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Topic Would you slip into bed naked with the person above you?
Posted 08 Mar 2014 15:14

Who wouldn't want to??

Topic Lush Silver Membership now available .. want to win a free one?
Posted 04 Nov 2013 13:52

454 please

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 04 Nov 2013 13:49

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 04 Nov 2013 13:49


Topic SimplyJohn - 3 free Gold memberships HERE!!
Posted 29 Aug 2013 13:32

143 for me please (my gold just expired :-( )

Topic Three SciFi Movies You Really Like
Posted 01 Jun 2013 14:43

2001 - Stanley Kubrick nailed this one (and that silent explosion was just amazing) from a brilliant short story by Arthur C Clarke

Terminator 2 - (well the whole series really, but T2 was the best I think)

Inception - I had some difficulty keeping track of the dream-levels but what a concept!

Oh and since it's not actually a film (yet, though I hope it gets made into one) I feel I can sneak this one in and it's Origin by JT Brannan

Topic What you going to wear to bed tonight?
Posted 24 Aug 2012 16:14

Nothing but an erection (well it's more fun than a smile ;-)

Topic Sexual ABC's
Posted 24 Aug 2012 16:13


Topic What do you dislike about the opposite sex?
Posted 16 Aug 2012 15:49

director Learn to sit down and pee! It's better for your health aswell!
I know I am slightly(nah bugger it, wildly) off-topic Catnip, but do you have any info to back this up? I have often wondered .. .

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 21 Jun 2012 13:05

No Question - fuck :-)

Topic Would you go private with the person above you
Posted 20 Jun 2012 15:39

Oh dear, now I feel like I am stalking her, but would love to go private with Adele

Topic Fuck or Make Love
Posted 20 Jun 2012 15:35

fuck first, then make love after

Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 18 Jun 2012 15:31

Nice Cabernet Sauvignon :-)

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 09 Jun 2012 15:35


Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 07 Jun 2012 15:24


Topic First Impressions.
Posted 27 May 2012 14:43

I fell for the trap; I read the profile.

You come across as insecure, desperate for attention and desperate for approval. The fact that you mentioned "daddy's money" made me instantly want to dislike you. Why you think many thousands of strangers need to know that about you is beyond me. I'd also guess that you have pretty low self-esteem (although you'll probably deny it until you're blue in the face).

That was my first impression of you. Thanks for asking. :)
Arrgh, and now you have me intrigued about her/his profile!! head-desk, head-desk!

I must resist the curiosity ... I must resist the curiosity ...

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 20 May 2012 01:26

Oh yes Fuck xx

Topic Your penis size (honest please)
Posted 21 Mar 2012 14:47

about 6 when fully aroused but quite thick I think ;-)

Topic Weally Wretched Writing
Posted 21 Feb 2012 15:16

"The little boat gently drifted across the pond exactly the way a bowling ball wouldn't."
New to this thread, but this SO reminds me of HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 17 Nov 2011 14:39

oops - got there before me Embarassed

Topic Looking for help for my (rejected) first story...
Posted 06 Nov 2011 13:42

I have pm'd you just in case you still want help.

Best regards and good luck.


Topic Person above you is naked and tied to your bed?
Posted 29 Oct 2011 16:00

oooh, long fluttering kisses all over her body, paying special attention to her neck, breasts, tummy and pussy ;)

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 29 Oct 2011 15:58

mmmmm, fuck :)

Topic List a favorite Song Lyric
Posted 18 Oct 2011 15:28

Like the dust that settles all around me
I must find a new home, home
The ways and holes that used to give me shelter
They're all as one to me now

Oh but I, I would search everywhere
Just to hear your call
Oh walk upon stranger roads than this one
In a world I used to know before, yes I miss you more

Than the sun reflecting off my pillow
Bringing the warmth of new life
And the sound that echoed all around me
That I caught a glimpse of in the night

Oh, but now, now I've lost everything
I give to you, give to you my soul
And the meaning of all that I believed before
Escapes me in this world of none, no thing and no one

Oh but I would search everywhere
Just to hear, hear your call
And walk upon stranger roads than this one
In a world I used to know before

Oh but now now now now I've lost everything
I give to you, I give to you my soul
And the meaning of all that I believed before
Escapes me in this world of none, yes I miss you more
I miss you more

Genesis - Afterglow

Topic Math vs Poetry - which one do you prefer?
Posted 09 Oct 2011 13:59

Unless the author is writing a technical manual, I think descriptions and similes are the way to go.

