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11 Oct 2013 20:57

A day without great sex is a bummer.

22 Sep 2013 02:22

31 Dec 2012 03:02

I wish people would stop telling me they will read my stories and comment on them or send me a message about them if they don't do as they say.

25 Dec 2012 03:51

I'm fortunate to have so many friends who have sent me Christmas greetings. But I can't remember which ones I have thanked already. In case I missed you, pardon me, thank you, and I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous year in 2013.

22 Dec 2012 02:56

Babes. it cold outside this morning. We can keep warm together if you CUM in.

28 Nov 2012 03:44

I hope all Lushies enjoy a wonderful Christmas full of happiness, joy, and great sex.

25 Nov 2012 05:34

Chilly morning below freezing here today. A great day for cuddling and snuggling.

22 Nov 2012 01:14

Urination Ode:

Men can milk it,

shake it,

and bang it against the wall.

But only after they

hide it

and zip up their fly

does that last drop fall.

15 Nov 2012 01:27

Thought for the day: Without nipples boobs would be pointless.

05 Nov 2012 02:44

I'm thinking about the great friends I've come to know through Lush Stories.

29 Oct 2012 04:03

If you are being affected by SUPERSTORM SANDY. tell us aout it.

21 Oct 2012 10:55

Is it possible to become TOO horny, and if so, what do you do about that? Send me a message if you have a good answer.

16 Oct 2012 03:51

I feel like a Horned Lizard (Google it)....a horny toad who has a lily pad passionate ladies can jump on. ALL ABOARD!!!!!

09 Oct 2012 09:25

Let's talk about the hereafter. If you aren't here after what I'm here after you'll be here after I'm gone. :-)

02 Oct 2012 15:32

Has anyone noticed that PersonalAssistant, on her profile, says she has a blog now @ http://eroticawriter-personalassistant.blogspot ?? I did. Go take a look at it.