Erin's Birthday Present

Erin's Husband give her the best present ever, a weekend with Kelly

Erin just hung up the phone when her husband walked into the kitchen. “Coffee?” she asked and held put a cup to him. Tim walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck. “Happy Birthday my love” and then took the cup from her hand. “Thank you, I love you and our life,” she looked out their window at their beautiful yard. “Thank you for this house,...Read On


Kate's Trip Part Three

It's Kate's last night who gets her?

Kate hurried to her car. She didn’t want to leave Ayna but she wanted to see Mark too. She was so torn. Ayna opened her up to new experiences but she was falling for Mark and knew that he was who she wanted to spend her last two nights with. She got into the car and called Mark right away. He didn’t answer at first. She hoped he wasn’t upset with her. She was driving and kept checking her...Read On


Kate's Trip Part Two

Kate's trip continues with more amazing sex, this time from Ayna

Hello sorry I couldn’t find my phone all day and it was dead….. Just turning it back on now. How are you? Ayna waited a few minutes before answering her and texted back that is okay, was hoping we could hang out today? Kate put Sure . Kate went down to see what Millie and Ted were up to, they were sprawled out on the sofa’s watching TV in their PJs. Kate asked what was going on and...Read On


Kate's Trip Part One

Kate goes to visit her cousin to forget her cares and is taken care of by a man and a woman.....

Kate planned a visit with her cousin in Miami for a weekend late in July. It seemed everything was changing and she needed some fun to help her get her mind off of it all. Her cousin Millie had just moved to a beach house and she told Kate that she could spend a few nights with her. She packed, kissed everyone goodbye, and got on the plane. She sat in an empty row and sat next to the...Read On


Weekend Getaway Part III

Tad and Gwen have one last night with their new friends

This is part 3 you may want to read the other two parts before this one. Tad and Gwen knocked on the door to the suite to another adventure with their new friends the swingers. The night before they had met a couple and went back to their suite and had their first taste at swapping partners. Gwen even had her first taste of another woman and double penetration when she took on both men at...Read On


Weekend Getaway Part II

Nice Surprise in the Spa

The morning came and Gwen woke up first, as always. She started to rub up and down Tad’s chest, going down a little further each time until she reached his morning hard on. She grabbed his hard cock and started to stroke it. A smile quickly appeared on Tad’s face. Tad rolled to his side, eyes still closed, with big grin on his face. He reached down and started to play with Gwen’s already...Read On

Group Sex(4)


Business Dinner Part 2 - Foursome

The girls let the boys join them

The next day Kat was at the meeting at work. It was so boring. Kat was a bit tired after her night out with Miles and his business partner. His wife was a handful. Bonnie had been texting her all morning trying to get her to come back to her room. Kat was excited by the text and was looking forward to getting back to her. They had a wonderful night together and wanted the guys to join...Read On


Weekend Getaway

Tad and Gwen packed the car for a weekend get-away, and headed to the coast a few hours away. Gwen was ready to get away and Tad had planned to make it a few days away of fun. He loaded up some champagne in a small igloo and hit the road. They got on to the open road with the sunroof open and the music cranked, and he told Gwen to pop open a bottle. She only put a little sip in his glass while...Read On


Billie's 2 Friends

Billie meets her online friend and his buddy

Billie had met this guy online and had been flirting with him and he had wanted to take her out.  He was always talking about the things he wanted to do with her. They always talked about different things they would do to each other sexually.  One thing this guy always told her was that he wanted him and her to do it with another guy.  Billie had never done something like that and started...Read On


Lilly's Night Out (Part 2)

More action for Lilly as the night goes on

Lilly was in the back seat with her beautiful lover; the beauty’s hands found their way to Lilly’s thigh. She ran her hand lightly up and down Lilly’s leg, she would get to the hem of her skirt and go back down, each time she inched the hem higher up her leg. She started to kiss Lilly on the neck, flicked her tongue on Lilly’s ear lobe. Lilly’s eyes were closed enjoying the sensations of...Read On



Business Dinner

Kat joins her boyfiend for a buisness dinner and enjoys more than the dessert

Miles’s partner and his wife came to town for a conference. Bonnie and Carl lived a good life and always stayed in the newest, most lavish hotels downtown. This trip was no exception. They made reservations to have dinner in the upscale hotel restaurant and asked Miles to join them. Miles asked Kat to be his date. Kat was excited to meet Bonnie and Carl and eat at Borge’. She heard it was...Read On


