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I'm a straight girl, but not straight to the point of being unwilling to experiment. I can play with girls but I don't expect to fall in love with one. I have experimented, and of the various orientations listed, straight suits me best. I like a nice cock inside me. Please don't take that to mean that I'll exclude you because you don't have one.

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singing, reading, music, and since this is a sex site, sex. I am very interested in sex. All kinds of sex. Straight sex, bi sex, threesomes, foursomes, spankings, bdsm, I'm a sexual person.
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Topic: Australia has bid $50bn to buy New Zealand
Posted: 01 Apr 2014 20:00

It's a beautiful country, and the people are lovely, but are there lots of resources there or something?

Queenstown is amazing for skiing.

Do we have any Kiwis here who know more about this story?

It doesn't really matter if they buy New Zealand or not. When His Royal Majesty Simon Abney-Hastings, by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, Ireland, Prince of Wales, Defender of the Faith, comes into his rightful throne, all these little countries will come under the crown again, along with the former colonies in the Americas and the subcontinent. He has the votes in Parliament now to toss out the pretender Elizabeth and take his crown.

Aside from which, I suspect that the Aussies will have spent the fifty billion on beer by the time an agreement is reached. These things never work out.

Topic: Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States.
Posted: 30 Mar 2014 12:25

I am in the middle of reading about the Civil War, and just today read that Gatling guns were used in the Civil War. That is not so.

You go on to say that Gatling guns were used in the civil war, as indeed they were. Zinn's is just a passing reference while noting that the civil war was the first modern war, with massive carnage. His mistake is the same that a lot of historians make, linking the huge amounts of causalities to improvements in weapons rather than in the insistence of the commanders in charging entrenched positions. Lee and Grant were both butchers fighting a war of attrition with other men's lives.

A review in the New Republic says that Zinn states that Nixon and Agnew were pardoned; that is not true: Agnew pled nolo contendere , a plea which was accepted by the courts.

Did the New Republic reference the quote from the book?

His description of Shay's rebellion has too many people killed at the Springfield armory. Several years ago, I donated John Hale's Daybook from his general store in Longmeadow, Mass. to the Long Meadow Historical Society (I had inherited it) The Town of Longmeadow is located across the Connecticut River from Springfield. As I remember it, John Hale's entry reads, "Commenced the sivil war this day. Ab't seventy of Shay's men gathered at the armory, intending to arm themselves and their friends. They were met by the militia and fired upon. Seven men were wounded, three of them mortally." Here., agaion, it appears Mr. Zinn has failed to consult primary sources, prior to making his statements.

Other sources say that there were four killed and as many as twenty wounded at the Springfield armory.
Since the militia was using grapeshot, it seems reasonable that there would be a high rate of injuries. Eyewitness testimony isn't as reliable as most people think. The main effect of the rebellion was to make wealthy land owners more willing to support a strong central government, leading to the approval of the constitution.

My concern is not that he is telling history from the viewpoint of the "commoner", but that some "facts" are not strictly correct. Because of that, he allows the entire work to be called into question.

It's odd how works by progressives are discounted over trivia while right wing lies are trumpeted day after day with little or no fact checking.

Topic: Have you followed the story of Belle Knox?
Posted: 29 Mar 2014 19:13

I respect her more than I do the douchebag leech journalists who waste our time blabbing about her on TV. She can do whatever she wants. It should be a free society.

She has certainly been more successful this year than the Duke basketball team. haha

I agree. What she did is her business, not ours. There are a lot of things that journalists could be covering besides how one college student pays her tuition.

Topic: Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States.
Posted: 29 Mar 2014 19:10

Very little, almost nothing, in fact, is taught about the class struggle in United States history. There is information in Zinn's book that isn't available in history textbooks, and that is ignored by history teachers. Authoritarians tend to want to exclude any information that doesn't fit in their world view from education. The facts of history don't really fit in the narrative of liberty and justice for all that is taught in the American school system. Much of the country's history is injustice, slavery, genocide and oppression of minorities and minority beliefs.

If the work reads as unscholarly, that's because it is written as a "people's history." The facts can easily be checked. I don't think you'll find that Zinn has falsified any facts. In places where he expresses his opinion, he often draws conclusions that are not necessarily correct. His belief that the 1965 Civil rights act was aimed at garnering voters for the Democratic Party may be true, but the fact that the Democratic Party lost every southern state as a result seems to contradict his conclusion.

The book is organized by ideas rather than along a historical timeline. There are themes running throughout the historical narrative. A straight through reading of history doesn't really allow for tying events together. He isn't trying to teach a general history of the country, but a history of how privilege and power have worked during our history.

I believe that "mainstream texts," should be supplanted by works of truth. Facts should be taught in schools. Students should be taught to think for themselves. Education is going in the opposite direction, feeding political and religious propaganda to students instead of history and science. There was slavery for four hundred years of American history. Working people have struggled against runaway capitalistic greed, often dying for things we take for granted, like forty hour weeks, overtime pay and minimum wage. Now the wealth is more unevenly distributed than ever. The people who run things want us to believe that everything is perfect and everyone has an equal chance, and letting people read books like Zinn's will only confuse them. They'd rather teach George Washington's apple tree as history.

