Rick's Mom's Story, Chapter 5

Laura and I get together

Laura had just finished recounting the details of her first time with her son Steven. She did it with such descriptive skill that we were both just dripping. We knew we were going to masturbate together when she finished. Our panties were lying on the floor on top of each other in a suggestive pose. Hers on top of mine, touching where my pussy had just been, where her pussy had just been....Read On


Rick's Mom's Story, Chapter 4

Laura and Steven - the details .... and much more

Rick dropped me off at Laura's around 12. I was finally going to get the details. My panties were wet. Before I got out of the car, I put my hand on his crotch, felt his soft cock and said, "You may be in for the ride of your life when I get home." He smiled broadly and said, "Damn. I hope so." "Don't you go taking care of yourself. I want you primed, ready, and fully fueled." "I'll...Read On


Rick's Mom's Story, Chapter 3

Rick and I are in Nashville. I'm imagining Laura and Steven together.

If you'll remember from chapter 2, Rick and I were at the dinner theater in Nashville.I wasn't paying much attention to the play. My mind was on Laura, wondering if she succeeded with her son Steven or if the panty seduction failed. I hoped it wasn't the latter. I wanted so much for Laura to be happy. And happy meant making love to her son. During intermission my phone buzzed with a text...Read On


Rick's Mom's Story, Chapter 2

The treadmill and my relationship with Laura goes farther.

This is chapter 2 of my story. Chapter 1 is posted under my son Rick's id - chefgiovanni The previous night, Rick and I had made love for the first time. I came twice with his gorgeous cock in me. Rick did too, the first time filling me full of his cum. The second time we stroked his cock together till he spurted all over my pussy. Then I came a third time masturbating with his slick semen....Read On



Rick's Mom's Story, Chapter 6

Rick and I, Steven and Laura

From chapter 5: We had arrived at the restaurant wearing our son-cum filled panties. "Excuse me, gentlemen," I said standing up. "We mothers have to go to the ladies room." I didn't say it, but I thought it - "We both need to orgasm." I grabbed Laura's hand and we trotted off to the restroom. Luckily, there was no one in there. "Let me see," I said. She pulled up her dress to reveal...Read On