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Topic Think long and hard about deleting your account, I am no longer going to re-verify stories for membe
Posted 17 Dec 2012 11:18

It's one thing when you're re-submitting a story because an error got though (I've done this more than once and I do try hard to not bog the moderators down with this) and I will say I've been pleased with how quickly my stories are posted, or I'm told I need to fix something (case in point, I had a story that was too long & needed to be split) and once the split was done, I waned to link the two parts, and the first story they were tied to. Happily the mods did this quickly and now my stories have been read. Sure having "front page" notice is nice, but if a story is good, it will get read. I have friends and fans who share good stories with me and in turn, I do the same.

Isn't that why we get to "favorite" stories? I know that if I look at someone's profile page I'm more inclined to look at what they have "favorited" as well as what they write. I may not necessarily read them (depends on the genre) but I will at least consider them.

And I to post on other sites... but it's more because I was there first. Besides, there's nothing wrong with expanding your readership.

If I ever decide to delete my account, which I highly doubt I will, I won't be coming back.

Topic Stories - Should we disable deleting?
Posted 17 Dec 2012 11:05

I'd be inclined to leave the delete option...

Maybe if a member goes to delete a story then a pop up box "are you sure you wouldn't prefer to 'hide' it?" option could come up or something - the same way it informs that you can deactivate your account, rather than deleting it...

I like the idea of the site asking about hiding the story instead of deleting, but to take away the delete button is wrong. I've had a few stories rejected as they violated Lush's policy. These I did delete as I refused to change them (my choice and I didn't realize they violated the site's story policy). I also had one that I had to split into two parts because it was too big (this was easily done). But, if at some point, I wish to pull a story, I should have the option to delete it if I so choose. I may be disappointed if an author pulls a story, but if he/she makes such a decision, that is their choice, not mine, and as a reader I must respect their decision.

The reason an author pulls a story is their reason and not for us to question.

Topic What is on your "wish list" for Christmas ?
Posted 14 Dec 2012 08:55

I've already got an amazing husband & a wonderful son, so I really want a full time teaching position at a school within an hour drive from my house in California. Even if it's a temporary contract that would only get me to June, but it would be better than what I've got now which is a whole lot of nothing. I'd even take one within a 2 hour drive. Really Santa, I'm not asking all that much... am I? santa

Topic Sexual or non-sexual, what is the last thing you looked up online and where?
Posted 14 Dec 2012 08:48

A gift for my son's girlfriend. She's getting a Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet. A gift for a good cause. Big Hugs

Topic What does your username mean?
Posted 12 Dec 2012 15:06

Nymph was chosen because they are viewed as beautiful, sexy, and always in control of themselves and their sexuality throughout all of mythology. I didn't select any particular type of Nymph as they all have both good and bad qualities and thus, by being just a Nymph, I have the ability of being whatever I wish. angel7 and/or L35

Writer is because I enjoy writing. idea1

Together, it means I enjoy writing sexy and erotic tales where often the woman is in charge. And in my mind, I am the most beautiful creature in the world as I create amazing worlds with my mind, and my words.


Topic Top 5 Christmas movies?
Posted 12 Dec 2012 14:45

Since the category is Christmas Movies, here is my list:

santa It's a Wonderful Life
santa Miracle on 34th Street (with Natalie Wood & Edmund Gwenn)
santa A Christmas Carol (with George C. Scott)
santa The Santa Clause (all 3 movies)
santa Scrooged (with Bill Murray)

If you're asking Christmas Specials, then: 2407_group_hug

santa How the Grinch Stole Christmas (gotta love Boris Karloff)
santa A Charlie Brown Christmas
santa Santa Claus is Coming to Town
santa Frosty The Snowman
santa Shrek the Halls

Topic Do you enjoy being eaten out?
Posted 12 Dec 2012 14:13

I love being eaten out. In fact, I used to have a hard & fast rule that if a man couldn't eat my pussy and make me cum or at least drive me fucking nuts, he didn't get to stick around long. Of course, he was more than allowed to use his fingers or other sex toys to bring me to an orgasm. Now, I said "used to" as my husband is an amazing pussy eater and pleases me to the point of massive orgasms.

Only 2 men have ever failed to please. One just stopped with no real good reason, the other thought he could use it as way to get me to call him back. Yeah... he must have been on some really good drugs as I deleted his number & invested in a good vibrator.

The biggest thing is his listening... more, faster, there, not there, harder, faster, OH FUCK! MORE! I'M CUMMING!!!

Whew! Now I need a smoke. Regaeman Man

Topic Have you ever had sex in public? If so what lead up to it?
Posted 12 Dec 2012 13:58

Well... kinda.

