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I'm 26, married to a wonderful man, and we have 2 young children together. Hope you read and enjoy my stories on here xx

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04 May 2011
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20 Apr 2014 (4 hours ago)
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Twilight series, Room, The Shining...and loads I can't think of
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Stephanie Meyer, Stephen King, Patricia Cornwall, Tess Gerritsen, Kathy Reichs, Karin Slaughter, James Patterson.
Favorite Movies:
Twilight series again! Saving Grace, 8 Mile, Law abiding citizen, just so many...
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Love Eminem!! Rhianna, Kesha, Bon Jovi, bit of everything really, I'll sing and dance to whatever comes on the radio.
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Topic: What is you views on having a fwb or fuck buddy?
Posted: 10 Apr 2012 10:11

When I was 17 I lost my virginity to en ex-boyfriend, we decided to be FWB....that was 8years ago and we just celebrated our 4year wedding anniversary, we started going out about a week after first sleeping together, lol, definetely FWB didn't work for us!! Got something better out of it though.

Topic: Hey Girls, What do you fantasize about most frequently when masturbating?
Posted: 07 Dec 2011 09:22

it's a mixture, if i'm lying on my back i fantasize about another woman going down on me while hubby watches, if i'm on all fours, i imagine him fucking me hard from behind... x

Topic: would you ever pee on your bloke????
Posted: 11 Sep 2011 08:13

hmm, its really not something id want to do, or have done to me, but to each their own i say, and as long as both people are up for it, then i guess have fun, lol

Topic: Craziest place you have masturbated...
Posted: 02 Sep 2011 16:18

i had a friend sleep over once and we had to share a double bed, we were sat up watching tv with the covers around us and i masturbated to orgasm with her right next to me, i definitely shook about a little bit but i pretended i was having a coughing fit... i was pretty young at the time lol

Topic: Masturbation survey
Posted: 01 Sep 2011 16:18

How often do u Masturbate?

every couple of days...but have to get 3-4 orgasms out of myself though, lol

What is your record times in a day?

hmm...probably about 12 i think, that was while i was on the phone to someone though

How long do you normaly last?

depends what mood im in, if i wanna tease myself can last up to 20mins-half an hour, or if i just wanna get on with it, maybe 2-3mins

Have you ever used a sex toy or a object?
If so what did you use?

yeah i have, i used to have a dildo/vibrator but didnt like it much, ive also used the handle of a hairbrush, ice cubes, and a deoderant bottle Embarassed haha

Place you usually do it?

Bed or bathroom, sometimes in the bath or sometimes just on the bathroom floor

How many fingers do you put?

usually 2

Do you like watch porn?
What kind of porn?

yeah, changes with my mood, usually lesbian, 3some, or female masturbation porn

Has anyone caught you?

yeah, hubby loads, and dad once, neither of us said anything, i suspect i was caught, dont know if i moved quick enough - never gonna ask him though lol

Do you masturbated in a public place?
What place?

i have done, at a friends house, in school, at work, haha when i did it at school i was at my desk, only one in the room at the time and after i was finished, people started coming in for the lesson, and the teacher walked out from the supply cupboard inside the room...dont know if she knew what was going on, but the walls were paper thin, oops!

Topic: who honestly likes to give blow jobs
Posted: 31 Aug 2011 13:41

ooh yeah, i love it too. i used to hate it a few years ago, then i had to take my tongue stud out for other reasons and suddenly it was amazing, lol...think it was cuz i was always worried something horrible would happen, like him getting caught in the stud, eeww!! i like the fact that i can do what i like, tease and drive him crazy... but always swallow, its polite haha, x

Topic: What 5-6 consumable scents do you savor the most?
Posted: 28 Aug 2011 18:26

1. laundry that's dried outside
2. garden smells - fresh cut grass, flowers, bbq etc
3. the bedroom my husband had when we first were going out - always smelled like rose candles and sex, lol
4. sweaty, sandy, salty, sun lotion smeared skin on the beach
5. lime scented shower gel

yummy!! x

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Stories Published By Rubz
Better late than never

My husband (who I will call Andy) and I have been together since we were teenagers, and are each other's first everything when it comes to sex. When we started sleeping together we quickly became experimental, wanting to try everything together. We would spend a small fortune in Ann Summers on sex books, porn dvds, flavoured lubes, cock rings, vibrators/dildos, handcuffs and blindfolds,...

Added 18 Jul 2011 | Category Anal | Votes 18 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 10,996 | 11 Comments

A ruined friendship? - part 2

So many feelings were surging through me as I stood in the doorway to my bathroom, staring open mouthed at my best friend Chloe. I was horny beyond a doubt, still a little tipsy from the drinks I'd had in the club, and concerned I'd just lost my best friend. As I re-ran her words my brain I couldn't help but blush, she had said that it was my turn. Excitement bubbled low down inside me,...

Added 29 May 2011 | Category Lesbian | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 8,187 | 7 Comments

First love, first time

This is a special request story for a great friend of mine who's not on lush, I guess it's our "what could of been" story.. hope you all enjoy :) It had been a couple of months since we'd last laid eyes on each other, without the aid of a web cam that is. Standing on the train platform waiting, I nervously checked the time on my watch, and re-adjusted my top. It had taken me so long to...

Added 20 May 2011 | Category First Time | Votes 18 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 14,411 | 11 Comments

A ruined friendship?

I love my job, and getting to work with my best friend Chloe just makes it so much better. Chloe and I met when I applied for a Christmas job in a little lingerie shop in town, the manager was running behind so we got chatting while I waited to have my interview. I got the job and we quickly became friends, we would go out dancing after work on Saturdays, then crash at my flat and...

Added 10 May 2011 | Category Lesbian | Votes 25 | Avg Score 4.91 | Views 10,001 | 12 Comments

Great night in

This is my first story, I hope you enjoy it as much as my husband and I do. It's a true story about a night between him and I, there is mention of how we moan loudly because we have thin walls and I'm pretty sure our neighbours heard us!! I'm thinking about writing some more, so feedback welcome!   I quickly run myself a bath, knowing I'm in for a hot night. Slipping into the hot...

Added 05 May 2011 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.77 | Views 2,912 | 7 Comments

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