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Topic Only The Shadow Knows
Posted 20 Jun 2014 19:40

Topic What's for dinner tonight?
Posted 19 Jun 2014 20:10

For our 5th year wedding anniversary we had prime rib at Ron's Steak House inside Arizona Charlies in Las Vegas, NV.

Topic Happy Birthday! Kal-El85 (Jerrell)
Posted 16 Jun 2014 19:29

occasion4 occasion6 occasion7 occasion9

Hope this makes up for it... xoxo

Topic Announcing our "Supernatural / Sci-Fi Sex Stories" Competition, $150 First Prize.
Posted 29 May 2014 20:12

Don't start me off...

The Best Writer, given the nature of how the Competition develops in form, content, style and the attitude of the wider Lush Membership and the opinions of Judges and... Will win.

Yeah... I was a Judge FOR YEARS! I watched writers I KNEW WERE BRILLIANT fail to place as OTHER BRILLIANT WRITERS just CAPTURED the concept in a more acceptable way... Writer's write. Our competitions are for fun. WINNING a competition doesn't make you a better writer.

Unless I win this one.

In which case it does.

xx Steph

Well I wish you luck all the same Steph... and thanks you for reading mine btw. That meant a lot to me.

Topic Announcing our "Supernatural / Sci-Fi Sex Stories" Competition, $150 First Prize.
Posted 28 May 2014 18:52

Oh! I have a SUGGESTION for the theme of the next Comp...

An erotic tale based in and around the theme of " Left, Right, Left - The Rise of Militarism and the polarization of politics in The Weimar Years."

xx Steph

Nicola: "Isn't that the title of your thesis?"


You would pick the most complicated theme in the world. Is this so you can fucking win you Irish bastard? And btw... I read your story... I liked it... a lot... so I expect you to read mine as well... and may the best writer win. Though to be honest... the best writer will win.

Posted 27 May 2014 19:37

occasion4 occasion7 occasion6 occasion9 //


Topic Do you get horny while WRITING erotica?
Posted 25 May 2014 20:56

Yes because I visualize the scenes as I write them. So I see my characters fucking or making love (depending on the mood of the story) and yes, that turns me on.

Topic panties
Posted 25 May 2014 20:40

Sure! Sounds like an adventure. evil4

Topic Did you lost your virginity to a virgin?If yes then who is it?
Posted 25 May 2014 20:38

It turns out that I did... but who he is, well... those who know, know. I can say with certainty that he's not on Lush.

Topic Girls, have you ever watched gay porn? If yes then did you like it or not?
Posted 25 May 2014 20:35

I have watched it and I do enjoy it. But honestly, I prefer bisexual with two guys and girls. More the kind with 1 girl and 2 or 3 guys. That turns me on a lot.

Topic Dick Pics - Do women actually like them?
Posted 25 May 2014 20:28

Dick pics are fine... some are better than others.

Topic A Question for Moderators and site owner
Posted 24 May 2014 19:11

Dang it! Double post! Bottom line is this, work to improve your writing and stop your whining!

Topic A Question for Moderators and site owner
Posted 24 May 2014 19:11

I will admit to having a few stories rejected for different reasons. Some were fixable, some were not. Those that were not (due to content that violates policy) I just pulled. I have never felt it was done to hurt me. The stories that were fixable, I fixed. I wasn't upset at the rejection, just mad at myself for making such silly mistakes. I think you're being thinned skinned.

And Katje is right... less than a week turnaround isn't bad. Literotica can take up to a month to approve a story. Other sites are worse.

And the Mods are volunteers. We don't get paid. We do our best, but we ALL have a life outside of Lush. Maybe you could consider that the next time you complain about how long your story takes to post.

Topic Pumping your old stories
Posted 11 May 2014 16:14

I know some of my "older" stories are only about a year and a half old on this site, but I'm always surprised when I get a PM from someone who read one. Often, I get readers of my older works because they like something I wrote recently. They liked one story and decide to check out my other work. If it's in a category they like (MILF, Mature, Love Story's, etc) then they will read it. I've only once put a story in my signature and it's my current piece, "Neve & the Sandman" that I co-wrote with adagio. I did that so he'd get recognized for his part.

