Love Poems(2)


The Craving

Giving in to desire.

Enveloped in the heated darkness, tossing in the thin fabric covering. Mind repeating the same words over and over. Captivating smile dancing in weary head, twinkling eyes imprinting open soul. Wicked thoughts start to persuade unsuspecting body, heart begins to race against lungs . Soft nipples become pebbled, hot stream running between parting legs. Graceful hands...Read On


I Waited

Dedicated to finally meeting after a long wait

Laying on the disarrayed bed, gazing out at the unfamiliar city. Hands shaky yet experienced, being placed upon the blushed face. Mouth gasping for air, but the ends are curved greatly. Body is radiating a sweaty glow. Clothes hurricaned around the moon lit room. Skin moments ago tan and cool, now crimson and feverish. Fingers slip away, uncovering twinkling eyes. A whisper...Read On