The Goddess of Earth

The Queen uses the Autumn Equinox festivities and Lady Margaret to ensure she has a male heir

It was 1463, the eve of the Autumn Equinox, the village and the Castle were preparing for the festival the next day. The Autumn Equinox celebrated one of the two days that would have equal daylight and nighttime during the Wheel of the Year. The villagers were to set up tents to sell their goods along the Castle wall during the day and the Royal Court was holding a ball inside the walls of...Read On


Spa Treatment Part 4

Taryn sees her spa friend in the coffee shop and leads to a beautiful weekend

Part 4 – Chance Encounter Ms. Walker hadn’t been at the spa in a few weeks. Taryn was in the spa at least twice a week. Holly became her personal attendant; she made appointments only when she was there and Holly made sure she always had time for her when she was there. They had sex in every room of that spa. One day Taryn had just left the spa and stopped in the coffee shop next...Read On


Early Morning Sale

Kate gets more then a bargin at an early morning sale before work

Kate was browsing through the online shopping section of a local department store one day. She saw a section where people could make comments about products they had purchased. There was a comment by a woman about something she had bought. She noticed how beautiful she was in the little picture next to her name. Naomi, what a sexy name she thought. Kate liked the comment then clicked on her...Read On


The Girls Weekend

Kim gets the girls together and finds a new side of her friendship with one of her best friends

There were four of us. We did almost everything together when we were younger. We grew up and moved on with our lives, and we vowed to always take one weekend every year to reconnect. We did it at first, but a few years had passed, and one of us would always have an excuse not to go. It had been four years, and I was determined to get us together. I emailed the girls and told them I had booked...Read On


Her First Orgasm - Part 2

Miss Deanie enjoys the rest of her days

A few weeks had gone by and all I could think about was Miss Deanie. She was in every thought I had since that day. I had a crush on her for such a long time and we had finally made love. I didn’t want to push anything with her so I waited for her to make the next move. We were having another Woman’s Club Meeting at the church. I was nervous about going. I prettied myself up and headed out. ...Read On


Her first Orgasm

A younger woman gives her older griving friend her frist orgasm after her husband dies

For the past few years I have been involved with a ladies group at my church. I am the youngest of the women, even though I am in my 40’s. The women were all over twenty years older than me, they were married longer then I could ever image being and have raised wonderful children some the same age as me. I have a favorite of these ladies, Miss Deanie. She is kind. She is full of life and...Read On


New Parent Mixer

Layne goes to visit a her daughters new school and now can't wait for parent teacher confrences

It was the New Parent Welcome Mixer at my daughter’s new school. As I walked into the old building, rushing to get there on time, I felt a bit out of sorts. The school was one of the oldest and most pristine in the country and I was so excited my daughter was going to attend in the fall.  I looked around the room and saw all the couples, rich good looking couples at that. I did see a few...Read On


Summer on the Plantation Chapter 4-6

Ella is enjoying her stay with her cousin, but she needs to get Maria to loosing up

This story has 3 prior chapters, you may want to read first to stay up with the story. Chapter 4 A few days later, Maria was in the sitting room, she sat at the little desk that she used to tend to her household duties. Raising her head, she heard horses on the drive. She looked out of the window that faced the front of the house and saw two strangers approaching the house. She then saw...Read On


The Big Leather Chair

Catherine's bad date turns into a night to remember with Victoria

The evening was fabulous; there was only one thing wrong with it, Catherine’s date. She agreed to go with a good friend of hers, Wade, they had been friends for ages and she loved him, but he was always a little bit of a popups ass when he was around people. He always needed to get the last word in and it had to always be right. It was this formal fundraiser for his work and everyone...Read On


Office Help

Last minute reports due and I can't seem to think about anything else but those lips

It was a very busy day around the office. We were trying to get some things closed out for the end of the year. I was looking over this report that was just baffling me and I could not seem to make head or tails out of it. It just was not adding up or coming out to the figures I needed it to. I finally thought a fresh set of eyes might be able to help. I walked over to my coworker’s office to...Read On