But putting links to your older stories in the signature line of your form posts isn't a horrid idea. It's really pretty smart.

Topic "Recommended Read" Requirements
Posted 05 May 2014 19:42

Echo this.

(I was a Senior Mod for Four Years. I'm a VERY good writer. I don't have an EP. AND I was on the EP panel for much of that time. There are NO "cliques" at Lush Stories when it comes to awards . Trust me...)

Incidentally, I was ONCE nominated for an EP but it wasn't carried in the end... Just goes to show...

xx Steph

(I WISH there fucking was... * laughs !*)

Steph is an amazing writer! RR's are staff picks. Stories we feel others might like to read & enjoy. Just because a Mod picks a story for an RR, doesn't mean everyone will like it.

Topic "Recommended Read" Requirements
Posted 04 May 2014 20:05

A recommended read is usually just an indicator of how many mods are on your friends list and how often you post in the forums or give soaring praise on other stories. Make yourself look popular on this site and you'll get RR's. At least that's the way it seems to me. Maybe I'm just bitter that none of my stories got it. :(

Really?!? Is this what you think? So, I earned my 4 RRs because I'm friends with Mods?!? Um... NO! I think only my last RR was from a Mod who is on my friend's list. I EARNED my RRs from years of writing and improving my craft. I may not like all the stories that have earned an RR, but I sure as hell don't think it was because they were given because the writer was a friend with a Moderator.

And so you know, of the few RRs I've given... only one was to a friend. The other was to a writer who wrote an amazing piece of literature.

Topic "Recommended Read" Requirements
Posted 03 May 2014 14:33

I realize that I'm a bit late to the table for this discussion, but I'd like to add a few comments.

Earning an RR is an honor and a privilege. Some authors have earned many, some only 1 or 2. I myself have 4, though I feel it's three as 2 are for the 2 parts of one story. That being said, I am still shocked that the Mods who gave me those did. I have always written what I would like to read. Typos slip by the best of us.

Not all stories & poems that have earned an RR are my "cup of tea" if you will. I was a Mod for over 6 months before I gave my first RR. I personally only give them on a story or poem that affect me personally on some level. I guess that's my "requirement" for a Recommended Read .

I'm still working to earn an EP, that elusive prize still evades me, but I keep writing and one day... maybe... I will earn it.

Keep writing, keep improving, keep growing. I'm sure one day you'll earn you own RR and EP.

EDIT: My latest RR was for a poem about my husband. It was my 1st poem and I'm blessed it's been received so well.

Topic OK gals...Spit or Swallow?
Posted 28 Apr 2014 21:01

Swallow! Some men have asked... some just accept. I don't do it often.

Topic Where do you get your story ideas from?
Posted 27 Apr 2014 20:48

Mine are a hybrid of real life events and strange or silly ideas that pop into my head. Once an idea takes hold... the rest is as they say... history. The good ones become the stories I write and post.

Topic Who is Following You?
Posted 27 Apr 2014 18:52

I follow you.

Into your dreams.



You are so naughty MadMartigan!

Topic Who is Following You?
Posted 27 Apr 2014 16:09

Okay... I've been on Lush for about a year and a half. I've been a Story Moderator for about 7 months. I have read many wonderful stories... read2 and some... not so worthy ones. I follow some specific authors... some no longer post here or are members (which does disappoint me... but life goes on.)

Anyway... today I noticed that I got a new follower (it was mentioned in my Timeline) so I thought... just how many followers do I have? I was shocked to see that as of this posting I have 96 followers.

I know that sounds boastful... but I honestly thought I had maybe 10-20... not nearly 100... it was kind of a cool thing to see. icon_biggrin

So... who else has ever looked at their followers? Were you shocked by the number? Was it higher or lower than you expected? idea1 Please share!

Topic The Incest Category is going to be removed
Posted 19 Apr 2014 20:28

They knew what they were doing was going to piss people off. People Spent months of their lives working on stories that people are now no longer able to read.

