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Topic brushing your breasts against someone
Posted 09 Apr 2014 13:01

OK, this may be a stupid question but this happened to me twice many years ago. I will be doing something and a woman will get close enough to me to have her breast touching my arm. First instance was when right out of high school and working in a fast food restaurant, the manager, 35 divorced petite blonde, comes up to me and is close enough I can feel her breast on my arm and she leaves it there until the conversation is over. Plenty of room, never any flirting or sexual interest shown by her. Second time was at a bar and a co-worker of the girl I was dating at the time, and was there, does the same thing while I'm playing a bar video game. Asks what I'm playing, how it works, blah, blah, and the whole time her boob is pretty much parked on my arm.

So I ask this, is this something that women do to say "I'm here take notice" or is it more like "big deal, my boob is on your arm"?

Women do this when they want to fuck with a guy's mind.....

Topic Just for the guys
Posted 21 Mar 2014 12:37

Hi guys sorry to invade your area, but I have a question. There seems to be an increased interest in Asian woman by American guys in the last ten or so years, primarily in Korean women of which I am one but when I arrived here at US there was so little interest in us and I just ask for honest answers. I realize we are different from our other Asian sisters like Chinese etc because of our physical appearance but this is just a question, please be as specific as you like. Best, JuLee

Asian women are great; especially if they have a cock. Variety is the spice of life.....


Topic cock rings
Posted 08 Mar 2014 20:42

They look painful, that puts me off. They must strangle your cock a bit if it stops the blood.

They're not painful at all; very comfortable to wear. Give it a try, see how you feel. They're not expensive.

It's best to buy them from a well established sex shop, rather than some unprofessional website...

Topic cock rings
Posted 08 Mar 2014 05:08

Doesn't it hurt? They look painful to me.

I use the latex ring; applying lubricant, will help too. It is very comfortable, indeed....

Topic Do you like cum in you or on you?
Posted 07 Mar 2014 06:43

I'm a male and love him shooting deep inside me; love the throbbing of his cock, especially when the missus is with us...

Topic cock rings
Posted 07 Mar 2014 03:33

Personally, I prefer the rubber ring, that sits at the base of the penis; it makes the cock swell up, and delays the ejaculation too. The wife loves it. There is another one, with a clit stimulator, attached to it as well....

Topic Female friendly porn....
Posted 06 Mar 2014 06:21


Would you be kind enough, to share links of tasteful female friendly porn; preferably something romantic, sloppy, and highly erotic, thanking you in advance....



Topic The Fault In Our Stars
Posted 05 Mar 2014 04:20

I'm wondering if any guy has read The Fault in our Stars by John Green. I have recently finished it and I want to talk to someone about it, preferably a guy so I can get a different gender's opinion. Reply to this forum post or send me a friend request if you have!

Hi dear,

I read this book just a few weeks ago; I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and would definitely recommend this book to others...

Topic Adult breastfeeding fetish
Posted 03 Mar 2014 06:29

how big were her boobs and her nipples when she let you feed from them?

She was 38c when we first met; during the pregnancy she got larger, as well as the nipples. During the feed, she was well over 40d, the dark rings around the nipples had become much bigger and darker. The nipples were about twice the normal size.

I agree with the other guys here; I would only feed from my wife; and not a stranger, just for the sake of it...

Topic Guys your feelings on pubic hair on women
Posted 18 Feb 2014 21:03

I like a women with some hair not totally shaved

When I first met my wife, she was totally unshaven; very hairy legs, armpits, and very thick growth on the vagina, I loved it completely...

Topic Adult breastfeeding fetish
Posted 18 Feb 2014 21:01

It was something that both my wife and I had decided to do, as we discussed it before her pregnancy. She loved feeding me like the baby; she would cradle my head, while I sucked on her nipple; the more I sucked, the more she produced. It was a turn on for her too, she actively encouraged me to do it...

Topic Sex during pregnancy..
Posted 18 Feb 2014 06:27

Ladies, as the title suggests, what was your sex drive like during pregnancy; what was it like after giving birth?...

Thanks. x

Topic does sex feel better without a condom?
Posted 18 Feb 2014 06:24

This does NOT always gurantee no pregnancy...

Yes, I agree; my wife fell pregnant with our friend, even though he had withdrawn...

Topic Breastfeeding in public
Posted 18 Feb 2014 04:55

How many of you that have been pregnant, have no problem breastfeeding in public places knowing that they are going to be judged by the public?
do you take any notice of those who tell u to cover up?
do u realise that guys are watching u as you feed, does that turn u on do u not think of breastfeeding as a sexual thing?

