Sexuality: Taboo [part two]

Dani explores her fantasy...

”Yeah.” My breathing became uneven. ”What is a limit for you?” ”I have yet to find out,” I said. Those words have never been more true now he was this close to me, talking about this particular subject. I couldn’t be making all this tension between us up, could I? Eddy stroked my side and lingered at the curve of my hip. “Thought girls your age didn’t like bathing suits,” he said. ...Read On


Sexuality: Taboo

Dani is an unusual girl with a fetish for taboo.

I’ve always been an unusual girl. I grew up thinking the world is utterly insane and I never quite fit in. Never understood the unspoken rules we have set for ourselves. We always try to keep ourselves from giving in to desire, from speaking the words we long to speak, from dressing the way we want to dress because of how – gasp – society might feel. How other people might feel. Oh please....Read On