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Topic Sex in the car...
Posted 21 Feb 2013 20:52

Depending on the type of a car makes all the difference. If you can get access to a full size SUV or a big truck, and you're willing to try. Find an open stretch of highway, set the cruise control, tilt the steering wheel all the way up, remove your pants, and have your partner eat your pussy to orgasm. I know it sounds weird and a bit dangerous, but I swear I'm talking from personal experience. It is an amazing sexual experience. I mean, men like it when we suck their cocks while they are driving, so why can't we have our pussy eaten. I will admit, it takes some effort but it's so fucking worth it!!!

Topic going commando
Posted 21 Feb 2013 13:58

I hate going commando personally. I like my thong... it's the closest I can get and I feel so sexy in them. I know some women love going commando, but it's not my style. And for me, feeling sexy is what matters.

Topic tan lines yes or no
Posted 21 Feb 2013 13:52

I don't understand why pale skin isn't beautiful. Yes, I have had my share of tan lines over the years and I see no shame in them. It proves you have modesty and aren't showing off all you have for the world. Though, with tanning salons, that's not the issue like it was. I chose not to tan except when I visit the beach or go swimming at a friend's house. I just hate burning so I use lots of sunscreen.

Topic Why Are So Many Comments Completely Positive?
Posted 19 Feb 2013 15:32

If I'm going to give "negative feedback" I'd rather send a private message than write something on a public forum. Well, aside from the forum that is. A comment on the story is public. So if I write one, I try to be positive. I'd rather not trash someone's story publicly, but that's just me. If someone puts negative feedback (comments) on my stories, it hurts but I leave it. Besides, we were taught if you can't say something nice, then say nothing at all.

Topic Use My Last Word First - in a 5 word sentence..
Posted 19 Feb 2013 15:27

Be yourself and enjoy life!

Topic Change in Lush culture
Posted 19 Feb 2013 14:49

I don't consider professional writers of erotica writers either. Call it a site to write but it's writing porn so it's a sex site. I get the site needs money to run, but many gold members seem to think they are better or above other members of the site, they still belong to a sex site, that doesn't make you an amazing person.

Oh how I wish I had read this sooner.

Really? People who have successfully written erotica aren't professional writers. Hmmm.. now let me try to understand this. If I write a story, with NO SEX and get paid for it, I'm a real writer. But, if I write a story with a lot of sex (or even a fair amount) of sex and get paid for it I'm not?

Sites like Lush Stores are a place for amateurs like myself come to develop their skills. At least, that's my reason for being here in part. Now, to be fair, not everyone who posts here wants to be the next Anne Rice, E.L. James, Stephen King, Mark Twain, Alice Walker, James Joyce, or Toni Morrison. Some write for the sheer joy of writing. Lush Stories is a place to share stories that have sex scenes and sex acts between characters. Some authors are better than others.

Now, I'm not currently a Gold Member for reasons I won't discuss here, but I appreciate the fact this is a free site for those of us who like this option even if it means I must deal with the advertisements on here. I don't feel a "Gold Member" is better than me. I see it as their choice. Good for them! If they are also writers, even better.

I think you might want to re-think your attitude. Yes your entitled to your opinion, but you must also be willing to have people disagree with you, especially if your going to post them here in the forum.

Topic Change in Lush culture
Posted 19 Feb 2013 14:22

I don't consider people who write stories on a sex site to be real writers.
Are you FUCKING kidding me?!? cussing

So then, you don't consider E.L. James a real writer? Because she sure has made some real fucking money off her 50 Shades Trilogy & she started off on sites like this one! FYI, there are a lot of us who are "real" writers who use sties like LUSH Stories to get feedback. I know I do. I appreciate the feedback I get from those who read my work, both the positive and the negative. It's how we improve.

As for the "cybering" and other aspects, it's the social networking aspect of this site that I like and why I'm still a member. I don't judge if someone doesn't wish to cyber or even want to chat. That is their choice. I came here primarily to post my stories. I stayed for the amazing people I've chatted with and the awesome stories I've read. Sure some of us are on more than one site, but we're trying to get our stories out there, and this is a safe place for that.