Spa Treatment 3

Another beautiful day at the spa

Taryn had gone back to the spa the next day, the day after that and the next day, every time at the same time. The beautiful woman who she had made love to that day didn’t. After about two weeks she had given up that she would return. She was disappointed. Their day at the spa was so glorious. She couldn’t stop thinking about the woman’s beautiful body and how sweet her pussy tasted. She...Read On


Spa Treatment Part 2

This is inspired by a new friend.... for you Steph

Taryn loved this self-serve spa, which she found a few weeks ago. Holly the sweet thing that works there had become her favorite little obsession. Holly and Taryn had meet up a few times during her spa treatments for some extras. Today Holly was not there, but someone else was that peeked Taryn’s interest. She was sitting across from her in the lobby waiting for a room also. She was a...Read On


Spa Treatment

Taryn gets very relaxed at the spa

Taryn went to enjoy some pampering at the new spa that had just opened across the street from her office. It was a self-serve type and she took the tour by the young, hot consultant Holly. They had a massaging bed that used water jets to massage you, hydrating beds and sauna rooms, self-tanning booths and facial rooms. It was nice and she thought she would try it out and see if she wanted...Read On


The Library Part 2

Kate visits the library and help from a different Library today

On Kate’s next visit to the library he was not around. She needed to run in and return a book. She also wanted to see if they had this older book she had just read about online. Since he was not around, Kate figured she could get in and out. Kate was in the secluded stacks on the second floor, and her thoughts went right back to that day. All she could do was think about the dark...Read On


Out of Town (Part 3)

In two days Lexie would be in Georgia, another medical conference. Dr. Olivia Jaxson was on the schedule as a speaker. She knew she could go there and forget all that is happening in her life and at the hospital. She knew she could go there and see her and lose herself in them. She could not wait to be in her arms. Lexie arrived at the conference. She checked in at went straight to...Read On


Out of Town Part 2

Lexie and new lover spend the week getting to know each other better

The next morning they awoke, to each other. They smiled as they saw each other’s naked bodies again. They knew what they did to each other last night was not a dream. Livia looked up at Lexie she was in a state of shock. She excused herself and had a lecture at 9 and she better get ready for it. “Are okay with what they did?” Lexie asked. “Yes, you were wonderful, I was more than...Read On


Out of Town

Lexie goes to a conference and gets a seminar she didn't sign up for

Lexie had gone to a conference out of town. She was alone in her room and decided to draw a bath in the big Jacuzzi tub in the hotel room. The conference didn’t start until the morning so she wanted to relax tonight. She undressed and stepped into the tub filled with bubbles. She sat back and relaxed to the sound of the running water. Her thoughts became erotic. She felt herself start...Read On


Strip Club Part 2 - Lesson 2

Lesson two gets even hotter then lesson one

A few days had gone by and I hadn’t heard from Mandy, then finally I got a text from her. She asked if I was practicing. I told her yes but needed another lesson very soon. She said she had to work a double but would be able to come over the next afternoon she was off and needed a little sleep. I was so excited. Mandy needed to teach me few moves for an amateur stripper contest at the...Read On


The Strip Club

Strip club visit opens her up to a whole new adventure

My guy friend and I went out one night. We happened upon a gentleman’s club and went in. It was nice for those kinds of places. We took a seat at a table pretty close to the stage and ordered some drinks. A few girls were working the crowd while one girl preformed on the stage. All the girls had very nice bodies. Bodies anyone would die for, I know I would. The next girl that came on...Read On


Shopping Spree

Betty was doing what she does well, shopping, with Tim’s credit cards. He told her he was sorry for what he said and would never let himself do that to her again. They got into a fight after Betty found out about his online girl, and she kind of messed with her. He got very angry with her, and said some things he later regretted, but she is the one who came out on top of that fight. He gave...Read On


Cyber Threesome

The girls find fun on the internet

Betty had just got out the shower when her doorbell rang. She threw on her robe and answered the door. Lydia was at the door. She had come over to catch up. While Betty was in the shower she tried to get herself off, but was not having any luck. Betty was glad to see Lydia. Lydia and Betty had a girl’s night out that turned into a little more than just hanging out. It got real hot and...Read On


Girls' Night

Prelude to Cyber Threesome and Shopping Spree.

