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Topic Do you believe in Ghosts
Posted 02 Jan 2013 10:05

Yuppers. And just like people... some are good and some are bad.

Topic Writer's block
Posted 02 Jan 2013 09:59

Try the paper and pen/pencil approach. Just jot down the idea even if it's in an outline form.

Another thought... is record your idea with your voice. There are several free programs where you can record your voice so instead of trying to type... just speak your idea (you can also use a tape recorder or other devices) and later, listen and type. director

I think it's more of a psyching yourself out... too much stress at a blank word document. Also, do you like quite or are you a noisy background person. I personally do my best writing when there is music or the TV making noise in the background. Some need absolute quite. computer

Okay... I wish you lots of luck & I hope one day I'll be reading your story.

Topic rubbing dick on teeth do u do?
Posted 31 Dec 2012 09:39

I have many a time allowed my teeth to gently drag along the shaft to enhance the sensation. I've never had a guy complain.... they might be spooked at first... but once they realize I won't actually bite them or hurt them... they realized how fucking erotic the sensation really is. Thus... they tend to cum even harder. b229

Topic How important is the title?
Posted 30 Dec 2012 17:20

Often my titles start off as a way for me to remember the story as I save it. Sometimes it changes to better fit the story... but it's not something I put a lot of though into. I've had stories that have been posted with the original title, and others I have changed the title on as it fit the story better.

I do wish I put more thought into some of my titles... and lately I have... some are more "cryptic" than others... but if you read the story you understand it quickly enough. Might be why many of my stories don't get the hits I would like... but I do try to provide a hint or two in the description of the story. read2

Topic Sex Toys
Posted 30 Dec 2012 15:52

If you're a single gal... a bullet is great for clit stimulation... I loved mine. I've had vibrating & non-vibrating dildos and I found I prefer the vibrating ones as I'd get off faster... but be warned that you can easily over do it and make it to where you can't get off without it.

And yes... always clean it. I used just plain old soap & water with a cloth. If you can look at the toys, touch them, maybe turn one on & feel it in your hand, it might help you decide as well (I know it would be best in other places... but I'm assuming they won't let you use the product as they are intended until after you buy.)

Good luck with your purchase. I hope you get many hours & nights of pleasure.

Topic Please answer in just a single word
Posted 30 Dec 2012 15:45

love10 Love love7

Topic Oh God I'm bored but love my wife
Posted 30 Dec 2012 11:00

Well... I used this site to post my stories initially... then I would chat and on occasion found the chats aroused me. I'd rather my husband come here to fantasize and jack-off then fuck some whore & ruin our marriage.

Try talking with her... share the stories... if she doesn't go for that... share your fantasies... even if you know you'll never act on them... communicate is the key to any good relationship. You might find she likes them, has some in common... or some of her own you never thought of.

It's worth a try right? Fantasies aren't always meant to be a reality... that's why they are fantasies.

Good luck!

Topic Cuddle?
Posted 29 Dec 2012 11:11

My husband and I have had many a cuddling session that didn't lead to sex. Cuddling is about intimacy, and closeness that two people share. Sure sometimes it leads to sex... but it's not a mandate... it's really about being close to someone you really care about... someone you love. Hugs

Topic The real reason why girls don't voice chat/voice message with online programs?
Posted 29 Dec 2012 11:02

My reason is practical... my husband doesn't mind my writing erotica or chatting... but if he heard me talk dirty with someone, it would cause a problem in my marriage. Even though he benefits from my arousal from typing, having to hear me talk with another person about sex, sex acts, etc., would upset him.

When I was single... it was different. Now that I'm married... I won't voice chat. I've been asked before... I explain my "why" and if someone doesn't understand or respect it then that's their loss.

Actually, I'm glad Lush doesn't have that and if I were to want to voice chat... which as I stated earlier... I don't... I will use a program like Skype or Yahoo Messenger for that.

Topic O.K. Ladies, let us know, would you lick your pussy if you could?
Posted 29 Dec 2012 10:57

Yes I would... and not just for the sexual aspect... it would mean I was flexible enough to do so much more. Plus... I like my pussy being licked & I like licking pussy so it would be a win-win! 675-lick

Topic Girls, do u like sleeping naked? What do u usually wear to bed?
Posted 28 Dec 2012 22:33

If I've just had sex... I'll stay naked & cuddle with my hubby.

Otherwise... a tank top, panties, & shorts... no long pants... no long sleeves. I know my best friend thinks I'm a nut... but it's the way I'm most comfortable.

