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24 Jul 2014 18:20

Final chapter of Blackhawk is in the queue. New stuff in progress, but no telling when my work schedule will give me time to finish it.

20 Jul 2014 13:45

Just put the first chapter of "Blackhawk Hall" into the queue. This one falls in between already posted stories featuring Mindblind and Christi. Timeline info in my bio ( more detail on my site ) and the cover image is in my gallery. The rest of the chapters will post one per day, if there aren't any issues.

12 Jul 2014 08:58

Just put "Casting Off Convention" into the queue in two parts. It's a history tale of Christi, who you may know from "Missionary Impossible". Timeline information for the stories that share this fantasy world are in my bio. Cover image is in my gallery.

11 Jul 2014 08:20

Just put a new story in the queue called "Beholding Dawn". If you're up for a little risky nudist fun, this fits the bill. Cover image is in my gallery.

19 Jun 2014 20:27

1 vote short :igh:: Oh well, I enjoyed it. It will still get more votes than the rest of my fantasy work LOL More of that coming in the near future, though I have a new MILF tale in the works as well, to mix things up.

16 Jun 2014 19:36

"Sylph Esteem" is up for the Supernatural contest The cover image is in my gallery. Give it a read and a vote, won't you? Came into the contest pretty late, so I need all the votes I can get to qualify. Doesn't bother me if I don't win, but I hate not qualifying LOL

15 Jun 2014 18:38

Finally got out of my slump and wrote a story for the Supernatural contest today. It's off to my editor. I swear that almost every idea I had appears to have occurred to someone else LOL It's a good thing this one was the one singing to me. Here's hoping I didn't miss a sylph/fairy story in the contest.

11 May 2014 19:10

Lowborn started posting today. (10 chapters) It's a history story for Mindblind, much as Merchant Princess is history for Thakkor and Alicia. If I get an idea for the contest, that will be next. Then will be Christi history in "Casting Off Convention" and another story after the time-jump, "Blackhawk Hall" ( Mind & Christi )

02 May 2014 05:09

In case anyone noticed their favorite or comment going "poof", I deleted a duplicate copy of the story "Hard Times" that I'd accidentally posted. I left it up once I caught it because it had its own favorites and comments, but with the new badges for # of stories, I thought I should remove it so as to not seem unfair.

14 Mar 2014 20:02

My contest story, "Too Tempting" is in the queue. Curious to see how people react to something I played with in this one on a lark. Cover is in my image gallery.

12 Mar 2014 20:17

And finally, last year's story in the "Magic of the Wood" series is in the queue - "Friend of the Wood". This year's tale is in progress. Cover image is in my gallery, and my contest story will probably go in the queue as soon as both parts of this one post to the front page. Thanks to those who've voted and commented on the series. I'm really fond of them, even if they aren't the norm for Lush.

10 Mar 2014 16:03

"Beauty of the Wood", the next story in the "Magic of the Wood" series is in the queue. One more left after this, until I finish the next one. Cover image is in my gallery.

08 Mar 2014 13:47

With the second part of Kindred posting today, I put the next story in the "Magic of the Wood" series in the queue. Not much interest in these, but I love them, and for those who do enjoy them, I'll keep on posting. Cover image is in my gallery. Just finished the first draft of a quickie for the contest, for those who prefer my shorter, sex-heavy work.

06 Mar 2014 15:34

With the second part of Secret posting today, I put the next story in the series into the queue. It's called "Kindred of the Wood". It will post in two parts due to length, and the cover image is already in my image gallery.

04 Mar 2014 15:38

"Secret of the Wood" is in the queue. It's in two parts, as all the stories in the series will be from this point, due to the length. Cover image will be going in my image gallery in a minute. The next story after this one is "Kindred of the Wood"

02 Mar 2014 14:15

"Daughter of the Wood" is live, and the next story in the series, "Forever of the Wood" is in the queue and approved. ( in two parts because of the length ) Cover image is also in my gallery.

01 Mar 2014 14:18

"Steward of the Wood" is live, and the next story of the series, "Daughter of the Wood", is in the queue. Cover image is also in my gallery. Forever, Secret, Kindred, Heart, Beauty, and Friend of the Wood will all follow, hopefully culminating in this year's entry in the series a little before Earth Day.

01 Mar 2014 09:15

Just put the first story in a series I call "Magic of the Wood" into the queue - called "Steward of the Wood" that revolves around a family born from a dryad and a mortal man.

I'll post the rest of the series in the coming days, and the cover will go up in a few seconds.

13 Feb 2014 20:23

"Pink Slip-pery Slope" is in the queue for the contest. Cover will go up in my gallery in a second or two.

08 Feb 2014 22:25

Working on a story for the contest called "Pink Slip-pery Slope". Oh, what a mess Rob has gotten himself into.

06 Feb 2014 21:23

Brand new story - "Diamond Valentine" just went into the queue. Cover image will go into my gallery in a minute.

30 Jan 2014 23:20

Just put another romantic May/December Valentine's story in the queue. Keep your eyes open for "Expectation", and the cover will go in my gallery momentarily.

28 Jan 2014 20:46

I'm famous! Well, "Boned" is. It just hit Famous Story status Also just put "Genie Valentine" into the queue. Cover will go in my image gallery momentarily.

27 Jan 2014 21:00

The next story will be going in the queue in a couple of days. I just gave it a fresh edit, eliminating some of the overuse of proper names I used to do, and some awkward phrasing. It's called "Genie Valentine".

26 Jan 2014 23:07

Just put the first of my existing Valentine's Day stories that I haven't posted yet into the queue. It's called "Brand New Flame" and should be up shortly. Cover will go into my image gallery in a minute.

21 Jan 2014 21:57

Have a Valentine's story rolling, and a couple of my older stories that haven't posted here yet too.

14 Jan 2014 20:56

Realized there was a Thakkor and Alicia story I hadn't posted here yet while moving everything to the new Fantasy and Sci-Fi category. Remedied It's called "Queen of the Isle" and should be up before long. Cover will go into my gallery momentarily.

12 Jan 2014 10:49

Working on a couple of new ones. Been slow going lately, because I'm trying to get a multi-chapter story as Les Lumens to come together, and it's proving troublesome.

22 Dec 2013 07:08

And there's another blast of anonymous 4s LOL Wonder how long it will take them to get wiped out this time? At least it appears to be an attack on the site, and not me. Older stories rarely get hit, and a personal attack would hit my whole list rather than only the most recent and visible ones. Oh well. That's the risk you have to take to leave your voting completely open.

20 Dec 2013 13:41

Contest entry just went in the queue. Keep your eyes open for "Wash Away the Blues". Cover image will go up momentarily.