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Topic have you ever been paid for sex?
Posted 27 Jan 2014 09:25

At some time before WW1, the author George Bernard Shaw asked a Duchess if she would sleep with him for £500. (£500 was alot of money)
The considered response was "Yes".
"Would you sleep with me for £5?" he then asked.
"What sort of lady do you think I am?"
"I thought we'd established that and were just discussing your price," said Shaw.

Topic Prince Albert's
Posted 06 Jan 2014 05:25

To start the count - I have one and have found that some ladies love it, some like it, others don't. I guess it's like all sorts of other things you may or may not have that show us up as all different.

Topic Circumsized or not
Posted 10 Oct 2013 01:28

Do you prefer men who are circumsized, or not, or doesn't it make any difference?

Topic Where did you lose your virginity?
Posted 18 Aug 2013 03:43

On a rug, in front of a roaring fire, whilst babysitting at a friend's house. And it was many, many years ago when the Pill was very avant garde!