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Topic What's your most disappointing sexual encounter?
Posted 09 Jan 2011 16:45

21 years old and ready for anything-went out with a 20 year old blond girl I'd known for 2 years as a "friend"-her parents were going out of town and she asked me to come over "tonight"-well things moved along, we started kissing, teasing each other and then we were both naked and ready to go at it-I went down on her and she came on my face. She wouldn't reciprocate. OK I put a rubber on and we went at it for about 10 minutes-she was very loose-my moment to leave came when she asked me "Are you done yet?"-I looked at her and asked the question? Why? Cant believe how fast I became soft-later found out she was more into multiple partners at once-oh well -to each his own.