown hair and brown eyes. He was fit and very muscular. I was always a bit wild and crazy and walked right up to this man and...Read On

Gay Male(1)


The Night I Found Out For Sure I Was Gay

I finally know I'm gay

I just figured out I’m gay. I’ve been dating a lot of women, but I just don’t feel it with them. I mean sometimes I feel I might even be bisexual, but lately I’m feeling I really want to be with man. When I look at guys I get very excited. I love when a man has a muscular frame. I find it really sexy and exciting if a guy has defined abs. I haven’t told any of my family or even my friends...Read On

Group Sex(4)


The Weekend

I had been talking to a friend on a website that we had met on. We did not know each other's names, but we always had very hot and sexy chatting. We had known each other for about six months. We used to have cyber-sex months back. But we're now just friends and don't do that anymore. My friend lives in California and is married. He told me that he was taking his wife away for a weekend at...Read On


The Vacation

Let's Go On A Wild Vacation.......

I recently ended a relationship with my boyfriend. I have been feeling down and booked a vacation to cheer myself up. I am going to St. Lucia to an all inclusive resort. I cannot wait to go. The door bell is ringing, and transportation is here to take me to the airport. The driver puts my luggage in the trunk, and I sit in the backseat. I close my eyes, and take a nap on the way to the...Read On


Let's Have a Threesome

Three friends decide on having a threesome together......

It is a cold and blustery day and it is snowing out. I decide to call my friend Jayne and my friend Mark. They come over and we decide to watch a movie and have drinks. We put the movie in and start to watch it. About an hour later, we are all pretty drunk and feeling good. We start talking about things and we decide that we want to all get together and have a threesome. We all take each...Read On


Chatting Threesome

A story about 3 friends who meet on a married website and have a threesome

My two on-line friends who I have been talking to for a year, decide we will meet and actually have an endeavor. I am so excited and get myself ready. I make sure I am completely waxed and that my pussy is looking her best. We have exchanged pictures and clips, so I know exactly what I will be playing with, and am so very excited. We decide that we will act out one of our fantasies together. ...Read On



Wild Girls Go Crazy

Let's go to a party

Did you ever have a best friend? My best friend is Lucy and my name is Linda. We've been best friends since kindergarten. We went to elementary school, middle school, and high school together. We just graduated high school. We're now on summer vacation, until we both start college in the fall. We’re going to the same college. We’re so close. We both are good looking. I’m a brown haired girl...Read On



A bored housewife's amusing tale

Funny thing that happened one day

Life was a bit mundane for Tracy. She was married for about thirteen years. She was a wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister. But she felt very alone. Things were okay with her marriage. They had great sex, but did struggle connecting emotionally. This frustrated Tracy very much. Her husband was an introvert and she was more social. Then one day she went looking for something a...Read On



Tenth Year Anniversary Fantasy Present

Celebrating our Tenth Anniversary Fantasy

This is the story about when my husband and I decided to have a foursome for our tenth wedding anniversary. We have a fabulous sex life. However, we’re always looking for interesting ideas to keep our sex life interesting. Joe, my husband, decided he wanted to have a threesome with a lady of his choice and me. I decided I wanted to sleep with an African American man. We decided we would...Read On



An Erotic night with Linda

A lonely woman has her first sexual experience with a woman

I recently broke up with my boyfriend and was feeling a little down. On my way home from work, I decide to stop off at a bar. I get a drink and find a table and sit down. A woman approaches me and tells me her name is Linda. I tell her that my name is Victoria. Linda is beautiful, and about my age and asked if she could buy me a drink. I tell her that would be great. We are drinking our...Read On

Love Poems(32)


A Woman Scorned Finds a New Way To Love

A love that is uncovered

A woman scorned with a man in her life,  Has just found out he lied and had a wife, Now this relationship has a bit of strife. She loved him with all her heart, His indiscretion has torn them apart, Once their love was off the charts. She finds love and affection from her lady friend, They promise each other, their relationship will never end, Her broken heart needs time to really mend. ...Read On


