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19 Apr 2014 12:27

12 Apr 2014 14:34

Beach day!!! Bikini, sun, and sand!

09 Apr 2014 21:08

Have you read my story Charge Nurse(a Recommended Read)? If not, help give it the few votes it needs to become a famous story and give it a read:

07 Apr 2014 22:28

Looking forward to see this band live

03 Apr 2014 19:58

29 Mar 2014 09:08

23 Mar 2014 15:24

12 Feb 2014 13:54

08 Feb 2014 09:17

Got my Avenged Sevenfold tickets for this spring now just if the weather would straighten up life would be grand!

08 Feb 2014 09:13

Woo Hoo! Got my Avenged Sevenfold tickets

06 Feb 2014 09:44

31 Jan 2014 15:43

27 Jan 2014 05:20

Sooo its my day off. What I need to do: write my term paper, study, take a quiz, clean my house, run. What I want to do: lay on the couch & sleep

09 Jan 2014 19:37

If Im absent a bit, forgive me. Im starting a new job, one Ive wanted for a long time. The training process is pretty intense,, and between getting ready for my finals and the computer training involved, im running low on time!

19 Dec 2013 12:42

I've posted my competition piece, Something Borrowed. Have a look, a read, leave a comment, or just vote. Is the bride getting off or getting even?