There are other sites that allow such stories. It's the immature way some people are reacting that we don't care for.

Topic The Incest Category is going to be removed
Posted 19 Apr 2014 20:25

It's enough.

It's censorship. No, it would be censorship if the government banned incest stories being published anywhere. This is a privately owned website whose owner is entitled to make rules for it.

It's going because mods complain it's too much work. Untrue.

It's going because mods don't like it. Untrue.

It's going because we are elitist pricks. Untrue.

It's going because some people are oversensitive and this is irrelevant. Untrue.

This is a democracy. How dare we do this? It is not a democracy. It is a privately owned business.

It is only fantasy like every other category. Untrue. It is unlike every other category because it is based on child sexual abuse.

In the end, this is a done deal. It is possible that the views, comments, etc. will not carry over. People may lose some badges. Frankly, if that is the worst thing that happens to them in their lives, they are very, very lucky. If they are decent writers, they will succeed in writing stories for other categories.

This is a free site but to maintain membership here, you have to abide by the rules. Period. If you want all incest all the time, go somewhere else. Publish somewhere else. Fantasize somewhere else. No one is stopping you.

There is no intelligent discourse going on now. People are behaving like children who have been denied more candy.

clapping Brava!!! clapping Brava!!! clapping Brava!!! clapping

It is true some Mods didn't like this category (myself included), but there were some willing to read them. Each mod has a category that he or she would prefer not to read. Someone on the team will read it for them. It's called cooperation & team work. Plus, with Mods in all different time zones and able to read stories at different times of the day or night, stories are read when they are read. Those that pass, you see. Those that don't... we have our reasons.

Topic The Incest Category is going to be removed
Posted 19 Apr 2014 19:56

Wow! Way to be a fair and open minded moderator. Glad to know the people making decisions on this site can be so understanding... oh wait. How dare you. you are volunteering your time to create an environment for everyone. Not just yourself. Your blatant disregard for others opinions is sad. Based on your argument the same can be said about teacher fantasies. thats a subject that MANY others find wrong. the courts even find teacher relationships to be illegal. but those stories are still allowed. many of the complaints people have is that there are relationships between adults and teens in incest. but the teacher student relationship is adult to teen. but thats okay i guess. in every incest story i've read the characters have all been over the minimum age Lush dictated. if thats an issue make it higher. no teen issue anymore and thats a hell of a lot easier for writers to rework. your grossed out by the content to bad. i'm grossed out by BDSM and Gangbang doesn't mean i have the right to ask the site to take that down. i just keep away from that freakin content.

Okay... I understand your issue with teacher fantasies, but there's a difference. Incest deals with a biological connection. Teacher/student fantasies (even though they are illegal) lack that family bond. It is huge fantasy category, even in legal porn. And most teacher/student fantasies involve college professors, not teens. The few that do, please... you never had a crush on a teacher growing up? I know I did.

I respect that you don't like it or other categories. One nice feature this site here has is the blocking a category a person doesn't like. Until today, I had the incest category blocked. I never asked Nicola or anyone else to take this, or any other category down. I'm sure some did. This decision did not come lightly.

Oh yeah... and the person you quoted... is not a Mod as Sprite pointed out earlier.

So, let's keep things polite. You voiced your opinion and to be honest, I don't think Nicola or anyone else is going to change their mind about this.

Topic The Incest Category is going to be removed
Posted 19 Apr 2014 11:02

We have toyed with the idea of removing the incest category for some time.

There has always been a discrepancy between allowing incest fantasies to be published within that story category, but there's to be no mention elsewhere on site (profiles, chatrooms and forums). We are quite frankly fed up with having to explain our stance on the matter.

It is also the category, which takes up more moderation time, than any other, due to the nature of the stories, and the typical standard of those submitted.

The time has come for us to make a site-wide ruling, that no reference to incest, will be allowed anywhere on site.

For those authors who have incest stories published with us, please note, they will all be removed in the next few days. However, we understand that some authors write their stories on-site, so you will be able to access your stories via your link. The stories however will remain hidden to the public. If you wish to re-write these stories with a different scenario, and resubmit them under another category, we are fine with that, however all incestuous elements will need to have been removed first.

