Erotic Poems(6)

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Extrusion of Lust

Hardened shaft of steel unleashes its furious energy

Freshly forged steel shaft, Straight from the furnace of your mouth, Moulded by your throat... your lips, Engorged with blood, Red hot and full of fury, Seeping with an overflow Of clear white cream, Ready to burst in an instant. Heavy balls lead the way as The heat of my thick rod Disappears in the cool valley Between the soft flesh Of your mountains, Leaving a shiny trail of Lust...Read On

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Bass Inflections

a parallel between a lover and a bassist

Skilled fingers excite Vibrations in the night, Electrons pulse Sending shivers of d'light. The bassist holds His lady with care, Eying with intense stare, And stroking fine hair. Muscled palms with Calloused, ragg'd tips Glide 'cross smooth curves, Her waist and her hips. Let the foreplay begin As tickles he her skin, Twisting dark knobs While tuning her in. Across thin neck ...Read On


Stay Right Here

After feeding the hunger, stay with me

Warm fingers leave wakes of sparkling trails, Like tails of shooting stars Across night's velvety blackness, As they slowly meander 'cross cool skin. Nerve endings stand at attention Under smooth pads and sharp nails; Shivers of delight scream through cords Head to tail, excitement is decreed. Contractions and spasms uncontrolled, Face contorts and Back arches, as Desire seeps from...Read On



insatiable thirst finally quenched

Light headed, Lethargic, Stumbling about. Mouth dry as sand, Lips white and cracked. Searching for water With thirst so great, When finally, Somewhere Beyond the trees, That sound is heard. Energy expended As off trail doth go, Desperately searching, Intensely seeking, Looking to satisfy Lustful cravings Needed for life. Eyes open wide, aslack falls the jaw, Shaken deep breaths At this...Read On


Her Scent

her scent leads the way

Without seeing, I know she is near. Fragrance calls forth, Announcing arrival. Soft and sweet, mmm, wildflowers in spring. Gently taken in strong arms, Auburn curls surround my face, I breathe her slowly Into the depths of my soul. Eyes shut, a moment made, Captured for all time. As lips gently touch and Tongues start their dance, Her breath is fresh like Cold crisp morn, but hot. My...Read On


I need you now

After careful preparation, the feast begins

Arms above head, Swaying back and forth, Her sultry frame moves To hypnotic rhythms. Teasing. Seducing. Glissando strong hands With feathery touch, Mountain peaks high, Fertile valley below. Vacillating ass Pressing against hard shaft. Rubbing. Grinding. Erotic, desperate lust! Alone on filled floor, Fingers seek out her sex, Smooth oily mounds Did they find. Guttural groanings Felt deep...Read On

Love Poems(18)


A Call For Love

Don't just watch love... be an active participant

The TV watched the Old married couple Sit night after night. Eyes blank, lifeless, Staring at him without Saying a word, Just watching... Tender romance, Sensual love, Hungry lust. Why watch me when Right beside you Sits the one that Used to stir your soul, Make your heart leap, Cause your juices to flow? Smile at each other, Look into eyes that live, Re-introduce your lips And feel each...Read On

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A Spontaneous Connection

Work can wait... Our love cannot, so run away with me now.

Shining stars brightly hung On a black velvet night, Compares not to the gleam In thine own darkened eyes, When playfully your mind Muses afternoon love. Heavy butterfly wings Pounding dense sky whilst The delicate movements Of thine lashes whisper Seductively into mine eyes, And I am lost as in a trance. Tender lips doth lightly curl, Revealing that smile which Thieves brightness from...Read On


In Our Dreams

In our dreams we are completely free

Tonight, while all is quiet And the whole world sleeps, Meet me under the Fourth star north of the moon. The clouds are springier there And we can bounce one to another, Laughing whilst playing celestial tag. Until we find just the right one, Where we can relax in its softness, Splash our feet in the milky way, And watch Saturn's rings Drip from the sky. There, we can enjoy each other:...Read On


My Love For You

Nothing in nature compares to the love I have for you

My love for you is... Stronger than: The magnetic force that keeps the planets in orbit, Or the tide that keeps the oceans in its bowl, Or the heat generated from the sun. More powerful than: A raging spring river swollen from the winter's snow, Or a devastating earth quake that rips apart buildings, Or a hurricane that causes mass destruction. More gentle than: A beautiful butterfly...Read On

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Strength to Let Go

It is in herself, she will find the strength she needs

The moonless night, black as ink, Motionless and quiet. All that's heard are snarling beasts, Nose in the air sniffing out Your worst fear. Those Hell hounds constantly Gnashing at your feet. Your past and present demons Trying to shackle you In your own nightmares While you kick and thrash in protest. Nobody can hear you scream, For the war is waged in your mind As the enemy tries...Read On


Feels Like Home

Through all the good times and hard, we feel at home... together

Inscribed on the doorposts of our hearts, are markings old and new. Signs of times past, growth of something fresh. The gardener plants his seeds with care: Patiently watering. Painfully weeding. Nurturing. Loving. Then up from the ground, reaching for suns warmth, growing strong, preparing for that wonderful day, when bud finally opens and color bursts forth. The doorpost records...Read On


perfect preparation

my lover prepares herself

Eyes meet, smiling sweetly Watching my lover prepare for our special night Shower glass misty naked form moves slow As razor makes smooth The body I crave Great care is taken Every nuance planned Carefully chose to please Hair perfect, nails painted Sweet fragrance fills the air Camisole chosen knowing Breasts softly massaged will Make ready her sweet nubs A tease for my eyes Covering...Read On


come with, my love

faded love gets a fresh start

28 below freezing Winter winds howling Whistling through naked trees Spindrifts of powder dance 'cross empty streets Gray moon reflections Echo off blankets of white There's no one in sight 'Tis the beautiful season of death 'Twas full of color and life Just a few months before Blankets of green Growing strong by the sun Forest critters gathering Winged creatures singing Trees...Read On


Puzzled Perfection

What is left after perfect lovers reach their height?