Topic How do you like to be contacted here on Lush?
Posted 28 Dec 2012 22:28

Well... I've like the e-mails as it allows people to introduce themselves. I don't always chat as it becomes a bit time consuming. I do the on line chats with those on my friends list. The pokes are fun... and sometimes they start a conversation. I love comments on my stories & my profile page. If a guy has a picture of his cock on his page... that's his choice... don't assume that any of the pics on my page are really me... because none are. If at some point I feel comfortable enough... I might share my pic... but it won't be a nude. boobieflash2

Topic Oral Sex - Better to Give or Receive?
Posted 28 Dec 2012 14:38

Both!!! 430-128

b229 204-oral bj

Topic Readers: Do sex scenes have to be explicit?
Posted 28 Dec 2012 11:04

If the story is well written, it doesn't matter. For me, as an author, I go with the way the scene feels. I might have one explicit sex scene, and follow it with two quick ones... or it will all be implied. I read one that didn't have explicit sex... but the build up was great... the cliffhanger left me wanting more.

Write a great story... word of mouth will get you noticed. I always share good stories by either making them my favorite... or telling others... to read this person's story. read2

Topic women and sucking a mans penis.
Posted 26 Dec 2012 18:42

It's the pleasure I bring to my man... he enjoys what I do & I can tell by the thickening of his cock and the soft moan from his lips... and if I'm lucky... he'll cum in my mouth & reward me with a sweet treat! b229

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 26 Dec 2012 18:40

She loves unicorns and so do I....:)

I do so I see we have something in common. And from what I saw, a straight forward profile. Very nice & simple. I like it. icon_biggrin

Topic Which is hotter.. first kiss or first fuck?
Posted 26 Dec 2012 16:18

Really depends... but I'd have to say the first kiss... but then... if the person is an amazing lover... the first fuck ties.

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 25 Dec 2012 09:39

Though I've never read any of Poppet's stories, and for that I do apologize and will work to rectify soon, I like how honest she is in her bio. I know we aren't friends & probably won't be as I live on the other side of the USA from her, but I am impressed with her ability to state clearly and with class what she will & won't don. I have seen her on the forums and that's probably where I know her best... or rather... her writing.

Don't worry about responding to me Poppet... I plan on reading your work as some of it has my attention. And don't worry... I won't request to add you as a friend as I do respect you words. How can I not? You were honest and eloquent. A quality I personally admire. Hope to read more from you soon (besides what I read on the forum).

Topic Sex with another man while husband/partner watches?
Posted 24 Dec 2012 10:15

1) Do you ever fantasize about your husband/partner watching you have sex with another man? Yes
2) Would you really like it to happen? Maybe... if he were willing or really wanted it
3) Has your husband/partner actually seen you have sex with another man? No

Topic Ladies, do you like tasting your own pussy juice?
Posted 23 Dec 2012 18:19

Yes... especially off the fingers or cock of my lover.

Topic detailed masturbation survey
Posted 23 Dec 2012 18:14

Are you male or female? female
How old are you? 43
How many times a week do you masturbate? 2-5, just depends on my mood
How many times do you orgasm each time you play? once... it's just a stress reliever

Where do you masturbate:
In bed? sometimes
In the shower? yes, but a hand-held shower head makes it much easier
In the bath? rarely
Outdoors? Even more rarely than in the bath
At work? No, but there is a reason for that
Every room in the house? Yuppers, except my son's room
In a car while traveling... ? I have

What do you fantasize about when you play:
A significant other? Usually
A friend? Sometimes
A friend's spouse? No
A stranger? Sometimes
A student? Sometimes
A member of the same sex? Sometimes
A past lover? Sometimes

What position do you play in:
On your back? Yes
Standing? Sometimes
Kneeling? Yes
Sitting? Yes
Lying on tummy? No

How do you play:
With left hand? Yes
With right hand? Yes
With a toy? Not at the moment, but only because I need to get a new toy
With water from bath? No
Written erotica? Yes
Pictures? Yes
Movie clips online? Yes
Videos? Yes
Something on TV? No

What is your favorite porn:
Straight sex between man and woman? Yes
Gay or lesbian sex? Sometimes
Group sex or orgies? Yes
Blow jobs/oral sex? Yes
Cumshots? Sometimes
Anal? Sometimes
Interracial? Yes
Age play? Depends
S&M? Sometimes
Role playing? Yes
Kinky? Depends

Have you ever masturbated to:
Email messages? Yes
A chat room dialogue? Yes
Exchanged stories or pictures? Yes

Have you ever:
Been caught masturbating? Yes
Masturbated for a man/woman? Yes
Masturbated for the same sex? Yes
Masturbated in a group? Yes
Masturbated for a photo? No
Masturbated for a webcam? No
Masturbated for a video? No

Do you ever:
Play with nipples/breasts when masturbating? Sometimes
Insert something or play with your ass? No
Insert something in mouth when masturbating? Yes
Use pain as a method of playing? Hell No!

