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The Wolf's Maiden Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of the Wolf's Maiden!

Stay calm ,   Julia told herself. Stay calm . She stood there, as still as the trees from where the pair of silver eyes were watching her. Julia hoped that if she stood still like this, the wolf would ignore her. She had heard stories from gold miners at a some taverns in London, that if they ever encountered bears or dangerous animals in the wild, the best thing would be to stand...Read On


The Wolf's Maiden Chapter 2

“I’ll be going out for a bit!” Julia announced. “What?” Annabel stood. “Why? The forest is pitch dark at night, why do you want to go out?” Julia stopped. She didn’t think that Annabel would question her. But if her sister knew that she was going out just to give her and Edward some time alone, she would surely be so embarrassed that she wouldn’t be able to get intimate with Edward at all. ...Read On


The Dark Continent

Elizabeth marries a missionary assigned to Dark Continent in 1900s

Elizabeth completed finishing school in June of 1898, but she wasn’t scheduled to return home until August. That’s when acquaintances of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Longmont, would be traveling back to Shanghai. It would be unthinkable for a young woman to sail unescorted. While she looked forward to seeing friends and family, she wasn’t sorry that she would miss at least part of the...Read On


The Bordunes

A saga of the passions and loves of a wealthy Gilded Age family.

The Bordunes Morning, Mid-April 1882 Chapter One Lorelei Langley Part 1 On an unseasonably balmy April morning in Manhattan, a young woman in a peach colored satin dress made her way down Fifth Avenue. Catching her reflection in the window of a hat shop, Lorelei Langley paused to admire herself. After looking around to ensure no one was nearby, she leaned closer to her reflection...Read On


The Wolf's Maiden

Accused of witchcraft and driven into the forests of France, Annabel, Julia and Edward need to live.

Chapter 1 Annabel carefully walked through the tall forest, checking the traps her lover Edward had laid out to catch unsuspecting rabbits. It had been five months since they were chased out of their home in London. A priest had accused her and her sister Julia of witchcraft, and it was only with Edward’s help that they managed to escape the burning flames. Crossing the sea,...Read On


A Detective's Journal

Things are not what they appear

It was around eight pm, and my double shift was about to end. We had been working overtime since the gangs had gone to war. Seven murders just that week alone. This city of angels was under siege. My rookie partner of two weeks had asked me to join her for drinks at Chubby's tonight. Reluctantly I agreed, but it went against my rules to date a fellow cop. In all honesty, even though...Read On


Alone Confused: A Gay Man's Story

A 21 year old single gay man in the closet must confront his issues in search of happiness love

Chapter One My name is Dominic Jones and my story begins a few weeks after my twenty-first birthday. Looking back, I think I first realised I was gay when I was thirteen years old, but I don't think I fully understood what that meant until I was about sixteen. During the last five years, or so, I've done a lot of soul searching, but have yet to accept being gay and I still haven't...Read On


Chapter 5: the Girl

Nate comes home...

It was the girl again: the one from the party, the one with the forgotten name. How could he forget her name? She floated by him on his way to class as if she didn’t even know him. Surely she did, she had been to the party. Who invited her? Not him. Who? Someone must know her, he had to find out. He had to know. But the event was common knowledge, she must have heard about it somewhere, that...Read On


The Bet- Part Three

~Arabella~ Frustration: 1. The feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of the inability to change or achieve something. What is my cause of frustration? The one and only, Landon Thompson. Not only is he walking me to school no matter how many times I ask him not to, he will not stop trying to hold my hand. Yes, I should be happy about this, but I can’t help the...Read On


The Holiday - Part Two

The first day of our holiday has been an exciting one!

Our first day on holiday is coming to an end; the sun has slipped down behind the villa, and the scorching heat of the day has begun to fade. A dusky twilight spreads across the valley and the first few lights twinkle from distant properties. In my room I step into the refreshing rain of the shower and let the water run down my sun pinked skin. I have discovered a lovely selection of...Read On


The Wakefield Cases; The Licentious Life Of Mr. Lacey, Part 5

Mr. Wakefield is nursed by Jane while dreaming of another..

My heart was pounding so hard against my ribs, I was sure my chest would burst. I heard nothing but the sound of my feet making contact with the pavement as I ran through the streets. My belt was still not fastened, and I held my trousers up with my hands. The image of Andre Lacey's twisted body haunted me. Now I had really messed up. My shirt was soaked in blood, but I had no time to stop...Read On


The Bet- Part Two

~Arabella~ Is this real? Am I imagining it? I look around confused, and I no doubt look like an idiot as I attempt to comprehend if I’m just day dreaming the fact that Landon spoke to me. Shoving a hand through my already tangled hair, thanks to the un-cooperating wind we have going on today, I reply slowly. “Uhm, hey...? What up Landon?” I stand there, shocked and lost. What do I...Read On


The Bet

Sometimes the only thing holding you back are your own insecurities.

~Arabella~ "I have been waiting for this moment for so long..." My final declaration of my feelings cut off by his lips, crushing against mine as I wrap my arms around his neck. Pulling back slightly, I stare into his deep green eyes, losing myself to the hypnotic pull I've felt each time I catch his eyes in the hallways at school. He chuckles softly, the warmth of his...Read On


For the Love of Another Episode 4: New Grounds

When morning came to the apartment, Nate had left, gone to class for the first time in a week. Melisa and Allison were left to sleep alone without even knowing it. When Nate had vacated the bed earlier that morning, he left a small space between the two girls, but when Melisa had awoken, she found her legs wound around the other girl and her arms around her shoulders. Mel’s dark eyes opened...Read On


For the Love of Another: Episode 3: The Party

Melisa awoke sometime around dawn, clutching Nate’s naked body. She still wasn’t used to the time zone difference and, with all the sex, was still waking up off schedule. She was covered, nearly from head to toe in the excretion from his penis. Melisa felt slightly disgusting, though also somehow proud of the white robes he had clad her in. She sat up, extracting herself from his arms and...Read On