Having said that, and as one commenter has already said; sometimes even the description can be a little too detailed, leaving the reader feeling that he/she cannot be part of the story because the character is too far removed from the reader's reality.

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 09 Oct 2011 13:50


Topic Beating the Smoking Addiction?
Posted 09 Oct 2011 12:55

Just a follow-up post to one I made earlier - the following list details the incentives I used. This list is, apparently, only valid for those giving up cold-turkey, although I never eat turkey, cold or hot lol, but I digress ...

As an incentive, I found it invaluable to realise how quickly parts of my body started repairing as soon as I stopped smoking. One other thing, you aren't giving up anything, you are gaining a healthy body and an improved bank balance.

I hope this has been of some help and I wish you all the very best

hugs xx

20 minutes: Your blood pressure, pulse rate, and the temperature of your hands and feet will all return to normal.
8 hours Remaining nicotine in your bloodstream will have fallen to 6.25% of normal peak daily levels, a 93.25% reduction.
12 hours Your blood oxygen level will have increased to normal and carbon monoxide levels will have dropped to normal.
24 hours Anxieties peak in intensity and within two weeks should return to near pre-cessation levels.
48 hours Damaged nerve endings have started to regrow and your sense of smell and taste are beginning to return to normal. Cessation anger and irritability peaks.
72 hours Your entire body will test 100% nicotine-free and over 90% of all nicotine metabolites (the chemicals it breaks down into) will now have passed from your body via your urine. Symptoms of chemical withdrawal have peaked in intensity, including restlessness. The number of cue induced crave episodes experienced during any quitting day will peak for the "average" ex-user. Lung bronchial tubes leading to air sacs (alveoli) are beginning to relax in recovering smokers. Breathing is becoming easier and the lungs functional abilities are starting to increase.
5 - 8 days The "average" ex-smoker will encounter an "average" of three cue induced crave episodes per day. Although we may not be "average" and although serious cessation time distortion can make minutes feel like hours, it is unlikely that any single episode will last longer than 3 minutes. Keep a clock handy and time them.
10 days The "average ex-user is down to encountering less than two crave episodes per day, each less than 3 minutes.
10 days to 2 weeks Recovery has likely progressed to the point where your addiction is no longer doing the talking. Blood circulation in our gums and teeth are now similar to that of a non-user.
2 to 4 weeks Cessation related anger, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, impatience, insomnia, restlessness and depression have ended. If still experiencing any of these symptoms get seen and evaluated by your physician.
21 days Brain acetylcholine receptor counts up-regulated in response to nicotine's presence have now down-regulated and receptor binding has returned to levels seen in the brains of non-smokers.
2 weeks to 3 months Your heart attack risk has started to drop. Your lung function is beginning to improve.
3 weeks to 3 months Your circulation has substantially improved. Walking has become easier. Your chronic cough, if any, has likely disappeared.
1 to 9 months Any smoking related sinus congestion, fatigue or shortness of breath have decreased. Cilia have regrown in your lungs thereby increasing their ability to handle mucus, keep your lungs clean, and reduce infections. Your body's overall energy has increased.
1 year Your excess risk of coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke has dropped to less than half that of a smoker.
5 to 15 years Your risk of stroke has declined to that of a non-smoker.
10 years Your risk of being diagnosed with lung cancer is between 30% and 50% of that for a continuing smoker (2005 study). Risk of death from lung cancer has declined by almost half if you were an average smoker (one pack per day). Your risk of pancreatic cancer has declined to that of a never-smoker (2011 study), while risk of cancer of the mouth, throat and esophagus has also declined.
13 years Your risk of smoking induced tooth loss has declined to that of a never-smoker (2006 study).
15 years Your risk of coronary heart disease is now that of a person who has never smoked.
20 years Female excess risk of death from all smoking related causes, including lung disease and cancer, has now reduced to that of a never-smoker (2008 study).

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 02 Oct 2011 13:16

definately fuck :)

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 01 Oct 2011 13:58


Topic Beating the Smoking Addiction?
Posted 26 Sep 2011 14:53

Congratulations on your first steps. I also gave up smoking (for me it was about 3 and a half years ago from 20 - 30 a day eurgh!)
The way i did it was basically research what happens to your body each and every hour /day / month you don't smoke.
this website might help:
www dot might help you here.
(for some reason I cannot post a direct link here)
Once I realised each moment I didn't light up had a definate, positive and, most importantly: immediate health benefit it became easier. Word of caution though, you will still have moments when you want a ciggie, when this happens you need to find something to do (even if it is just go to sleep) - Lushstories might help here ;)

Good luck Countrygirl xx