When I was dating my ex-husband... he & I went swimming at his mother's mobile home part and he got frisky and we started to fuck in the pool. He had me pinned against the wall, his cock deep in my pussy and we were going at it when some people touring the complex did a walk through. I don't know if they knew for sure we were fucking or not, but we did pause until they left, then resumed. That close to getting caught was so exciting it made my orgasm fucking amazingly huge!!!

Topic Cum in your pussy or your mouth?
Posted 12 Dec 2012 13:54

430-128 Either one! It just depends on what he wants. Usually it's in my pussy, but occasionally he lets me swallow his cum as we both enjoy it so much. b229

Topic married ladies
Posted 12 Dec 2012 13:50

It really depends... there are times we enjoy several time a week... and times we just enjoy cuddling. It's not all his fault... my sex drive has been out of sorts for a while now... but now that it's coming back, I need to get him back on board.

But, when he's not in the mood, I'm not afraid of taking matter into my own hands. free-sexy-smileys-947

Topic Ladies...what's more important? The size of your mans cock or the size of his wallet?
Posted 11 Dec 2012 22:52

SERIOUSLY?!? How about the size of his heart & mind!!! My husband would love to spoil me with expensive gifts but instead he does little things like making me dinner and holding me when I cry. He also talks to me and even when we don't agree with his opinion, we still respect each other.

Good men treat their partner like they are the most important person in the world and will move heaven & earth to make them happy. Money doesn't buy happiness. And any woman who goes after a man for his money & nothing else is a whore. Good men are good... regardless of the size of their cock or wallet.

Topic FAIL Thread
Posted 10 Dec 2012 16:35

Topic Chatting
Posted 10 Dec 2012 15:24

Where could I find a site where there are woman willing to chat to guys. I don't want to meet or anything just chat online??? Seems all the woman these days just want to chat to womand'oh!

Though I'm not personally familiar with chat sites, I have chatted with many folks, mostly men, here on Lush. Usually it stems from either their reading my stories or my reading theirs. I have no intention of meeting anyone I chat with here, especially since I'm married and don't wish to hurt my husband, but I've had some great conversations with people on a wide rage of topics from story ideas, daily grind, politics, and of course sex. Sometimes I just don't have the time to chat, but when I do, the conversations are quite fun.

My suggestion... send a private message to someone who's story (or stories) you really like... you never know... they might be willing to chat. That's how several folks, male & female have found me.

Good luck hon! Big Hugs

Topic What's in a name?
Posted 10 Dec 2012 15:16

Slang terms I've heard: muff, snatch, the "c" word, pussy, kitty, Gateway to Heaven, love canal, love tunnel, cuchie (I might be spelling that one wrong), mischief (his cock was trouble)

Terms I personally like: when I write I use pussy or sex. Though I could be open to a few more.

Terms I prefer to have it called by my lover in bed: pussy, kitty, sex, mine, (lol) pretty much anything except the "c" word as I personally hate that word... I won't use it in my writing nor will I tell anyone to not use it in theirs. I've read stories where it's used a lot, and where it's used very sparingly. It may bother me but I will never knock anyone's score down for using it... I score on overall merit and such as even an amazing story can have that word.

Topic Should creationism be taught in schools?
Posted 07 Dec 2012 00:40

All religion's belief's should be taught so that tolerance and understanding of world wide beliefs are better understood, but It should be an elective class.

That would be nice... but good luck getting parents to go along with it. Sadly, not all will.

Topic Should creationism be taught in schools?
Posted 07 Dec 2012 00:38

Here's the problem with teaching creationism in public school....

Most organized religions have their own "version" of creation and it's very easy to both mix them up and offend or upset other groups.

Some who believe in creationism don't believe in the existence in dinosaurs, regardless of the scientific facts (I so wish I was making this shit up, but my ex-mother-in-law believes this)

Those who don't believe in "creationism" would be out of place.

If they want to teach creationism, then it must be presented as a "theory" like the big bang or evolution. Even though there is proof of some form of evolution, there is no definitive proof it's the 100% right answer. Of course... this will incur the wrath of parents.

Then of course there is the whole separate of church and state issue that I won't waste my time writing or your time reading.

Oh yeah... and before I incur hate mail... I am a public school teacher and I've had kids share with me their beliefs. I have learned to get the kids to "agree to disagree" as it's not worth my job to talk theology except when necessary.

Science can teach theories, as long as parents know the teacher is trying to present a balanced front of all the theories pertaining to how the Earth came into being.

Topic what is your favorite position?
Posted 07 Dec 2012 00:25

It's a toss up between standard missionary and doggie. I like both and enjoy mixing it up at time.

My least favorite is me on top.

Topic Favorite Ice Cream
Posted 07 Dec 2012 00:23

Mint chocolate chip & chocolate chip cookie dough.