I trust our members will understand the reasons for this change, and move forward with us.

Thank you.

This has been the one category I've avoided from day one. I had it blocked even before I became a Mod. I'm glad it's gone. The whole idea is creepy to me. I know this wasn't an easy decision to make... but I feel it is for the best. I know it was to be a fantasy category... but even in fantasy... it was creepy (to me.) =d> Good call! Lapplause I think this will make this site that much better!

Topic what colour bra are u girls wearing?
Posted 15 Apr 2014 10:53

Depends on the top. Today it's a white bra. I have red, pink, blue, blue stripes, black, pink with polka dots, white with polka dots, tan/nude, and many more. You never know what I'm going to wear on any given day. But one thing they all have in common (besides being mine) is they all have smooth cups. Seams across my nipple lines cause undue irritation and pain. evil5

If I want pain... I know who to ask... hehehehe evil4 a1089

Topic what style colour and make of panties are you wearing.
Posted 15 Apr 2014 10:47

Cotton thongs. I like the breathe-ability of cotton & the sexiness of thongs. Everyday is a different color scheme. I've got solid red, green, white, black, blue, pink, tan, etc., as well as ones with "happy stars", smiley faces, the days of the week, red lace, and "Joe Boxer" written all over them. A good friend suggested to always wear sexy undergarmets so I feel powerful & sexy as a woman in any situation. I must say, he was right. icon_biggrin

Topic how do you write in 3rd person?
Posted 13 Apr 2014 20:06

As an author who has written in both formats, I find it depends on what I want my audience to know. Let me try to explain. In first person, I try to keep the information limited to just what the narrating character knows. But, if I want to give a hint or a clue of things, a bit of foreshadowing if you will, then I do 3rd person. Now, if you're not comfortable in writing 3rd person, then that's fine. My first attempt at 1st person was scary as I was only taught 3rd, but found a level of enjoyment in it. With 3rd, it allows me, the author, to not always focus on one character. Plus, as a female writer, I don't feel comfortable writing as a man would speak. I feel I would insult men by feminizing a man in 1st person so when I make my main character a male, I make the story 3rd person. I find it opens me up for more interesting stories. My first try was a challenge, but I found a moderate level of success from it. I've since written a few more and my latest won me a Recommended Read.

Write with what you are comfortable with. Experiment. Try different things. Maybe you first 3rd person story will be a HUGE hit!

Topic Favorite Mod appreciation xoxo
Posted 30 Mar 2014 12:00

I saw this thread and I had to look back to see who was the Mod for my first story, Dawson, and it was NaughtyNurse.

Since then I've had my share of rejections and approvals. I've pulled some due to content I chose not to chance, and fixed most of the other. I owe Liz, Coco, and Buzz a big thank you for giving three of my stories a Recommended Read award (or you could say two since were given to the two separate parts of the same story.) Earning my first one was a shock and an honor. The other two, were even bigger shocks and bigger honors.

I can no more pick a favorite Mod than a favorite book or story. I love them all, even before I joined the team. They are hard working folks who often work behind the scenes with little to know recognition for all their hard work. I'm glad I found this thread and can thank the entire team. In the year an a half I've been a member, and the six months I've been a Mod now, I seen some great writers come and go, and so many grow and become great.

Thank you to all the great Mods. Those who were here before me, and to those who will join us later. I'm lucky to work with such a great team.

Topic Bad timing to publish story... can we schedule the publishing of our stories?
Posted 28 Mar 2014 17:29

I will admit that before I became a Mod, I had no idea how much work went into it. I would submit a story and if it got kicked or rejected, there was always a clear reason. I have an editor who reads and rereads my work all the time to help me improve my writing, and even he misses things. Some of the fine folks here have fixed my minor errors and sent it back to me for major errors. These fine folks work hard to make this at site of quality, not crap.

Instead of bitching, why don't you think about this: director the world doesn't revolve around you. We, the Mods, do the best we can. We're not perfect, but we do try damn hard.