I Love You Even Though You're An Ocean Away

Loving You Each and Every Day

My cyber lover brings joy to my days, I love him so much in so many ways. I enjoy him every day when we chat, We talk about this and lots of that. Sometimes we fight and I get very upset, It hurts just as much, even though we never met. We turn each other on and make love every day, The cyber sex is hot when we start to play. We've played a few scenarios and they're very hot,...Read On


How I Love You

You make my day

I'm the luckiest gal in cyber space,  My lover adores me; he puts a smile on my face. Together we go on special dates, I'm always on time and never late. Sends me music that will play in the background, All these details and all these sounds. He sends me menus to where we'll dine, We always drink the finest wine. We eat, we drink, we talk to one another, He's my prince; my...Read On


You're So Wonderful

You Make Me Smile

Tears flow down my face, my lover is there,  He makes me laugh and shows me he cares. He tells me jokes and stories to make me smile, He goes out of his way and goes the extra mile. He lifts my spirits when I'm hurting and down, He compliments me and turns my mood around. He thinks of things to do each and every day, The cyber sex is amazing, when we play. All of that aside, he is...Read On


I'm Really Very Lucky

Loving my Lover

Waking up each day looking to talk to you,  You're so sweet with all the things you do. The things you say make me smile every day, You do these things, when we chat and when we play. You make our time spent together feel so real, The attraction I have for you and all the sex appeal. You whisper sweet nothings in my ears, I haven't heard these things in many years. I just feel so...Read On


My Love For You

How I adore you

Everyday I love you just a little more,  you're my lover that I absolutely adore. I cherish all the time we spend together, you're the sweetest man, who I treasure. You shower me with love and affection, our relationship is sheer perfection. I never dreamed to ever feel this way, but I love you each and everyday. We chat and talk into the night; all these feelings feel so right. I...Read On


Life is Good

Thanks for Being my Husband

Life is good in so many ways,  The love we share fills my days. We've been together for many years, Ups and downs and many tears. We have a beautiful family and a wonderful life, I'm your loving, caring, and devoted wife. There's lots of stress in our days, But the passion is alive in many ways. Making love together all different ways, It may not be every single day. But I love you...Read On


The Affair

A relationship torn apart

A relationship that was once happy, ends,  The couple involved can't even be friends. Their situation now has changed, These two lovers have now become estranged. Nothing can bring them back together, The love has been crushed, they're no longer lovers. There was a time they were happy with each other, Spending time and loving one another. They were with each other for many years, But...Read On


I'll Be Here For You Tomorrow

When you're lost and unable to stay,  I'll love you, in all different ways. When you're burdened with pain and sorrow, I'll be here for you tomorrow. When you're in that difficult place, I'll wait to see your smiling face. When the pain is too much to bear, I love you so much, I really do care. If I can just bring a smile to your face, When you're in that very dark place. I love you,...Read On


You have lost your cyber lover

Feelings of how you feel after this loss

Cyber relationships can come to a halt,  They will stop abruptly, it's not really your fault. Real life situations may come up in their lives, And you're not part of that, how will you survive. These relationships can be a bit too intense, You have to be smart and not lose common sense. Even though you have never actually met, Losing them would make you rather upset. You've spent lots...Read On


Missing you

I miss you so much

Thinking of you, when you're away,  Loving you each and every day. Our connection is so strong, We haven't been chatting very long. I'm so happy when you log on, I miss you like crazy, when you're gone. I love our friendship, it means so much, My heart is warmed by your touch. Even though we have never met, You take me places, I never will forget. I love you so much in my own...Read On


Merry Go Round of Life

I am here for so many hours in a day,  Why don't you reach out in some kind of way. A phone call or a text seem rather nice, You seem rather cold, your mood like ice. I am always doing nice things for you, I'm starting to get sad again and feeling blue. I know you are busy with your job, You come across like a total snob. I have feelings and often feel sad, I'm at my boiling point and...Read On


Just Thinking About You

Thinking about you when you're away

Thinking about you sometimes throughout my day,  Wondering what you're doing when you're away. Making up little scenarios in my head, Of what we would be doing in our pretend bed. The things that we would do in our days, Making love to you all sorts of ways. All the feelings and sentiments I have for you, Gives me exciting thoughts that are brand new. These are the things I think...Read On

Recommended Read

Do You Really Ever Know?