Of jagged edges we all are made Odd shapes, different colors Our pieces scattered about Yellow suns and deep green grass Pure white snow and dark black shadows The pieces alone, rather ugly indeed But... As each piece finds its mate A beautiful picture unfolds The more time invested The more it takes shape Until finally... When all the scraps of imperfection Melt together as one the true...Read On



Separated by distance, two lovers connect

"Good morning, lover." My raspy morning voice reverberating in your mind. Thoughts of what could be, should be. Smiles and morning breath, the warmth of naked flesh as arms and legs braid, relaxed, comfortable... loved. Fingertips following curves, soft and gentle as morning dew. Half asleep, half aware, safe, secure... loved. Lips lightly press whisper-kisses across skin...Read On

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Seduced by my lover

Throbbing Pulsating Nerve endings excited, dancing provocatively Glistening Dripping Beads of moisture shining on delicate folds Opens and closes Breathing on its own Soft tissue covering strong muscle Having been seduced By dark eyes And wicked smile Now splayed wide open My seductress lures me in Hypnotized by the snare in front of me Fingers opening her delicate flower Exposing her...Read On


Captivating Beauty'

Awestruck by her beauty

To my lover… The orange glow on your face Cast by the flickering fire outlines your features and Captivates my eyes I’m mesmerized by your beauty As the fire dances through your hair And reflects in your eyes Making each darker, more seductive Tongue moving across full lips You hypnotize me with your smile I can’t take my eyes off you I’m paralyzed by your beauty I watch as your body...Read On


Can I Watch?

Will you tease me as I watch you maturbate?

Can I watch... ... as you slowly unbutton your blouse, one button at a time Teasingly spreading the material apart, offering a glimpse of your skin Sliding it off your shoulders in slow motion, one hand at a time turning around, unclipping your sheer lace bra Letting the straps fall way from your back, before you toss it at my feet ... you pulling your belt through each loop...Read On


Come with me

Would you follow me

Come With Me For my lover: I'm leaning into you right now brushing the hair away from your ear so you can hear me whisper "Come with me my love, let's get away just the two of us let's slowly remove our clothes and take each other to places we've never been. Come with me my love, I'll worship your body with my fingers, my lips, my tongue spread your legs wide for me and I'll...Read On


Did you feel me?

How far will lust take my lover and I?

Did you feel me this morning? Did you feel me think of you while lying naked under the sheets? Could you feel my erection grow? Sweet thoughts of making love to you, slowly pushing myself into your folds Your soft moans and little whimpers, my body pressing into your warmth Could you sense me sliding my hand slowly back and forth as I hardened? Fingers feeling every ridge and vein,...Read On


The Mist

My lover breathes in my spirit and we become one

A pre-dawn vision of my lover: Like a mist I hover over her watching as she sleeps soft lips slightly separated, tummy slowly rising and falling I take in her nakedness and see skin soft and cool, pleasant hills and valleys of perfect breasts She knows I'm close by for she smells my scent, corners of her full lips bend upward and muscles gently stretch My lover inhales deeply breathing...Read On


The Morning After

True love realized the morning after a lust-filled night

Last night we flew to the sun A night filled with explosive energy Sweat dripping out of every pore Hot cum flowing like lava The morning that followed Was sweet and romantic As we laid in each others arms And stroked cool skin Nothing sexual at all Enjoying each others company Completely relaxed Completely satisfied Your fingers sent chills up my spine As they danced and stroked...Read On


That Man

When meds stole my heart and soul

I want to be THAT man... The one whose hand you hold, Who makes you smile and laugh. The one who makes your heart skip And allows your mind to soar. I want to be THAT man... The one who occupies your mind, Your heart, your soul. The one whose arms hold you tight, And makes you feel loved, secure. I want to be THAT man... The one who makes your heart beat hard Who makes the goose bumps rise....Read On

Love Stories(1)


A Day With My Wife

Shopping trip with the woman I love ends nicely

I love everything about autumn; it excites all my senses: The feel of the cool, crispness against my face Taking in slow, deep breaths of clean air The sound of leaves crunching underfoot as I run in the park The wonderful colors of the freshly painted trees The crackle of a fireplace, the smell of cooked apples The taste of pumpkin-spice latte My lady prefers the heat of summer: ...Read On



Fantasy, Part 1

Listening to my daughter and her lesbian lover leaves me hungry

It’s 1:00 am and I can’t sleep. My wife is at her mother’s house dog sitting and I’m alone with my thoughts. Directly above where I lay, Jill - my daughter, and Beth - her lesbian lover, keep making sounds that fuel my wicked thoughts. There’s no bed in that room. They are using my thin backpacking mattresses and sleeping bags, basically sleeping right on the floor. Even though they try to...Read On