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To let you all know a bit about myself, I am a curvy girl, in my 20's(a BBW). I'm an outgoing and bubbly person!!! But I am no longer on here for any naughty cyberchats. I won't Cam or share any other pics than the ones already up on my profile. Looking for friendships from now on with people who value friendship.
I don't tolerate being pushed into anything. So if you think you are going to try making me do something I don't wanna do, then you are sadly mistaken! and I will not hesitate to ignore and block you!

I am very happily owned by Jynx as my wonderful and amazing Daddy.
Something about him just simply got me into a very good connection with him.
He is such a sweetheart of a Daddy to me as well.
He is beautiful and sexy inside and out.
He is that very special man who makes me feel beautiful and wanted.
I really just feel so lucky to have him in my life.
I also cannot wait to learn all that he has to teach me, since he does bring out my desire to be his sweet but submissive Baby Girl.

Not only is he my wonderful and loving Daddy, but also my Protector. He makes me feel so special and happy to have him in my life, always making me smile. Always making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world having such an amazing and sexy Daddy.
Since he is the only one I really want to do so with from this point on, all my flirting and dirty chats are reserved for my strict, but yet such a loving Daddy.
All I really want with my lovely lush friends is exactly that, to be the friends we are.
I don't want for any of my lush friends to be all upset, or anything with me, as it was never my intention to do so.
I just can't help it that when it comes to my naughty Daddy, my heart simply wants what it wants, and it wants him as he makes me feel like I am very special and very wanted.

I never knew that being on here would eventually lead me into his strong and loving arms, and to the amazing person i am finding so much about.
He just makes me feel like such a sexy and naughty Daddy's Little Princess
All I ask is that all my friends be happy for me, If you can't, then I will understand.
I will go on to say like my Daddy does as well, DO NOT!! try to interfere with our happiness.
If anyone cannot deal with my being happy with my Daddy Jynx, then maybe our friendship was nothing more to you than you wanting some playtoy on here.

Well I am more than just that to my sweetheart of a Daddy, as he makes me feel the happiest I really ever have been. He makes me feel like a beautiful girl. He means so much to me, and I will not leave him.
For any other guys on lush, just please do not attempt anything.
As they will be denied in a heartbeat, and no he is not into lending me out or anything of the sorts. My feelings for my Daddy has made me just not want anything more than friendships with anyone else.

I do apologize to anyone I may have made think we might have had a connection or anything, but my feelings and connection to my sweet Daddy are much stronger.
I do plan on spending a lot of time with my Daddy, and getting to know him so much more.
But when he is not on here when I am, then I am always up for friendly chat, and friends that can be happy for us, and not be all pissy with me for wanting to be my Daddy's little princess.
He really is a very nice, sweet, and caring guy. I cannot help it that he makes me feel so happy to have him in my life.

To all my lushie friends, if you have any problems with me being happy with my Daddy, then you are just simply not the friends for me if you are going to be bitchy about my happiness with him, and throw words like 'slut ' towards me. I deserve much better than that and Daddy Jynx has made me see that im worth so much more to him than just a play toy.

Matter of fact, if anyone does have any problems with our being happy together, then by all means.. read over my Daddy's profile, and you will get it just how happy we both are.
So if you have any thoughts on trying to get me to leave my Daddy, then you might wanna try taking that up with him. But you won't get very far as he is my sexy Irish Daddy, who will not tolerate anyones lame excuse for any drama whatsoever.

As the old saying goes... the heart simply wants what it wants, and mine wants to be happy with my loving Daddy.
(the background represents me and Daddy) ^_^

Date Joined:
17 Jan 2011
Last Visit:
16 Apr 2014
Relationship Status:
Owned by Jynx79
Mainly spending time with my caring Daddy.
But i also love hanging out with my friends, family and reading books (Endlessly)
Favorite Books:
the twilight saga, wuthering heights, Romeo & Juliet, heaps more
Favorite Authors:
Tess Gerritsen, Stephanie Meyer, Elizabeth george, Michael Connely, Jeffery Deaver, Jeff Abbot. Abbie Glines, Felicity Heaton
Favorite Movies:
I love all movies
Favorite Music:
Anything but country
Page Viewed:
14,897 times
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Yes *winks*

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slipping in to ur bed

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mm Fuck

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Be spanked please *winks*

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Sitting on the lounge, I start to daydream. With Mum away for two weeks, my mind starts to imagine ways for Daddy to notice me, in a different way. I have always been a daddy’s girl. As my mind wanders, I think about the boys at school giving me looks of lust on a daily basis. Despite the pleasure I feel with the stares from the boys, they never really interest me. I only have eyes for one...

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