Shade of purple

Mum's guests

Nerdy was word that sprang to mind whenever people saw Lenny. Head always buried in books & achieving best grades at college. This was in total contrast to his brother and sister who were fun , exciting , and fun to be with. Lenny just got on with life. He got along with everyone since he would do the chores for the family. Dad was away on business trips most of the time. Mum used part of...Read On



Doubting Thomas

Just what the Doctor ordered

"Won't be a minute love", she flapped as she frantically began searching for her keys. Brenda always flapped about in a constant rush, which was in total contrast to her husband. Lennard was cool , calm , and collected as he patiently waited for her. He kept looking at his watch as he reminded her of the time. It was a hospital appointment today, Lennard was experiencing problems with...Read On



Peer Pressure

Sister and boyfriend.

Lenny was no stranger to being called names, ridiculed, mocked, or the occasional abuse since he had grown up in this way. By now, he had developed a pretty thick skin since dad, brother, and the majority of fellow students were in the habit of teasing him. Most of the lads at college let Lenny be since he was Rebecca’s brother. They didn’t want to upset her since she was fucking just...Read On


Mrs Ackleton

Mummy's got you

"Lovely to see you after so long, Seymour," remarked Mrs Ackleton as they exchanged a hug. "Yes, it's definitely been a while Mrs Ackleton; time seems to have whizzed by," he replied. "Call me Ellie. No need to be so formal since I brought you two up virtually single-handed," she chuckled as she invited him in. "When your mother passed away following her horrific illness, you were...Read On




Taking care of mother

“Hi you must be Charles”, she said in a chirpy voice as she extended her hand to shake his. Charles almost looked around to see if he had knocked on the wrong door since this was the first time that he had returned from university not to be greeted by his mother in her wheelchair. “Come on through Charles old chap”, his father waived sensing his bewilderment. Charles entered his...Read On



Siti's Stockings

Siti's silky massage

"Hi love, you look exhausted", she said as I plonked myself on the edge of the bed. I let out a sigh of relief as she pinched the tops of my shoulders. "Two hours of cadence training tonight, love", I replied as we exchanged a gentle kiss. "Cycling is certainly fun, but knackering too", I added as I groaned gently with the sensual touch of her hands. "Well, your wife has the perfect...Read On



shemale saved my marriage

I've always been an ardent believer that a nudge can bring a person back on track, the only difference being that the most effective nudge usually emanates from someone totally oblivious to the effect they have had. Sedgwick now believes in the existence of such powers, particularly since an incident that occurred in his life about a year ago. The incident is based on a true event,...Read On