Julia, Betty, and Lydia were having a girls' night out. The three friends met up at their favorite hangout, all dressed up, and started on the margaritas as soon as they slid in to the booth they were seated at. They hadn't got to do it much since Julia had started her new job downtown and moved in with the love of her life, Max. Betty was extremely jealous of Julia and Max. She had always...Read On


Lilly's Night Out (Part 1)

Lilly gets asked out after work, and it becomes one interesting night

Lilly was daydreaming again. It seemed to be all she can do lately. She was not a very experienced girl when it came to sex. She had been with one boy, they were young and “in love” and it didn’t go very good the night of the spring dance. It was quick and awkward. The few times after that they were together before he left for college that fall were the same. But in the last couple of weeks...Read On


Lilly's First Taste

After Lilly's Special Delivery, she wanted to more and she gets it

Lilly could not stop thinking about the rain the other day and what she experienced with the delivery girl. The girl knew just what to do to her and as she thought about her it made butterflies in her stomach and moisture in her panties. All she could think about was tasting her new friend in the same way. Days went by and no deliveries. No sign of her new friend. She was worried about...Read On


Special Delivery

Lilly gets something new in a delivery to the mail room

Lilly worked in the mailroom of a high-rise office building downtown. She didn’t have much excitement there but everyone was nice to her. There was always people coming and going she was on the hallway to the parking garage so she saw lots of people every day. The one thing that did excite her was the sexy delivery guy who would deliver to her about 3 times a week. That is what she came to...Read On


Bathing Beauty

Tara gets more then sun by the pool

It was a sunny day and Tara and Nicole decided to go to the community pool. It was late morning and the sun was almost to its highest point of the day. The beams were bright and the air was hot. They got to the gate and let themselves in with the pass card. There were only a few people there; a young mother and her two toddlers playing in the wade pool to the side, and a few other...Read On

Straight Sex(6)


Life in the Desert

Srgt Patricks gets a suprise after work

Part 1 – Reunited Sgrt. Patricks got back to his room after a long briefing. It was hot and boring in the conference room. He was startled to see a dim light coming from under the door to his barracks apartment. “Did I leave a light on?” he asked himself. He cautiously turned the knob of the door and slowly opened it. The small bedside lamp on the nightstand was on the lowest setting. ...Read On


Kate Returns From her Trip

Kate returns home, and finally gets what she has so desperately wanted

Kate sat on the plane on her way home from a great visit with family. She had a great time and made new friends, special friends. There was Mark, who she had fallen for the moment he smiled at her. They had a great time together and it was hard for her to leave him. He had brought her to the airport. He went into one of the gift shops and brought those silly friendship bracelets the kids...Read On


The Library Part 3

Kate and the librian meet outside the library and continue to have steamy sex

A few weeks later Kate was in the grocery store, doing a little shopping when she ran into him, well he ran into her shopping cart. There he was the librarian. Kate didn’t recognize him at first, he was not in his work clothes, and he still looked good. He was just as excited to see her as Kate was to see him. They smiled at each other. “I haven’t seen you at the library lately.” He said to...Read On


The Library

What really happens in the Stacks

Kate loved going to the library downtown. The old books, the high stacks that go on forever, the quiet. She would get lost in there for hours. She tried to go once a week, check out a book, get it home read it and return it to get another one. Also the library manager was not so bad to look at. He was older, very handsome, black dark hair, a little gray here and there, except when he had a...Read On


The Pink Sweater

The doorbell rings. He opens the door and she is standing there with a big smile and a big fluffy pink sweater. “Well hellooooo!” Before he can finish the o, she has opened up her sweater, and to his surprise is wearing only her undies, a bra holding up her beautifully full DD size breasts, and a pair of thigh high stockings held up by a garter belt made of lace. He just stands...Read On


Handy Man

The kitchen was almost finished. The walls were painted; the cabinets and counter tops were installed. The appliances were in. The contractor was to install the lights that day. She went to check on the last few things the carpenter had to do. With the kitchen almost done he would not be around for a while, she was glad it was almost done, but she was sad that she might not get to see him...Read On



Summer on the Plantation Chapters 7-9

More lovers are discovered on the plantation

Chapter 7 It was another hot summer day on the plantation. The sun was high in the sky and the air was thick from the humidity. Ella had gathered up a pitcher of ice tea from the kitchen and made her way to the field house. Mr. Mondosia was in the little building, shifting through papers on a desk. The door and window open to let in a breeze, if one should pass. “Staying out the heat?”...Read On