So, to echo the sentiment of others in this threat... what do you consider a "real writer"? Because I sure as fuck think the folks who post here are REAL FUCKING WRITERS!!!

Topic Calling All Kindle Owners
Posted 19 Feb 2013 14:08

I have the Nexus 7 and I love it!. I have a Kindle App, Nook App, and Kobo App for reading e-books. Now I can shop around for all books I want to read. Some sites are more expensive than others. The Kindle app is wonderful and I have a tablet computer. I have a friend who's had both an iPad and a Nexus 7 and LOVES his Nexus 7 way more. Best part is, all the reading apps are 100% free so you have full access to all the free books. Plus, the Nexus 7 is reasonable priced tablet and the size is perfect for me. I love reading books on it. read2

Hope this helps.

Topic 9 to 5...guess the career of the person above you
Posted 16 Feb 2013 11:32

Body parts model.

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 16 Feb 2013 11:30

Innocent. Too busy watching my BFF have her two kids or me having my son.

Have you ever had sex in a public place? (I'm sure it was asked already)

Topic Story Tags - How important are they?
Posted 16 Feb 2013 11:28

The tags help a lot. Usually, if a story can catch my eye in the opening paragraph, I'll probably read through. There are certain things I'm not a fan of, but I know not everyone will like what I write either.

Topic Chat and Cybersex on this site question
Posted 16 Feb 2013 11:25

Wow, most of what was said is what I would have said. I have myself set as "away" so I don't get bombarded by "chat requests". You can also set yourself as "invisible" which I do if all I want to do is read & not be bothered by even the "on-line" chats (the little 100 character limit window).

Now, everyone has a different opinion about the cyber thing, and I respect your opinion in this. Happily, most of the folks I chat with have taken the time to get to know me first before engaging into a cyber session (and only a select few have cybered with me.) So, I think if you follow the advice the wonderful folks who have already given, you should be fine.

Oh yeah... and for those who think you're being a bitch... FUCK THEM! (not literally) You are here to share your stories and maybe read a few (I know that's why I'm here.) I stay because there are a few I love to chat with, and I get great feedback on my stories.

Stay strong hon! We might not agree in the realm of cyber, but I respect your opinion and desire to share your work.

Topic Open Crotch Panties
Posted 16 Feb 2013 11:16

Wow. I think I might be the one person with a different opinion here. I have owned 2 pairs, one I like way more than the other. The one I liked I wore under a short skirt and it was great. I didn't have to deal with them for using the bathroom or sex. I even was able to sit on my date's lap in a crowded bar and fuck him publicly without anyone knowing (he kept his shirt untucked so when I slid off it covered his cock.) toast It worked great as no one saw him reach under my skirt, and yet, we were getting our freak on. bates

The reason I liked the one vs. the other was the design. They were black, sheer, lacy, & very stretchy. My pussy was fully exposed, but my ass was semi-covered. The best part was the tiny gold whistle that hung over my bush (I'm so not making this up). Yeah they felt a bit weird but it was great! The one I hated had a small opening for my pussy and never lined up right. isjda

I'm not a fan of having my panties torn off. Unless of course, the guy buys them for that purpose. For me, if I'm spending good money on panties, either take them off or push them to the side. Don't tear them off of me. bs

The few men who have been privileged to see me in my crotchless panties have complemented on their sexiness and enjoyed blowing my whistle. =d>

If you decide you really want a pair, you must find one that works for you.

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 15 Feb 2013 19:56

Innocent. However, I'm guilty of being up too late to due to LUSH.

Have you ever had oral sex while driving a car & you were the driver?

Topic 9 to 5...guess the career of the person above you
Posted 15 Feb 2013 19:50

Mayor or actor.

