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Topic What Do You Think About Interracial Sex?
Posted 08 Oct 2013 12:24

I am a man in his mid 40's, and as an offspring of an interracial marriage (black father, white mother) I am definitely all for it. Every relationship I have had is some form of interracial.

Topic Understanding Lesbians??
Posted 01 Oct 2013 11:37

Great replies ladies.

Just thinking along the same lines.

As a lesbian and not having the desire for male contact, has the curiosity or desire to feel a real penis penetrate you ever driven you have sex with a man?

Topic Why did he cum so fast?
Posted 24 Sep 2013 13:33

He was either already very aroused or had a control issue.

Topic What is the one thing a girl could do that would turn you on instantly?
Posted 24 Sep 2013 13:25

A couple things.
Walk up to me, look into my eyes while undoing my belt and pants button.

Suck on my ear lobe while sliding her hands up my shirt to rub my chest.

Grab my hand and push down her unzipped pants.

Topic 24hrs as the opposite sex
Posted 16 Sep 2013 12:56

Depends, if I was Rosanne Arnold I would probably have a fairly boring day.

Topic Getting Fingered
Posted 13 Sep 2013 21:19

Do you enjoy getting fingered?

Can you explain what it feels like and how a guy should do it?

I would really like to hear about different techniques, the do's and don't.

Topic Muscular Women
Posted 10 Sep 2013 21:03

A big turn of.
Give me soft curves.

Topic Who was the Hottest Bond Girl?
Posted 04 Sep 2013 19:38

Halle Berry dancenude

Topic Can men tell when a woman fakes it? I say no.
Posted 04 Sep 2013 19:25

Oh, heck yes.
There is such a huge difference between fake and real. I'm sure there are plenty of men who can't tell, but there a lot of us who can and some who have even faked it with women.

I've been with women when it just wasn't going to happen for them so she would decide to fake it. I would laugh to myself and think does she really think a guy doesn't know.

Faking it may make for a very short relationship.

Topic What do you think is the worst song ever written?
Posted 03 Sep 2013 21:00

Anything by Barry Manilow

Funny you should mention.
Everyone loves to do poor cha-cha imitations when Copacabana is played. No one ever listened to the words. Very depressing. Show girl falls in love with bartender who gets killed and then becomes an old age alcoholic sitting in a disco wearing the same old clothes.

Topic What do you think is the worst song ever written?
Posted 03 Sep 2013 20:50

Little Ditty by John Cougar has always gotten under my skin.

Topic What is your secret...?
Posted 28 Aug 2013 20:24

Ladies, what is your secret...

...erogenous zone? Kiss my neck and I'm yours but I also get really crazy with a skilled tongue licking my ass

...words that stirs the coals? Im Cumming.............Again! that melts your heart? "Still of the Night" by Whitesnake, no clue why but that song just makes me want to fuck!

...drink that turns your panties into ankle warmers? Tequila

...trick between the sheets? Getting fucked in the ass while I'm licking my GF pussy

...fantasy affair (doesn't have to be famous)? Dave Grohl and/or Jeri Ryan

...inappropriate phrase that gets you...slippery? I want you to drink my cum

...dirty little desire that makes you feel a little wicked? Fucking on a hotel balcony with people watching from neighboring buildings

Still of the Night.... love that song. Great pick

Topic Would a guy just randomly do this for their Friends with benefits?
Posted 28 Aug 2013 15:44

Sounds like he might be proceeding very slowly, maybe due to situations with his kids and not wanting to bring random women into their lives that may not be a good match.

Topic Are gritty female voices attractive?
Posted 27 Aug 2013 12:22

The Demi Moore type of raspy is kind of sexy.

Topic Penis Health & Care
Posted 27 Aug 2013 08:35

A long time ago I took my penis to the movies and we watched the first Rocky.
Ever since, it took up a pretty stringent regiment of push ups, sit ups and consuming raw eggs.
The results have been fantastic, but the constant half retarded yell of "Adrian" has been somewhat disturbing.
Should have went and saw Jaws or a James Bond flick instead.

Topic Girls in Uniform
Posted 21 Aug 2013 09:24

Nope, never been turned on by school uniforms or any uniform. Much rather see a great fitting sun dress.