Just Thinking and Wondering

Do you ever really meet your soul mate?  Or do you just settle and decide your own fate. You find love and create an amazing life, You get married and are a devoted wife. You have an amazing family and lots of friends, But you wonder is this your forever life till the end. The world is so big with so many people in it, Lots of interesting people I hate to admit. You're in your own...Read On


In Our World

I Love You

In our world, I love you so much. Giving you kisses and my soft touch. You bring me so much joy in my day, Chatting to you when we play. Everything you say, makes me smile, You're so sophisticated; I love your style. You're so kind and loving to me, When we chat, I feel so free. You take me places in my dreams, Many possibilities and many themes. Loving you in our special...Read On


It has to be Fate

This was meant to happen

A couple meet at a bar by fate, They go on lots of amazing dates. They're two souls that just connect, Treating each other with lots of respect. Loving each other in so many ways, Seeing each other every single day. They're so attracted to each other, They make hot passionate love together. The passion they create is off the charts, They love each other with both their hearts. ...Read On


Another Time and Place

Another Time and Place You Would be Mine

In another time and place,  Sharing a loving embrace. Sharing a deep passionate kiss, This would be sweet and utter bliss. To see you and hold you near, Whispering sweet nothings in your ear. To be with you night and days, Making love to you in all different ways. Spending time with each other, Passionate love making with my lover. Taking walks and watching sunsets, Making memories...Read On

Recommended Read

Loving Sentiments

I Love You Always

Loving my spouse all through my life,  I am his devoted and caring wife. Loving each other every single day, Being thankful in so many ways. The day we were married together, A bond and commitment to each other. The days are spent loving one another, Eighteen of the best years of being lovers. A marriage is work every day, Showing love to each other in many ways. I love you with all...Read On


A tale about being needed

A woman wishes for a man

There was a woman and she wished for a man,  She was so sad and needed a new plan. She wanted to be loved and needed, Although, she had trouble and never succeeded. She wanted him to have a certain look, But those kinds of men, are only found in books. She wanted somebody to love her, Her mind thought too hard and was in a blur. Then one day she met a man, He wasn't her type, but...Read On


Still together after all this time

I love you always

I love our life and the love, we have for each other,  We know each other so well, because we are lovers. Eighteen years and we are still together, Lots of memories that we will always treasure. We know each other so well, I can still turn you on and make your cock swell. You can still make me crazy, with lust and desire, Making my pussy wet and my body on fire. You can still rub...Read On


Happy times in our life

Thank you for being my friend and lover

I love to think of all we have done,  All the memories and all of the fun. We've been together for many years, We've had happy times and days filled with tears. We're each other's soul mate, It was destiny and our fate. We created this life together, We're friends and lovers forever. I love you and you love me, We're as happy, as two people can be. We have much laughter in our house,...Read On


Our Wedding Day

Wedding day thoughts

Our wedding day was so special with family and friends,  Our dream wedding was elaborate and I never wanted it to end. My dress made me feel like a beautiful bride, I promised myself and my family that I would never cry. We exchanged our vows and declared our love for each other, And thoughts of lust and passion of the night we will become lovers. We had the most amazing day with all...Read On


Our Love

I love you so much

I will love you today, tomorrow, and always,  Together forever for the rest of our days. When we are together our love is so strong, Our love making sessions are very long. You are all I will ever desire, My mind, soul, and body are completely on fire. Our bodies together cause so much heat, When we are rolling on the sheets. I love when you finger my pink little clit, And slide your...Read On


I am thankful for my life

This is our journey

I am thankful for my life and I am your devoted wife,  Things have not been easy in our shared life. There have been so many ups and downs, Lots of pain and sadness and lots of frowns. Things that are often hard to explain, So much heartache and lots of pain. Our family we have made is the best, Our child has issues and is not like the rest. But with lots of love and support we are...Read On


It's so complicated

I don't know what is wrong

I often get so sad and I'm not sure why,  My husband asks me what is wrong and I just start to cry. All these feelings and emotions make me so sad, He wants to help me but instead he just gets mad. He keeps asking me what is wrong and I do not say, He makes it his mission to try and help make my day. But I am in this funk and I cannot come out, There really is no reason and I just seem...Read On