Topic Cumming inside
Posted 10 Feb 2013 16:27

It's not so much the sensation of the guy's climax but knowing I brought him to it. I don't care if he cum in my pussy or my mouth, it's just knowing I brought him that much pleasure makes me happy and turn me on so much. Sometimes, his climax will make me cum as well. free-sexy-smileys-947

Topic younger guy attracted towards u, what will be ur response?
Posted 10 Feb 2013 16:21

Depends on the age. If he's under 18 (I teach so middle school boys sometimes get a crush on me) then I'm careful to let him down gently. However, there has been this 18 year old young man who more than once has flirted with me. Now, he is still a student where I work so I've done nothing to encourage it (I like my job thank you very much), but, if we were to meet and he continued to flirt, I'd love it. Actually, I enjoy it now... it makes me feel sexy.

Now, in all honesty, I'd let the guy down as gently as I could primarily because I'm married. However, when I was single, a guy that was more than 10 years younger was hard for me as any younger meant they were too close to my son's age and for me, that was just weird.

But... as long as it's just harmless flirting... it's all good. And it's a lot of fun.

Topic Ladies: Do you find cyber sex to be very arousing? If yes, What on a scale from 1 - 10
Posted 07 Feb 2013 17:02

I have cybered many times in a span of about 10 years or so, give or take. I have amazing 10+ experiences and horrid, shitty -10 experiences. The key to a good cyber session is communication. By this I mean, I and my partner need to pay attention to what the other person is saying or typing. I had one where the other person wasn't paying attention and I literally wrote myself out hoping they'd stop me. On the other side of the equation, the person was so careful with their word choice that I literally had an orgasm from reading their words. I like it when the person makes it clear what they like, and asks me what I like, or is willing to experiment a bit. I have found that good authors make good cyber partners as they get creative with what they write.

Now, I do need to be in a "cybering" mood to really get into it. If I had a shitty ass day, or I'm sick, I won't really be in the mood to play. Nothing I hate more than when the "other person" just assumes that I'm on like, ergo, I'm in the mood to cyber. I like to be asked first.

To me, cyber gives me some great ideas for stories, aids when I have writers block, and allows me to explore without breaking my wedding vows to my husband.

Topic full bush
Posted 06 Feb 2013 12:00

I do.

And honestly it's because I have found a lot of discomfort when I've shaved. My panties rub against my pussy and irritate it. The grow back is itchy and prickly. And the maintenance is a bitch. I know some ladies shave and/or wax and that is their choice. This is mine.

If a guy doesn't like it... then he can find someone else to be with. I don't tell him how to wear his pubic hair so why should he tell me how to wear mine?

I hope that answers your question... & I hope you hear from other ladies.

Topic For a guy, am I.........?
Posted 05 Feb 2013 10:08

As a guy, all I want right now is to love someone and have them love me back. Is it normal for this emotional neediness to occur? Does this make me any less of a man? Would women really take me seriously? Would my kind, caring and loving nature once again be taken advantage of? :( I'm sick of abusive relationships..

I don't think you're less of a man, in fact, I think you have recognized the basic human need we all crave, and thus aren't afraid to say, "This is what I want & deserve." Yes some women would take you seriously, and some will try to take advantage of you. That is an unfortunate fact. However, my advice, and I mean this sincerely, is don't settle for anything or anyone less than what you deserve. It took me three marriages to find the right man for me. A man who would always put my needs first, respected the love I have for my child, and loved my independent spirit. He has never tried to change what he found most sexy about me, and in turn, I strive to do the same for him.

I wish you luck in your pursuit of love & happiness. I feel we all deserve love, male & female. Don't settle for anything less that what you deserve!


Topic Is girls masturbating still considered taboo?
Posted 04 Feb 2013 17:21

I don't think it has ever been taboo. There are just lots of women that can't admit they do it

It just depends... I was told it was only for sluts & whores. I know better now & I never discouraged my son from doing it (and yes, I did accidentally catch him once, but I didn't make him feel like shit.)

Topic Is girls masturbating still considered taboo?
Posted 04 Feb 2013 17:20

When I was younger, my mom told me only sluts masturbated. After my 2nd divorce, I realized that it was cheaper, safer, and easier. Not to mention totally natural. Now I'm happily married and my husband loves it when I help him get me off. Plus, when he's not in the mood, masturbation keeps me from fucking up my marriage. It's completely normal, natural, and it needs to stop being taboo. I mean, guys do it so why can't we? Plus, knowing what you like as a woman can aid in your sex life. I can either tell or show my husband what I like, or help as he's only got two amazing hands and can't touch as much as four can (his two, plus my two).

