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Here to selectively meet new people...
establish a few friendships...,
Read Lush love stories and poems..

Listen to Enya my darling,
You're love was God's greatest gift to me.. We met as strangers that one foggy morning in Luxembourg and silently held hands as we cried over the graves of our fallen soldiers, Never was a word spoken. I followed you thru the gates of hell and be damned if I'll ever let the memory of you go.

Making love is a blend of imagination, hearts ,mind, soul, and bodies.. .. It must be ,or it's only sex. Anyone can have sex..

Terms of endearment are deeply rooted in my culture and considered the highest expression of love,admiration, and friendship. ....
Sorry if that bothers you, I'll never change. .
Sarah 101..

Date Joined:
14 Aug 2013
Last Visit:
16 Apr 2014
Relationship Status:
In a Relationship
Caprica,, Liechtenstein
Me ...
and protecting those I love..

very gentle and loving ,
but make no mistake,
I can yank hair with the best..
and losing is not an option..

Drinking Kava (Sakau) beside a roaring fire with our many friends on our secret beach ..
Fire dancing in the sea of love near Vita Lavu,
Numbing the throat and body but not the heart.....

On the sawdust floor, gliding barefoot to ZYDECO..
Hotter than the fire dance,,,

Painting my toenails ,fingernails,
and lips glossy cranberry red.....
Because it's his favorite color
and it drives him wild to watch

Politics ..
Tend to keep them secret..

I'm allergic to ignorant people..

Love to cook, sew, playing in the Garden of Eden you gave me, and gazing at the beautiful valley
and distant mountains from our bedroom .... Always feeling the presence of your love.

I have a domestic side that won't go away.
Don't mistake that as a weakness.

beyond the wildest imagination and known only by those capable of reaching into my heart..
BTW,, never had the desire to take or be part of any cruise..
The idea seems so repulsive..

Education ..
yes,, but don't discuss my pedigree .

If you've read this far,,,
assume that I'm fairly bright ..

You may even decide to read my forum posts ..
and see how truly fucked up I am... LOL

Typing poorly and spelling..

Sex ...
well, being from Caprica,
I am so programmed and memory banked to permit such activities..

Amusement ..
watching and listening to many as they discuss movies , drama, movie stars and politics while pretending to be well informed and somehow smarter than others..

OMG , .. and some of these people vote.
They should be sent to the cookie farm for processing LOL ....

Cleaning my 9mm...
..... keeping my Corvette wheels shiny and on the ground..
Favorite Books:
Sci Fi .. Find it more realistic than most Avatars and photo's on Lush..LOL.
Favorite Authors:
Isaac Asimov,,Jules Verne,,H.G. Wells

Regarding Lush.... With so many, it's not fair to say..
Have made some great friends ..

Really appreciate their talents and friendships..
Favorite Movies:
too many.. Mostly Sci Fi..Galactia
Favorite Music:
ZYDECO , Cajun.. CW .. Enya. Morrison ,Joan Jett.
Greatfull Dead , Celtic, Yanni.Heather Nova.

and the list goes forever.
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