I find the sight ever so soothing; we were travelling around Asia, the local women had no issue with exposing the complete breast, and giving the child a feed. The women uncovered their breast, without a second thought; it was truly beautiful...

Topic does sex feel better without a condom?
Posted 18 Feb 2014 04:52

My wife always wants a bare cock; if she doesn't want to be impregnated, then she'll just ask for the cock to be withdrawn. I found this to be the case, with all the women that we know....

Topic Adult breastfeeding fetish
Posted 18 Feb 2014 04:45

I did suck my wife's milk; it was a truly beautiful feeling, for us both. I would definitely recommend it...

Topic sex with condom or without condom
Posted 12 Feb 2014 23:06

All of my female friends prefer the nude penis; they say the feel is much better. They will only insist on a condom, if protection is an issue....

Topic sex with condom or without condom
Posted 12 Feb 2014 23:06

All of my female friends prefer the nude penis; they say the feel is much better. They will only insist on a condom, if protection is an issue....

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 27 May 2013 13:27

Very sincere face.

Topic What's on your sexual bucket list?
Posted 22 May 2013 02:23

First of all, to buy a bucketbook

Topic Whats more attractive younger women or older women ?
Posted 16 May 2013 15:00

So guys whats your pint of beer ( thats the more gritty way of saying cup of tea ), I prefer older gals sometimes just because of the

experience they bring to the table ... the kitchen table to be exact thats where i eat most of my pus ... pickles damn do i love a soaked

puss ... pickle coffee

When I was 18, I wanted a 50 year old woman. Now that I'm 50, I fancy an 18 year old.:)

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 15 May 2013 13:24

Poppet is a lovely person; just read the profile.

Topic Ideal cup size
Posted 14 May 2013 03:40

What's your favorite cup size? I love D-DD!

Personally, I would say B or C.

Topic What does your Kindle library say about you??
Posted 10 May 2013 01:09

Erotica is the number one priority on my iPad, but I do like to read Tom sharpe's comedy too. The English classics; Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, have their place too.


Topic Pussy Eating
Posted 09 May 2013 13:29

* knock me down with a feather! *

I have had some ongong chatting with a youngish dominating-confident-type guy - who is all over the fucking a pussy/ass hard (bdsm/forceful style) ... not to mention the get-down-on-your-knees-and-let-me-blow scenarios.

When I asked him about the reverse, going down on a pussy until the lady cums on your tongue ... his response was "You're going to have to REALLY get me going to do that"

So, my question is this to you guys .... is going down on your lady a turn off? (I'm kinda shocked at that one) Or is it something you warm up to over experience?

Eternally grateful for your input!


Eating her out is a truly beautiful experience; her cum on my lips is sensual, to say the least. I love to pleasure her in that way. She loves being kissed hard afterwards; tasting her own cum on her lips too.

Topic Stopping yourself from cumming
Posted 06 May 2013 22:26

This is a research question to help me with a story I'm writing.

I have recently had sex a few times with a guy who's able to stop himself from ejaculating even though he can be a Gnat's Widget from eruption.

He stops all movement and his whole body goes very tense and rigid until the moment has passed, then we change positions and we're off again, he does this about five times and sex lasts ooh well up to an hour and a half before he cums.

He told me he does this because his recovery time is very long, sometimes not at all and he likes to make the most of round one. He also told me that if he does it too many times his cock stays hard but he loses the ability to ejaculate.

Very impressive but he won't tell me what he's doing physically or mentally to stop himself.

Can you do this or know how it's done?

If you can, please explain how you achieve it physically and mentally.

Many thanks, Kim

I usually press the tip of my penis when I'm about to cum; this can delay ejaculation, and also bloats the cock, so gives her more pleasure too.

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 06 May 2013 13:56

Fannyhunter is a real man; someone who enjoys the sensual feeling of cross dressing.

Topic Breast feeding in public.
Posted 06 May 2013 13:25

I've travelled to countries where breasting a child is considered totally natural; nobody even pays any attention when the mother exposes her nipple.

In Britain, the attitude is totally different; breast feeding in public is, almost, seen as a crime, a moral outrage even.

How do you feel about this?

Topic Brain Teaser
Posted 06 May 2013 13:15


remove the l, and the word becomes: starting
remove one t, and the word becomes: staring
remove the a, and the word becomes: string
remove the r, and the word becomes: sting
remove the other t, and the word becomes: sing
remove the g, and the word becomes: sin
remove the s, and the word becomes: in
remove the n, and the word becomes: I

Really fucking good, thanks.

Topic 50 Shades of?
Posted 06 May 2013 13:08

Fifty shades of gay?