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Topic What are you looking at - other than your screen!?
Posted 17 Jun 2014 12:58

An inflatable raft floating in my pool

Topic What Are You Wearing?
Posted 17 Jun 2014 12:56

Pink and Black Lycra Shorts and a Pink Bikini Top

Topic What's the last thing you put in your mouth?
Posted 17 Jun 2014 12:54

Grape Flavored Bubble Gum

Topic Songs About Fire... Post your fiery songs here...
Posted 17 Jun 2014 12:52

Fire Down Under - Riot

Topic What is your Favorite Sex Toy?
Posted 17 Jun 2014 12:42

Still my LELO Soraya. Haven't found or heard of anything that is better.

Topic Masterbating in Mother Nature, what's say you?
Posted 16 Jun 2014 12:34

Not really - sex, yes, but not masturbating. Although even with that, you have to be careful. I had sex off a running trail once in a wooded area and ended up getting shredded by mosquitoes (over 30 bites!). Despite the sex being hot, that incident cured me of my " up against a tree " fantasy. :p

Try it on a Rocky Beach on the coast of Maine. My ass got so scraped up I thought I was going to end up in the Emergency Room. Now how do you explain that one to the ER doc? HAHA

Topic Shaved, Trimmed or Untamed?
Posted 16 Jun 2014 12:29

Not Untamed. He can be Untamed but his pubes better not be! LOL

Topic Lana Del Ray
Posted 16 Jun 2014 12:25

WOW! This is not the genre of music that I would normally like but I like it. I have listened to a bunch of her stuff today, such powerful lyrics, many hitting very close to home, incredible voice. I have to hear more!!

Oh Yeah, the fact that she is fucking Hot doesn't hurt either!

Topic need advise i'm 61 she 44
Posted 15 Jun 2014 11:25

Why don't you ask her out for coffee? No pressure. Meet in person and see where things go from there.

This sounds like the way to go. If the age difference doesn't bother her, why worry about it. Granted 17yrs is a big gap to some people but is not like you are 33 and she is 16. You are both adults who have lived life.

Topic Small Dicks ... yes? no?
Posted 14 Jun 2014 07:06

Small or SMALL? I usually say the size really doesn't matter but in reality it does. Now I am not saying I only like guys who are really big because I don't. But if he has a micro penis that will not be good either. The GUY it is attached to is much more important but I mean I would like him to be at least close to average especially if he has "other" talents. Having said that I don't want a guy that is so massive it hurts either.

6"-7" is perfect, 5"-8" is good, 4"-9" can work with, <3", > 9"..............Well I'm sure your girl is out there somewhere!

Topic WHO is The Biggest Flirt Upon Lush Stories?
Posted 14 Jun 2014 06:54

Not me, I don't even know how to flirt!

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 13 Jun 2014 08:22

It's Friday 13th, Beware of Black Cats!

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 13 Jun 2014 08:22

A More Traditional Falling Panty Friday

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 13 Jun 2014 08:19

I know this is a departure from the usual Falling Panty Friday fare, but I couldn't resist

HAHA! You can Hop while they are's allowed!

Topic The moment of penetration during vaginal sex
Posted 12 Jun 2014 13:35

To compare it eating a delicious meal. The foreplay would be like gathering all the ingredients and cooking the dinner together. The feeling of his cock first penetrating me would be like the feeling you get when you take the very first bite of the food. The entire act of fucking would be eating the meal culminating in a final climax of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Topic Kiss, Fuck or Pass
Posted 12 Jun 2014 09:28

Kiss and Fuck

Topic a strange question but what the heck
Posted 11 Jun 2014 15:42

Hey lady, come here often? Can I buy you a drink? What'll you have?

OMG! You had me at "can I buy you a drink"!

Topic a strange question but what the heck
Posted 11 Jun 2014 14:45

I'm picking up what you're laying down. I'm guessing you already know how to do it, but you just want a girl to tell you how she wants you to do it via cam, correct?

In that case, listen up, 'cause I'm only gonna type this once and I do not repeat myself. I repeat, I do not repeat myself.

If we're gonna do this, I need you to get some hot sauce (you choose, I'm not picky), dental floss, nail polish remover (acetone free), magnetic hair rollers (jumbo size), Bengay, and a plastic fork (preferably clear, but it can be white if you're in a pinch).

Once you've gathered all of those things, I need you to preheat the oven to 350 degrees farenheit, and then we'll go from there.

I like where you are going with this, but I prefer he use a hot sauce of a minimum 500,000 scovil units!

I hear Rectal Rocket Fuel works well, HAHA!!

Topic if i don't feel comfortable with my huge boobs should i get a boob reduction?
Posted 11 Jun 2014 14:34

I know a few women who have gotten breast implants but none that have gotten them reduced in size. But I'll tell you the same thing I told them. If it will make you feel better, for whatever reason, than do it. But think it over very carefully weighing the pros and cons. And make sure it is what YOU want to do and not doing it for someone else.

Just curious, how big are you and are you physically uncomfortable or is more a psychological thing where you are tired of stares and comments? Or a little of both?

Good Luck in what ever you choose to do.

Topic a strange question but what the heck
Posted 11 Jun 2014 14:27

WOW. Most boys figure this out when they hit puberty, pretty instinctual. Maybe this link will help. Happy Whacking!!

Topic What's the most unusual thing you've used in your pussy?
Posted 10 Jun 2014 14:25

Nothing really strange. When I was a teen I used a Banana, a small Cucumber, Hair Brush, Popsicle, Beer Bottle and a cylindrical shampoo bottle me and my best friend found her older sister's bedroom. As an adult I have used a popsicle and lollipop during some wild times.

As I think back, that shampoo bottle was empty. My best friends sister probably used it for the same thing, LOL!!

Topic Would you ever fuck someone...
Posted 10 Jun 2014 07:49

i went thru a phase where i would. pretty sure i got it out of my system, though. :)

You have known me way more than an hour..............Just Saying!

Posted 08 Jun 2014 08:18

thank you Nikki703 maybe its time i start looking for a new GF

Well that can be extreme. If everything is great except for her not wanting to do anal, maybe she will eventually change her thoughts on it.

Topic What was your first sexual act
Posted 08 Jun 2014 08:16

My first sexual act was with a girl, we fingered each other. My first sex act with a boy was a blow job.

Posted 08 Jun 2014 08:13

Your GF is WRONG. This woman likes it..................A LOT!!!

And I know many women here who feel the same way.

Topic Chop my hair?
Posted 08 Jun 2014 08:10

My hair has been pretty long for as long my whole life. It will range fromjust below the shoulder to mid back. Sometimes I think about going much shorter, especially as I get older. Short hair can be every sexy on some women.

Maybe you should post this on "Ask the Guys" since you are concerned how the guys will feel about it.

Topic Doing the splits?
Posted 08 Jun 2014 08:01

I am very flexible too and can do splits. I can also bend and touch my nose to my knee while standing. Doing yoga and kickboxing has really made me more flexible since I am so much more flexible now than I was when I was younger. And yes, it can lead to all kinds of fun positions and amaze friends at parties too! LOL

But I can't do this. Can you?.............Imagine the possibilities. HAHA

Topic Breasts, boobs or tits?
Posted 07 Jun 2014 14:39

Breasts, Boobs, and Tits..................Oh My!!

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 06 Jun 2014 08:26

And Of Course, Falling Panties Friday!

Topic Curlygirly and Mazza's BIG sandwich!!
Posted 06 Jun 2014 08:25

It's National Donut Day!