Together forever

I will love you forever

My husband and I have a beautiful life,  I am your loving and devoted wife. We love each other every day, We communicate with each other and nobody strays. This journey we are sharing, Is because we are both so caring. Our love is always forever, Because we're living our life together. I am committed to our wonderful life, I will always be your loving wife. We will walk together to the...Read On



Words can hurt

Time heals all wounds they say, Sometimes, when I get hurt I cry every day. Sometimes, lovers can say things that are so absurd, Leaving you frustrated and angered by their words. You feel like a dagger is put right through your heart, Because these words, are tearing you completely apart. Nothing they can say will make it go away, They realize what they said and then they give you...Read On


Moving on

I guess it's time to move on

Today you're here, and tomorrow you're gone,  I guess you decided, you must move on. We were together, for so many years, All that's left, are so many tears. I still don't understand, and I am trying to cope, Why you left me, is there any hope? You said, you loved me, and I believed you, Obviously, you lied, and now it's untrue. All I feel, is sadness and pain, Everything is so dark, and...Read On


My sweet dear friend

I thought we would would be together forever

We were together, for a little while;  I think about you, and the way you smiled. We were friends forever, until that night; That dreadful night, you lost your life. When I got the phone call, it was so surreal, I was numb, and shocked could this be real? My best friend, who I loved with all my heart; Was taken from me, and now we are apart. Sometimes, I hear your voice, and...Read On



Please Don't Be Mad

I need you tonight can't you come here, I've been crying tonight can't you see my tears. It is so hard to be away from you, It's like when our relationship was new. Just call me and let me know you're all right, We had an argument and had a big fight. It's so hard to be mad at each other, Let's get back to being lovers. I love when we are together, This life we created is forever....Read On


Loving Thoughts

It has to be fate...

When we are apart, I feel it in my heart. Things are always better, When we are together. The love you share Means that you care. I love when we kiss, It is total bliss. When we make love Our bodies become one. The passion we create Must be our fate. We have been together; It seems like forever. There is no guessing Because our love is a true blessing....Read On


Walk With Me

Let's take a walk into the night....

Will you walk with me, we won't go far; Hold my hand, as we look at the stars. We are walking along the beach; The water is calm and in our reach. My lover gets down on his knee; My darling, I love you, will you marry me? He starts to hum and then he sings; He opens a box and slips on a ring. We start to hug and then we kiss; I am so happy, I cannot resist. He says he will...Read On



The Nude Beach

Let's Masturbate at the Nude Beach.......

It is a perfect day to go to the beach. There is a nude beach not far from where I live. I pack my beach bag with my sunscreen, towels, blanket and my book. I pack up a cooler with water and food. I put on my bikini and my cover up. I pack the car and drive over there. The beach is not too far away. I find the perfect spot and lay out the blanket. I take off my bikini, and rub the suntan...Read On


Cyber Queen

Cyber Sex and the Joys of Masturbation

A friend tells me about this website where you can meet married people. She shows me some of the profiles and it just seems like so much fun. I decide I will make a profile and see what happens. I am not interested in meeting anybody, I just want to engage in the world of cyber sex. I make this interesting and very inviting profile and then wait to see what happens. To my amazement, I get...Read On



Having Sex with My Patient

A man feels very lonely.

My name is June and I’m a registered nurse. I was working at the hospital for a couple of years, but then have gone into private nursing. The money is a little better. I care for a few different patients. Most of the time, it’s just helping the patients take their medicine or giving them injections. I have a few patients that I care for in their private homes. My favorite patient is a man...Read On



Gloria and The Appliance Guy

Looks like everything is broke.

This is the story about when all my appliances broke one lovely afternoon. I will go over what happened when Tony the appliance man came over. I called Tony and told him that my toilet was flooded. My sink was clogged and my dryer was not drying the clothes. He said he would be over in an hour. I thought to myself that I was definitely going to try and land him. I was so horny and needed to...Read On

Office Sex(1)


The Interview

A woman goes on an interview hoping to land the job......

