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10 Mar 2014 07:13

Check out the new and improved "A Night Back Home". It's a story I did a few years back but was never satisfied with it. Now I've rewritten the whole thing.

01 Mar 2014 19:03

Check out my new story The Conference Room in the bdsm catagory

02 Feb 2013 22:57

26 Sep 2012 18:48

Its been a rough week sometimes that place in my head where nobody is around is the best place to be

07 Mar 2012 19:04

she was damnation and salvation both. The definition of every woman worth a mans heart

12 Aug 2011 18:39

Just got joey hills new novel "Vampire Instinct" only about 50 pgs into it but it promises to be just as good as the rest of her books.