Topic SuperBowl commercials, your favorite last night?
Posted 04 Feb 2013 17:13

This was the commercial that made me cry the hardest. Kudos to Jeep for reminding us about those who serve, and who weren't sitting in their living room or favorite bar watching the game last night.

Topic SuperBowl commercials, your favorite last night?
Posted 04 Feb 2013 17:09

I loved this one and all I can say is... I want the Mom's wish about chocolate. I know my chocolate levels are dangerously low!

Topic Body Hair on a guy
Posted 04 Feb 2013 17:07

I always tell my men it's up to them. I think that chest hair is sexy, but if a man doesn't have any naturally (or very little) I just tell him that "grass doesn't grow on a playground." My husband has shaved his chest (including shaving love messages in his chest for me) and that's been cute and romantic. But I swear I've never asked him to do this for me. Back hair has never bothered me, but my husband has me tweeze his back every few days because he has a problem with ingrown hairs and they bother him so. When I first started, the roots were so deep I'd swear I was pulling chest hair. Now it's something I do to remind him how much I love him.

Arm and legs are fine with hair for me, but again, if a man was more comfortable shaving this area, that would be fine with me as truly it's his body.

Pubic hair is also a "personal choice" region for me. If a man like so to shave this area for whatever reason (hygiene, feel, issues with ingrown hairs, etc) that's his choice. But I also remind my man that my pubic hair is my "personal choice" region. Happily, my hubby doesn't care either way.

My husband does shave his underarms primarily for hygiene reasons. He's the only man I've known to shave this region, and all I can say, it does help. I mean... that's party why I shave that region (and partly because I find it unattractive to have hairy armpits as a woman.)

Bottom line for me is this... I don't tell my man what to shave and he doesn't tell me. It's all about communication! director

Topic The most weirdest/ bizarre place you've ever had sex in?!
Posted 03 Feb 2013 16:30

For oral, it has to be driving an early 90's model Ford Bronco (the old big one) on the I-15N coming back from San Diego. He had me push the seat back, raise the tilted steering wheel, and set the cruise control which worked until I orgasmed and my foot hit the gas. I passed a cop doing 110 mph, but luckily for us we were just outside the border patrol check point at the Temecula/Fallbrook border (those familiar with the area know what I'm talking about) and we got lost in the traffic. L35

For sex itself, the swimming pool at my (ex) mother-in-law's pool at her mobile home park. We almost got caught! So fucking hot!!! thatshot

Topic Atmosphere
Posted 31 Jan 2013 14:00

Never really thought about the music but something soft, slow, sexy would be nice.

Topic How many cyber-partners have you had?
Posted 31 Jan 2013 13:57

Years ago I would frequent adult chat rooms on Yahoo (before they got rid of them). Often, I'd test the waters, but over time, a few got me to cyber with them, and thus became my regulars. Over time, I lost contact with all but one with whom I no longer cyber with, but we still keep in contact.

However, since coming to Lush, I have enjoyed some cyber sessions with a few members and I have found that element I was missing. I like the openness of the people here and the respect I get. I also like we don't always cyber... but just talk. I know that sounds weird on a site like this, but sometimes the communication & chat is what I need, or what the other person needs.

The people on this site are simply awesome.


Topic Giving Head
Posted 29 Jan 2013 15:54

Personally, I like lying in the bed either on my side or on top of him... 69 is always fun as I get something as well. I dislike being on my knees as it hurts and I have issues with my knees already without sitting on them for a long time. However, I have just sat on the floor while he was sitting so I could suck his cock and I could sit on my ass... that totally fucking worked.

Topic Where on Earth are you from? (Location, not heritage)
Posted 28 Jan 2013 09:52

Well... I was born in a hospital that no longer exists, & my profile says "The dark corners of my mind"

But currently I'm in Southern California, USA. icon_biggrin