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Recommended Read

We are the ones that will make this day real

An old poem rediscovered bringing back passionate memories...I'm a romantic...Can't help it...

We are the ones that will make this day real (and the morning sun is beautiful now) We are the two that (as one) will grow insane Because love is mad and always true We are the ones that will call the breeze to tighten our minds And dry our eyes, and whiten our skin with the salt of the sea We are the ones that will never know That tomorrow is lonely and impossibly far....Read On

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Nobody noticed me when Sky was around.

I was sick of my life. I was sick of getting up early to go to work. I was sick of having a job I hated. I was sick of trying to ass-kiss my way to a promotion I didn’t even want. There was no way out; no break from the constant grind of never-ending work. In short, I needed a break. Then I met Sky. Sky was the kind of girl that all other girls instinctively hated. She was the girl...Read On

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Just another day in the office

Holding the phone receiver away from her ear, Jess rolled her eyes. Sucking in one side of her cheek, she gently bit into the fleshy skin. Her patience was wearing thin. “… and I want to state that I expect to be reimbursed for the loss of earnings I incurred, having to take a day off…” the irate caller snapped, continuing with his rant. Her perfectly manicured fingertips typed swiftly...Read On

Recommended Read

Sweet Tasty Treats

He wanted something yummy; she had just the thing

My eyes roamed over the display full of desserts: tarts, pies, cakes, and, above all, the famous cupcakes. Sweet Tasty Treats was Eversham’s most popular bakery and the cupcakes were a big part of that reputation. I had come in fairly late expecting the selection to be down to a few scraps, but it wasn’t too bad. My eyes zeroed in on a huge chocolate cupcake with mint icing. “Hi, Chris,”...Read On

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Punishing Lily Part Three

Lily's punishment concludes.

I completely forgot about the principal standing next to me. I forgot that I was in my university, surrounded by a thousand giggling, gossiping students. My mind was focussed entirely on the gorgeous, dripping slit in front of me I so needed to bury my cock into. I leaned forward, guiding my throbbing manhood to the Lily’s tight, quivering opening. She gasped in the daze of her climax, her...Read On

Recommended Read

All Of Me

A woman's emotional road to love and happiness...

Raindrops spattered the windows of Tracey's twenty-fifth floor office. The grey gloominess of the seemingly never-ending day matched her mood. Tracey was in a funk, and she had been for some time. Her thoughts drifted as she pecked aimlessly at her keyboard. “I need a break because this shit ain't working.” She glanced at her closed door, “Fuck, why does my life have to be such shit?” ...Read On

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Punishing Lily Part Two

Lily heats up, along with her punishment.

She felt the smooth wood stroke across her face as I let her know my weapon of choice. Her head tipped back to feel it touch her warm skin. She wiggled her ass, impatiently. She wanted more. I shook my head, almost disbelieving, knowing that this little slut was never going to be happy until she couldn’t walk any more. I pulled my arm right back and swiped the stick across her red, welting skin....Read On

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Recommended Read

Strength to Let Go

It is in herself, she will find the strength she needs

The moonless night, black as ink, Motionless and quiet. All that's heard are snarling beasts, Nose in the air sniffing out Your worst fear. Those Hell hounds constantly Gnashing at your feet. Your past and present demons Trying to shackle you In your own nightmares While you kick and thrash in protest. Nobody can hear you scream, For the war is waged in your mind As the enemy tries...Read On

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Mushroom picking leads Alice on an adventure...

Plucking another mushroom from the ground, Alice placed it in her woven, wooden basket. Her cat, Dinah, danced through the overgrown blades of grass behind her, chasing the fluttering butterflies. College had finished for the summer and Alice intended on enjoying every minute of the glorious sunshine. Glancing around at the tranquil, open field she sneakily placed the head of another mushroom...Read On

Recommended Read

Punishing Lily Part One

A new semester brings new revelations.

I walked into my lecture theatre, sitting heavily in the seat that my arse instantly recognised. I was early; a usual habit of mine on the first day. It doesn’t do to be late and the first day back is always the hardest. I was a bit too early, though, honestly. I found the idea of forty minutes waiting a little distasteful, but I was already committed. I stretched back in my seat,...Read On

Series Award

Dance for Me – Chapter Five

Plans go awry.