I have an interview today at a company that I want to work at. I am so excited, and hopefully I can impress the interviewer and land this job. I make sure that I am looking very nice. My hair is long brown and I put it in an up do. I apply my make-up and put on some perfume. I am wearing a very sexy sundress, since it is still summer. It is very silky and soft on me. The dress accentuates all...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Testing Out My Cock-Sucking Skills

I've been practicing for years.

When I was a teenager, I watched that movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” You know the one with Sean Penn and Phoebe Cates. Well, there was a scene when Phoebe Cates was showing Jennifer Jason Leigh, how to give a blow job with carrots. When I was a teenager, I practiced that all the time on carrots. I even practiced on zucchini’s. I wanted to know how to give a proper blow job when the...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


An interesting night at the gas station

Are you sure my credit card declined?

Did you ever go to get gas and not have enough money to pay your bill? How about having your credit card decline? Well this is the story of when this happened to me. My name is Holly and I was on my way to my boyfriend’s house. I had noticed that my fuel was on the low side. I was driving on the highway and was hoping I would not run out of gas. There was a sign up ahead that said there was...Read On



I want you to do this my love

Suggesting a sexual encounter that I wasn't sure about

My name is Christine and I’m in love with John, who is thirty years older than me. I’m twenty one and he is fifty one. We recently moved in together and so far it has been great. We're both very sexual and enjoy doing all sorts of sexual things. We actually met at a sex addict meeting. I’m a nymphomaniac. I think he was just there cruising the place, looking for women to shoot porno...Read On

Straight Sex(4)


The Journal

I write in a sex Journal

My name is Kelly and I’m eighteen. I’m wild and love to have fun. When my friends and I go out, we’d always drink and act crazy. I've had a lot of boyfriends and even girlfriends. I’m an attractive girl. I’m about five feet six inches tall. I’m about a hundred and ten pounds. I have green eyes. I have a 34 C cup. Guys have always been interested in my breasts. I've been sexually active...Read On


Vanessa's Anniversary Dinner

Interesting things happen at Vanessa's anniversary dinner

Last month I met the most amazing man. We met at a book store. I wasn’t paying attention and I bumped into him. When he helped me up, it was love at first sight. We have been dating for a month now. Tonight is, our one month anniversary. He is taking me to a new Italian restaurant in town. I picked out a black dress, black lacy bra and black thong. I had a Brazilian wax a few days ago, in...Read On


The End

My lover and I in the middle of chaos and confusion...

The world is coming to an end, and everything is in complete chaos. I am not sure what is happening. We gather all of our things, that we need, and hurry and get out of this city. There is so much confusion. Is it a bomb? Is it terrorists? We just don’t know. The city is just a mess. Glass everywhere, buildings coming down, smoke, and ash everywhere. People are running, and screaming,...Read On


The Restaurant

Two friends who have met online finally meet and have a date.

I have been talking to my friend Edward for the past few months. We have been having cyber sex online for awhile now. We have had some very hot and exciting conversations. We have traded pictures back and forth, and have decided that we will finally meet. We plan to meet at a Japanese restaurant. I am very excited, and want to look my best. I decide to wear a red dress. The dress is very...Read On



Sleeping with Michael - Part Two

Sexual games and other fun

Life has been very interesting the last few months. Michael loves to play all sorts of naughty games. He likes for me to wear all sorts of lingerie. He's even bought me some costumes. His favorite game is when I dress as a slutty nurse and he is the patient. My outfit is a very tight fitting white dress. The neck line is very low. He likes when I wear a push up bra, to make my breasts stick out...Read On


Sleeping with Michael

I was upset and Michael comforted me

Both my parents have been away for the last few months. They build houses for families that have lost their houses in devastating hurricanes. They own an organization that help displaced families. My parents love to help people. My father is a retired doctor. My mother runs their organization to help families get back into their homes. Her organization helps build new houses for families...Read On


The House at Greenwood Lake

We're going to the lake

My name is Lisa, and I’m eighteen. I just graduated high school and am now on my summer vacation until I start college. I've been accepted to New York University. I’m so excited. I’m going to be studying to be a nurse. I've done very well in high school. I received a scholarship for Soccer. Even though we live in New York, I still will be living on campus. I'm five foot three inches tall,...Read On


It All Started With A Bubble Bath

Let me help you, dear.