Topic Multiple question for the lesbian ladies about penetration.
Posted 21 Aug 2013 06:37

Is penetration an important part of your play and intimacy?

Do you and your S/O play with strap on toys?

Do you prefer a realistic dong attached or something with curves and shapes?

When receiving do you prefer it rough and hard or soft and gentle?

What size toy do you prefer receiving?

When giving do you enjoy giving it hard and rough or soft and gentle?

When giving is it a turn on to go bigger?

Thanks for sharing your input.

Topic Sending pics of your cocks.
Posted 20 Aug 2013 19:45

Maybe it would be best if we all just posted cock art.

Topic Poor Little Old Oprah Winfrey
Posted 17 Aug 2013 21:41

Just a little comnent about the talent.
Oprah, whoopi and Danny Glover put on an acting clinic in the Color Purple. If any of you have ever tried your hand at acting, to bring forth that amount of emotion in a character that moves so many people "is" an enormous talent.

I still don't understand how Keenu Reeves, Jean Claude Vandam and Dolph Lundren haven't won Oscars. scratch

Topic Sending pics of your cocks.
Posted 17 Aug 2013 20:28

Might have something to do with a highly erotic, sexually charged web site that brings out the exhibitionist in people. violent1

Topic sleep fucking
Posted 15 Aug 2013 17:14

Thanks for the idea.
I have had plenty of times when I got her started after a half hour or so of going to bed, but always thought it would be rude to wake her out of a deep sleep.

I gave it a go.

She was asleep for a few hours and I started by rubbing her pussy outside of her pajamas to wake her up. When she started to move I went to slide my hand inside, she got pissed and yelled "jesus" in an angry tone but yanked her bottoms of as if saying do what you want but let me sleep.

I proceeded to slide under the blankets and go down on her. I only did it for a minute, kind of testing the waters again, but that was all it took. I heard a light sigh so I slid up and began to enter her. I got just the head in and she became extremely wet. As I started my rythm, I don't think I had ever felt her so wet. She laid there as Idid the work. She woke up the next morning masturbating and thanked me.

Topic Oral encounter question
Posted 13 Aug 2013 14:46

Your first question asked us to answer the question as we are. Now (by saying 'let's say' or 'let's pretend') you are asking us to answer the question as if we are someone else.

Trying to open up the question to a wider audience.

Topic Oral encounter question
Posted 13 Aug 2013 12:54

Only if You, I mean he does it first!! He would have to earn it!! HAHA

That opens up a whole new question. Personally, my inhibitions are too high to be that sexually liberated but, would you actually dare him to do it first and what would you think if he did? Would you then start doing it too?

Topic Oral encounter question
Posted 13 Aug 2013 11:56

Ok lets adjust the scenerio even though every dick sucked at one time was a stranger (the third date doesn't make a new cock familiar).

Lets say you are an adventurous couple (but not swingers) and the person who's cock he dares or ask you to suck is one of his good looking buddies that you two have known for while.

Are you game?

Topic Oral encounter question
Posted 13 Aug 2013 06:18

Question for the ladies who are not swingers or in an open relationship.

If you and your husband or S/O were out on the town one evening and he pointed out a good looking man and said he wanted you to go and give him a blow job or dared you to do it, would you?

Topic Country with most sexual women
Posted 11 Aug 2013 15:31

Feel free to add another choice and please explain why you think they have the kinkiest, most sexually liberated women.

Topic So your Cyber friend asks you....
Posted 08 Aug 2013 15:11

If it were someone I had been doing cyber with for a long time, most likely.

Topic BBC
Posted 06 Aug 2013 11:53

Seen a lot on the BBC question.

How about

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Topic How about a HBG question
Posted 06 Aug 2013 11:47

So, I have seen over and over the BBC (Big Black Cock) question in the ask the ladies postings.
Kind of surprised no one has asked about HBG (Hot Black Girl). Ok so
I made the acronacronym up.

But how about it.

Can you say what the difference is between sex with a Caucasian lady as opposed to a HBG?

Feel, taste, aroma?

Better or worse?

C'Mon gents and ladies who love ladies, share your thoughts. Even if you are a women who has always wanted to be with black women but have never gotten the opportunity. What about it turns you on?