Everything had been going perfectly. They had almost reached the best part of Caroline’s scene. Brandon had acted with aplomb and remembered every single one of his lines. They’d moved seamlessly from the bar to the elevator to the hotel room. The bath was running. The door was locked. Now it was just the sex left. They were both almost naked. His tongue was in her mouth and his hand in...Read On

Recommended Read

Plain Honest Truth

If I were to say all you are to me straight out No fear to hold me back, nothing at all The words would not be understood, not as they should So much I wish to say yet it never comes out right A cut off sentence, incomplete paragraph Tangled languages weaving my feelings This emotion is such, it burns my existence At times anger or need get the best of me ...Read On

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Recommended Read

Anal Angel

I Love To Be Your Anal Angel

I’m a dirty kind of freak. I’m a twisted naughty girl. I know what I like, this much is true. Don’t deny me what I want most of all. Please give it to me. I want it slow and teasing, but don’t forget I like it hard and deep. Mix up the pace, and make me scream out with utter delight. I love the way you fuck my ass. That’s it, work yourself nice and deep. Pound my little ass. I want it...Read On

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My First Taste Of Cock

I wanted to give my first ever blow job

I lay, head on his chest, half asleep to the hypnotic, white-noise flicker of the television as his hand stroked my hair. I felt completely relaxed. My hand was on his thigh, lightly stroking the taut denim and he sighed as my fingers moved along the seam, towards his crotch. He wriggled slightly as I touched his bulge. We’d been going out for two months and hadn’t done much, except...Read On

Recommended Read

For My Art

There’d been pacing, self-doubt, and the usual butterflies in her stomach. She had painted on her bright, fiery red lipstick, applying the last of her mask that was Miss Carmine. She regarded herself in the mirror. The new club owner was going to be in the audience tonight and she needed to perform her best. With that thought spiralling, the battle commenced. “You can get that new...Read On

Recommended Read

A Night at the Theatre

Ben sells Ali to his boss for the night.

Written by AlinaX and Sandy Monroe * One Friday morning, mid-November, I was surprised to receive a call from Ben. With his new job in the City, I never usually heard from him during the day, and rarely saw him except at the weekends. “Hi Ali,” he said, sounding very anxious. “Are you free to talk?” I looked around, intrigued, a little worried, but there was no one...Read On

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Recommended Read

Our Game

It's our game, and its delicious.

Straining against the wrist and ankle ties and drawing a deep breath, I extended my tongue and tenderly, carefully, pressed the tip to the underside of her clit, moving as I adjusted to her motion. From somewhere near my belly I heard her exclamation as I made contact with her erect pearl, pink and firm and proud at the top of her slit. "Yes, baby," she cooed, "right there, just like that,"...Read On

Recommended Read

A Good Girl's Reward

Good girls get the best rewards.

My throat relaxed as my Master's stiff, demanding cock thrust firmly in. Lying supine and restrained to the padded table, I could do little more than wallow in the erotic sensation of having my throat thoroughly fucked. His powerful hands gripped the column of my neck firmly, thumbs caressing my skin as his stiff meat had its wicked way inside. I couldn't breathe when he pressed all the way in;...Read On

Recommended Read

I Am A Lover Of Words

A word after a word after a word is...

I am a lover of words.  I like  What they do to my tongue. Each letter  Whispers its own tune  To me,  When spoken together  A song. Like love,  How it opens the lips,  Extends the tongue,  Closes with a kiss,  Sounds hopeful.  How the letter O,  When accentuated,  Can leave you breathless.  The entire face must work together  To form it. Fuck…feel...fight…fun…  How do...Read On

Recommended Read

Lonely night

Did you see me, Waiting, As you walked Over to  Her? Did you notice me, Crying, As I watched you Embrace not me, but  Her? Did I ever cross your Mind  As your searching Fingers Found her skin? Did your lips Ever miss mine  As they Found hers, Eager In the night? Did the memory Of my soft curves Linger On your fingertips  As you touched Her flesh?  Did the sound of my Whimpers Ever...Read On

Recommended Read

DarkFyre Chapter Eleven

Rael and Silmaria seek shelter and help in Trellings Rest.