My name is Carol and I recently left my house. I’m eighteen, but a very young eighteen. I’m still in high school. In sixth grade, I was left back. I should have graduated already but I didn’t. The last few months have been very hard on me. My mother recently got a new husband. He’s an alcoholic and they’re always fighting. I really don’t like him very much. My mother really pays me...Read On


A Story About Amanda

Taking Care of Amanda

Amanda is my best friend's daughter. She's been staying with me for the last few months. Her mother passed away about a year ago. Her father started to drink and went into severe depression. Later, he had to be hospitalized for the nervous breakdown that he suffered. He didn't have any family that could watch Amanda. I told him I would be happy to take care of her in his absence. Amanda...Read On


Mary's Secret Lover

I want to lose my viriginity

My name is Mary and I'm eighteen. I’m kind of shy around my peers, and have not really ever had a boyfriend before. I just get real nervous and start to sweat a little around them. I love school and do really well in my studies. I’m in my last year of high school and will be attending college in the fall. I have long brown hair and green eyes, and I am five foot five inches tall. I’m...Read On


Rendezvous and Revenge

A tale of cheating and blackmail

This is the story about when I cheated on my husband. My name is Ellen and I've been married to my husband for twenty years. We were high school sweethearts. We even went to the same college. We were just so crazy for each other. We didn't want to be apart. My husband had gone to college to become a lawyer, and I had gone to college to be a nurse. We both are very busy in our jobs, but...Read On


Pleasing Rebecca

Learning about Sex

My name is Tim and I am a nerdy eighteen year old guy. I have never had sex. I am just a very wimpy guy. I'm not very tall. I'm only five foot four inches tall, and I'm very thin. People in school would always call me a string bean. I'm very unsure of myself around women, because I've never been with one. I'm not muscular, but I do run to stay in shape. I'll be going to college in...Read On


My Life as an Escort

I had a very interesting customer

I've been an escort since I was eighteen. My job is very interesting. I meet so many different kinds of people. Sometimes I've even traveled to meet some of my clients. I get paid very well and even get tips most of the time. Most men just want a pretty lady to accompany them. I've dated men that were younger than me, or men that are twice my age. It’s been a very interesting three years.  ...Read On


Lexie's Adventures

Lexie is a wild girl who get's sent to a boarding school for girls

This is the story about when my parents sent me to a boarding school. My name is Lexie and I'm an eighteen year old girl. I have long blonde hair that I always wear in a ponytail. I've been told that I have blue piercing eyes. I'm five foot five, and weigh one hundred pounds. I've been blessed with large breasts. I am a 38 C cup size. I also have a shaved pussy. I've been a real handful for...Read On



Getting my boyfriend to enjoy other forms of sex

Getting my boyfriend to enjoy sex more

This is the story about trying to get my boyfriend to fuck me more. This isn't a huge problem, but the man only likes to eat my pussy. I love to have oral sex, but I do like to get fucked also. I've been thinking of ways to get him to give me sex. I don't mind oral sex, but we need to have regular sex too. Glen eats my pussy out each day for two hours. I do enjoy oral sex it's wonderful....Read On



A Shocking Reveal

Well this is a surprise

My gorgeous girlfriend just dumped me. She said she was sick and tired of me never wanting to get married. We went out for a year, but I’m in no way ready to commit to one girl for the rest of my life. No fucking way I told her. She told me if there was no ring there would be no relationship. Just like that she looked me straight into my eyes and walked out of my house and out of my life....Read On



Hot Tub Adventures

I'm So Horny

This is like so embarrassing. I haven’t had sex in like a year. My name is Donna and I’m losing my mind. I’m constantly masturbating and I'm in need of a vibrator. I’m not sure what style to buy. I've been looking on a few of the erotic websites. I’m trying to figure out, which one would give me the best satisfying experience. I’d heard about the Hitachi magic wand. I knew that was the...Read On