Topic Girls, do u like sleeping naked? What do u usually wear to bed?
Posted 06 Dec 2012 12:04

Depends... I usually sleep in a tank top, shorts, & panties as I hate my legs being tangled up in long pants or nightgowns... but if I get some... then I stay naked to enjoy the memory of the amazing sex. Plus... I'm usually to tired to fucking care to put my clothes back on. t1517

Topic cock or tongue ?
Posted 06 Dec 2012 11:59

I want a man who can eat pussy & make me cum hard... don't care if his tongue or cock is big or small... talent is fucking talent. All I want is a good orgasm that makes my toes curl.



Yeah... I enjoy all element of sex.

Topic Abandoning a story?
Posted 06 Dec 2012 11:52

I have many stories I've stared and stalled on. Some I come back to months or years later to figure out the problem... some I just leave alone.

Some I have finished... let set... only to realize I need to fix. Some my editor has helped me on.

I will say this... if you can find yourself a good editor... they are worth their weight in gold. They can help point out silly errors and make suggestions to help unblock you. I know mine has done this for me & so much more.

I'm a big fan of quality work both with what I read and what I write. I'd rather scrap 10 weak stories for one really good one than write 10 really weak & crappy ones. Sometimes you must write out the crap to get it out of your system... and who knows... from failure we find success.


Topic Malware Alerts
Posted 06 Dec 2012 11:41

Starting yesterday, I've noticed a HUGE increase in the number of Malware Alerts, using Chrome. Seems to be linked to

Not sure if it's just one or two gifs/pics that are being left on people's walls, but it's become very prevalent all of a sudden.

That explains why Chrome wouldn't let me access my "Friends" page on Lush

Topic Would you ladies love this?
Posted 04 Dec 2012 09:08

So what I like to do to my lovers is lay them down on their backs, sit on top of them while holding down their hands above their heads. Then what I'll do is grab my cock and gently glide across her lips leaving a cum trail, and not letting her lick her lips until I tell her she can. then only sliding the head of my cock just past her lips for a tease.

Any other ladies like this? if so why?

Never had this but you've sooooooooooooo got my attention!

Fuck yeah that's hot.... I'd like to try it but I'd say based on knowing myself...... the whole denial and teasing would make me want your cock even more. Especially with the cum trail waiting for me to lick off my lips.... and then being told I can enjoy... very nice.... and yeah.... I like the idea of the lack of control on my part while the sexual teasing... beats the fuck out of "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am" crap I've had before.

Topic What is the ultimate compliment for a story?
Posted 02 Dec 2012 10:00

I've gotten a few as I post on a few sites so here are some of the ones that were the most profound for me personally:

-I loved the twist.
-You really surprised me.
-I don't normally read this genre, but I'm so glad I did as I would have missed out on a great story.
-You should consider publishing for money.
-I can't wait to read what you post next.

I know not everyone who reads my work will like what I wrote, or even take the time to comment and/or vote, but for those who do, and have, these few words have brightened my day and given me the confidence to continue writing.

I hope in turn I have encouraged others as well.

Topic How many girls shave?
Posted 01 Dec 2012 11:00

I don't... my hair is a nice barrier for me. I will trim it up, but I'm a girl who thinks there is nothing wrong with being natural. Besides... it proves I'm a natural blonde. I also don't care if a guy saves his area or not... it's a personal preference and if a guy asks me... I'm always honest. If he doesn't like hair there... that's his fucking problem... not mine.

Topic Older or younger?
Posted 01 Dec 2012 10:56

1st husband - 19 years older

2nd husband - 9 years older

Current husband 15 months younger

Age is just a number... I don't care if he's older or younger as long as I'm treated well.

Topic A question for Women
Posted 01 Dec 2012 10:53

I find these questions overly generic.

Yes I think men enjoy sex as much as women. But to say ALL men are this way is unfair. Some men are looking for their next fuck but so are some women. I think that some men are looking for both someone to share ideas with, both sexually and otherwise. Some men are looking for suggestions and advice to please their real partner without jeopardizing the relationship they are already in. I've never seen chatting here as being unfaithful, but more as a way of safely exploring new ideas to better please their partner.

Topic do u feel sexual need while u chat in lush with a stranger?
Posted 01 Dec 2012 10:46

It really depends as I don't always talk sex with people on Lush... sometimes we share story ideas or talk about stores we read that we really liked or didn't like. But I have indulged from time to time and it would be a lot easier if this site didn't glitch so much like it has lately.

Topic Anal on him?
Posted 01 Dec 2012 10:44

Best strapons ladies r those that can ejaculate up there.Luvly.

I wish I had known this as it might have been more fun for both of us.

Topic Anal on him?
Posted 01 Dec 2012 10:44

I did it with my ex-husband twice. He fucking loved it but it was majorly weird for me.