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18 Apr 2014 06:26

Happy Easter To All My Wonderful Friends. Hope The Easter Bunny Is Good To You!

10 Apr 2014 07:20

05 Apr 2014 08:31

Kurt Cobain R.I.P.
Can't believe it has been 20yrs.

03 Apr 2014 07:09

28 Mar 2014 14:19

24 Mar 2014 06:18

I have had a rough few days with losing my dog and other things but the sun still rises and life goes on. Thanks to all my wonderful friends for your kind words and thoughts. They meant so much to me and I love you all!

20 Mar 2014 06:44

I won't be around much for a little while. Some personal issues I need to work through and to make matters worse, my dog had a stroke last night. So I need to take a little Time Out and breathe! to my wonderful friends!

19 Mar 2014 07:01

Haven't Been Around Much Last Few Days, Think I'm Suffering From A Little Lush Burnout

17 Mar 2014 06:35

Happy St. Patrick's Day. I'm not but I wont tell if you don't!

05 Mar 2014 14:47

Finally Getting Over My Cold...........Lots Of Catching Up To Do!

24 Feb 2014 06:13

21 Feb 2014 06:43

February 22 is National Margarita Day....................Although to me everyday is National Margarita Day! Cheers!

19 Feb 2014 12:35

WOW! It Hit 40 Deg Today. Can Bikini Season Be Far Away?

13 Feb 2014 14:35

Happy Valentine's Day To All My Amazing Lushies!!

10 Feb 2014 06:48

Love The Winter Olympics!!