For men and women:
Do you taste your cum? Yes
When was the last time you masturbated? A few days ago
Are you wet or hard now? Not really
Are you going to masturbate now? No, but I may later
Are you a masturbation addict? No
What is the most you have played in one day? 3 times

Topic Receiving Oral Sex
Posted 23 Dec 2012 18:01

My best guess is that she's never had it performed successfully to the point of orgasm. I know some find it odd and a bit gross, but I have found that some men are better than others. The good ones are the ones who listen... not just to my words but also to my breathing and the way my body responds to what is being done/what he is doing to me.

In fact, I had a rule that if a guy couldn't make me cum via oral sex, or at least get me so fucking aroused I'd fuck him silly... we didn't stay together long. I hope you can convince her to let you show her the magic of oral. 430-128

Topic Would you ever fuck someone...
Posted 23 Dec 2012 17:48

Maybe... if it felt right.

Topic Do you find this turn on?
Posted 23 Dec 2012 17:46

No, but then I don't have much upper body strength and I stop carrying "men" when they are about 5 years old.

Topic Why would you quit talking to someone?
Posted 23 Dec 2012 17:43


Okay... first off... in why I would stop talking to someone here... it would be if they crossed a line AFTER I had warned them. For example - discussing a topic I'm not comfortable with, even though I've made it quite clear that it's a subject I either am uncomfortable with or offends me (but I swear I warn them a head of time)

The other reason I would end a conversation would be if they got to... um... "stalker"ish. By this I mean, a person who can't respect that I won't be ending my marriage to be with them, or even met them in person. Basically an overly pushy person.

Now, as to why someone who would leave, I've had one friend that I knew before Lush who actually talked me into joining, then left. His reason was that is stories were being trashed by "trolls" (his words not mine) and was tired of feeling "attacked" and not supported by the moderators.

So, perhaps the person you once spoke with felt "attacked" not by you... but by others. Unfortunately, there are those who feel the need to attack writers because they don't like the genre they write or they think the story isn't a good as they feel it should be.

It's really hard to say why your chat friend left. I sure hope this helps in some small way.

Topic Disliking a category is not grounds to vote down stories
Posted 17 Dec 2012 11:27

Thank you Nicola! I didn't know I could block incest stories and now I will. I just avoid this category as I refuse to read them & thus, refuse to score them. I agree we should vote on merit and not because we don't like a certain category. Applause.gif

Topic Think long and hard about deleting your account, I am no longer going to re-verify stories for membe
Posted 17 Dec 2012 11:18

It's one thing when you're re-submitting a story because an error got though (I've done this more than once and I do try hard to not bog the moderators down with this) and I will say I've been pleased with how quickly my stories are posted, or I'm told I need to fix something (case in point, I had a story that was too long & needed to be split) and once the split was done, I waned to link the two parts, and the first story they were tied to. Happily the mods did this quickly and now my stories have been read. Sure having "front page" notice is nice, but if a story is good, it will get read. I have friends and fans who share good stories with me and in turn, I do the same.

Isn't that why we get to "favorite" stories? I know that if I look at someone's profile page I'm more inclined to look at what they have "favorited" as well as what they write. I may not necessarily read them (depends on the genre) but I will at least consider them.

And I to post on other sites... but it's more because I was there first. Besides, there's nothing wrong with expanding your readership.

If I ever decide to delete my account, which I highly doubt I will, I won't be coming back.

Topic Stories - Should we disable deleting?
Posted 17 Dec 2012 11:05

I'd be inclined to leave the delete option...

Maybe if a member goes to delete a story then a pop up box "are you sure you wouldn't prefer to 'hide' it?" option could come up or something - the same way it informs that you can deactivate your account, rather than deleting it...

I like the idea of the site asking about hiding the story instead of deleting, but to take away the delete button is wrong. I've had a few stories rejected as they violated Lush's policy. These I did delete as I refused to change them (my choice and I didn't realize they violated the site's story policy). I also had one that I had to split into two parts because it was too big (this was easily done). But, if at some point, I wish to pull a story, I should have the option to delete it if I so choose. I may be disappointed if an author pulls a story, but if he/she makes such a decision, that is their choice, not mine, and as a reader I must respect their decision.

The reason an author pulls a story is their reason and not for us to question.

Topic What is on your "wish list" for Christmas ?
Posted 14 Dec 2012 08:55

I've already got an amazing husband & a wonderful son, so I really want a full time teaching position at a school within an hour drive from my house in California. Even if it's a temporary contract that would only get me to June, but it would be better than what I've got now which is a whole lot of nothing. I'd even take one within a 2 hour drive. Really Santa, I'm not asking all that much... am I? santa

Topic Sexual or non-sexual, what is the last thing you looked up online and where?
Posted 14 Dec 2012 08:48

A gift for my son's girlfriend. She's getting a Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet. A gift for a good cause. Big Hugs