In the late morning hours the sun shone bright and glorious on Trelling’s Rest. The overcast clouds of yesterday’s snowfall had fled in the face of a clear and temperate day, the sort of mild and cheerful day DarkFyre Dale rarely saw this deep into winter. The snow underfoot gleamed pristine white under the sunshine, a blanket of innocence and purity cast over the countryside, a beautiful...Read On

Recommended Read

Could I be?

Could I be all this...?

Could I be The first thing dawning on your mind The morning sun as you draw the blind The first words upon your lips The touch beneath your fingertips The easing of your furrowed brow The skipped beat that your heart allows Your saviour in your hour of need The meal that satisfies your greed The rapture in your aching breast A longing only I can suppress The hands that...Read On

Recommended Read

Secret of the Wood (Part Two of Two)

Everyone has secrets, but some are harder to share.

Brooke sat in the anchor’s chair, reading the last of the news item on the paper that the cameraman had handed her. Other than the clothes she was wearing, she looked every bit the part. “I’m Brooke Kline, for Channel Seven News.” Dan and the crew who were there preparing for a real broadcast applauded, and Brooke’s smiling face blushed bright red before she covered it with her hands...Read On

Recommended Read

Secret of the Wood (Part One of Two)

Everyone has secrets, but some are harder to share.

Dan’s eyes popped open when he heard the hiss of something running through the dry leaves and grass, the sound drawing closer by the second. “Hey,” he protested when the two young squirrels used him as a convenient ramp to reach the tree behind him. They ran straight up his leg, jumped to his shoulder, and then scampered upward into the branches. Dan looked up while rubbing his nose to...Read On

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This was painful. But if it helps someone, then it is well worth the pain.

No. I can no longer and will no longer subject myself to the disrespect of being your consummate whore, your lover, your cover, your bitch who meets you on the other side of town. No, I can no longer and will no longer be down with your abuses, your excuses, your fucking reasons why I am over here and you are over there with her in the clear. No, I can no longer and will no longer...Read On

Series Award

Dance for Me - Chapter Four

It gets harder every time.

Brandon was winning the battle of wills. At least, that was what he told himself as he ignored the latest telephone call from Caroline. He’d successfully avoided talking to her for three weeks now, and was adamant to keep it up. He told himself that staying away from her would help get rid of all the pathetic irrational feelings that had built up over the last half year. As long as he didn’t...Read On

Recommended Read

Have You Ever

Have you ever found yourself wandering looking for your perfect mate, not giving up when you fail surely sadness can't be your fate? Have you ever wondered why you can't find him just knowing that he will appear, the perfect quiet to your chaos the voice of calm during your fear? Have you ever known in the pit of your stomach that life could be so much more? If only your heart could find...Read On

Recommended Read

Do You Really Ever Know?

Just Thinking and Wondering

Do you ever really meet your soul mate?  Or do you just settle and decide your own fate. You find love and create an amazing life, You get married and are a devoted wife. You have an amazing family and lots of friends, But you wonder is this your forever life till the end. The world is so big with so many people in it, Lots of interesting people I hate to admit. You're in your own...Read On

Recommended Read

The Perfect Threesome

My girlfriend and I do extra time with a hunky soccer player

I’ve been steady with Laura for nearly two years now and we have a very close bond. We are as much buddies as anything but we are close and don’t have any secrets. We are both openly bisexual, but prefer girls for lots of reasons. Despite swinging both ways, guys have been few and far between of late. I just haven’t gone out of my way to seek male company. That all changed recently. I...Read On

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My girlfriend Ellen refuses to leave our newly single friend out of it.

I was still chuckling at Dave's latest quip when Ellen turned to kiss me. We had crossed the street after getting off the train, she and I holding hands and Dave walking next to us. She kind of stepped in front of me to do it, stopping me in my drunken tracks. Fact was we were all pretty well lit up but she had a more-mischievous-then-drunk look in her eye as her smirking lips lifted up to...Read On