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Topic Can you truly trust a person after they cheat?
Posted 25 Mar 2014 21:09


Topic Which is hotter.. first kiss or first fuck?
Posted 21 Mar 2014 20:37

Nothing better then that first kiss. Just the thought makes it good.

Topic If you could have one show come back for one more season, what would it be?
Posted 25 Dec 2013 12:07

Pushing Daisies.

Topic how far would you drive for sex?
Posted 29 Sep 2013 12:18

468 miles. Took me seven hr. And it was worth it. She did things we had never done befor. It was good. The drive back wasent that great

Topic Things you don't understand even when they're explained to you.
Posted 07 Sep 2013 18:46

Women . Even when explained by women. But im still trying to learn.

Topic Should all nuclear power stations be decommissioned?
Posted 27 Aug 2013 18:38

More solar less or even better. No Fossil or Nuclear. Lets quit hurting Mother Earth.

Topic What turns you off immediately?
Posted 22 Aug 2013 11:06

under ware . On a woman

Topic you favorite song of all time that never gets old how ever many time you listen to it
Posted 25 Jul 2013 15:31

Moon River. Showing my age with that one

Topic What's your opinion on abortion?
Posted 23 Jul 2013 13:12

That is a womans choice. And only hers.

Topic does anyone here have a favorite musical?
Posted 16 Jul 2013 18:54

Paint your wagon. That was made for men

Topic What's Thee Best Movie According To You That Involves Time Traveling?
Posted 29 Jun 2013 18:21

Men in black 3

Topic Guys only please: What would you do if a woman you didn't know came up and started kissing you o
Posted 01 May 2013 14:14

Stop it befor it started.Im married. But if i wasent that would be different.

Topic Should the sex offender registry laws be changed?
Posted 27 Apr 2013 10:59

Child abuse. Regester NO .They should never be let out of jail.

Topic should women be allowed to be topless in public?
Posted 26 Mar 2013 18:51

Where a man can a woman should be allowed.

Topic Should kids in the untied states have to say the pledge of alligence in school
Posted 22 Mar 2013 19:49

If you love this COUNTRY. That is a very small way of showing it.Just tell and show the kids what they have. So anwser is YES.

Topic Should obese people be classified as disabled?
Posted 05 Mar 2013 17:40


Topic Sexiest Underwear
Posted 13 Feb 2013 12:22

As long as ther on a woman . Ther sexy.

Topic Who The Hell?
Posted 08 Feb 2013 13:49

Yes . Life can be funny.

Topic Can Romney/Ryan get elected?
Posted 19 Oct 2012 21:25

Yes .People are sheep. And the biggest sheep dog will win.The louder the bark the bigger the lies. And it seems the more lies the more people will vote for. Plain and simple.

Topic Keeping Your Mouth Shut or Speaking what is on your mind.
Posted 15 Oct 2012 16:06

Always look a person in the eyes and speak your mind. And hope others do the same .

Topic Rimming (giving or receiving)
Posted 30 Aug 2012 18:16

Aug 30. Tried it first time this week .She liked it. Ill do it again.

Topic If your Girlfriend asked you to have a threesome would you and who would be the other person?
Posted 25 Aug 2012 16:53

Yes and who cares .Just do itshe asked

Topic Where on Earth are you from? (Location, not heritage)
Posted 24 Aug 2012 15:26

Florida The hot spot of the United States

Topic why do men always want to stick their cock in someone's ass?
Posted 20 Aug 2012 15:18

There just to close togather.You see one you got to have the other. And its good if both like it.

Topic Getting a woman involved in erotic literature
Posted 12 Aug 2012 16:53

Take her out treat her like you did when you first met her. Talk to her and read to her. It may work for bouth of you . It works for me and mine.

Topic Number of sex partners
Posted 12 Aug 2012 16:46

I grew up in the free LOVE eara.It was easy and fun.Im glad it was my time. And it still is Life is good.

Topic what's your thoughts on a large clit
Posted 10 Aug 2012 15:28

It makes it a lot more fun. And easyer to please her.