Learning to think is what's lacking in education. People let the news networks think for them. People now have the opportunity to fact check everything, but they usually don't bother. Lies run twenty four hours a day, the truth might get a minute now and then. Anything that doesn't fit the narrative gets ignored and shouted down.

The fact that you bothered to read the book is impressive.

Topic: Flight MH370 - What happened to it?
Posted: 21 Mar 2014 15:14

My new favorite theory:
For me, it passes Occam's Razor far better than all the other theories I've heard so far.

Fricka-fracka. Didn't know I couldn't post links. Wired has a pilot opinion piece asserting an electrical fire that made a whole lotta sense and explained pretty much everything including radio silence, transponders stopping and the changes in direction of travel. If you're interested in a much more rational explanation, I highly recommend some google-fu.

If you want to post links you should click on the post reply button rather than the quick reply at the end of the thread. The quick reply button won't post links.

Topic: Favorite Frozen Treats
Posted: 08 Mar 2014 15:28

Fudgesicles. Creamsicles, Ben and Jerry's Pistachio Pistachio.

Topic: Should kids in the untied states have to say the pledge of alligence in school
Posted: 06 Feb 2014 15:45

Should kids in the untied states have to say the pledge of alligence in school
Who wrote the question? Did they go to school?

The bigger question here is who untied the states. They were all so neatly tied up, and the bows were so cute. Now we'll have to do it all over again.

Topic: The Superbowl Coke Ad, for those who saw it.
Posted: 04 Feb 2014 17:34

A lot of the controversy is manufactured. The right wing looks for any excuse to scream about anything that they perceive is progressive. The boycott of Girl Scout cookies is a case in point.

I don't believe that Coke had any kind of altruistic purpose in making the ad though. It wasn't made to promote inclusiveness, just to sell soft drinks.

Topic: The Superbowl Coke Ad, for those who saw it.
Posted: 04 Feb 2014 17:30

The Sodastream ad was aired. At least in my broadcast area.

The version that was aired had been changed. In the original the last line is, "Sorry Coke and Pepsi." In the version that aired, she said, "I just love helping people." The network refused to carry the version that mentioned Coke and Pepsi because they're big advertisers on the Super Bowl.

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Morning by the Pool

It was the first Saturday after our pool had been filled. The water hadn't really had time to get warm, so I hadn't really been swimming in it yet. My husband had taken a swim as soon as it was filled on Wednesday, and had gone in after work Thursday and Friday, but only briefly. I had stepped in deep enough to know that it was still too cold for me to go swimming. He had gotten me up early...

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The Loneliness Tree

The first time I kissed Brad was under the loneliness tree. It was the night before prom. He was my date, and I considered myself lucky. My mom wanted some pictures, so we went out under the big oak tree in back and posed. It was the tree I sat under when I was feeling lonely and put upon, when my teenage angst made it impossible for me to share myself with company. After he’d pinned the...

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Welcome Home, part one

Neal Cannon always seemed to be looking at me lustfully. He never said anything that might be construed as remotely sexual, but his look always made me feel like he was thinking about dragging me off somewhere and ravishing me. I'd seen that look in other men's eyes on many occasions, and it always meant that I was either going to fuck or fight off their advances. With Neal though it always...

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Welcome Home, part two

 I heard the door closing as Neal led out of the living room and toward the stairway that led to the bedroom. When we got to the stairs, he let go of my hand and told me to go up first. I walked ahead of him, holding onto the rail. It was very well polished and I wondered how it would feel to slide down it naked. “ You have a beautiful ass,” Neal said. “ Thank you,” I said. “You wife...

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Recommended Read Standing in for the Bride

Sterling smacked my ass, spun me around and pushed me against the wall. “I'm going to fuck you standing up,” he said. “Right here and now.” “You're getting married to my sister,” I said. “So I'm going to have to say no.” “I'm going to fuck you,” he said. “Sooner or later.” His lips moved toward mine and I found myself puckering up to meet them. He tasted of whiskey and apples with...

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Valentine's Day Forever

On Valentine's Day he brought me two dozen roses, one for each year of my life, a bottle of Cabernet, the same 2001 Beringer that he had brought when I fixed him dinner the first time, a box of hand made chocolates that he had driven to Gatlinburg to buy from from the candy store where we had brought chocolates on our first weekend away together, and a beautiful leather paddle with a pink...

Added 13 Feb 2013 | Category Love Stories | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.76 | Views 2,598 | 14 Comments

Playing in Bars

Alone on the tiny dance floor, Kristen Fowler's hips swayed slowly in rhythm to the slow blues the band was playing. Her long tanned legs and flowing blond hair moved like wind and water. The guitar solo sent chills into her soul, reminding her of Jimmy, the way his fingers would dance on the fretboard and on her skin. Jimmy played better lead than this guy, but there was no denying that the...

Added 08 Feb 2012 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.53 | Views 4,195 | 7 Comments

Working Over

I was bent over Andre Beasley's desk, my panties hanging on one ankle, my slacks off, holding onto the edge and moaning with pleasure as Bernie Graham's stiff throbbing cock drove deeply in and out of me. We were working late for the third time that week, and with the weekend coming up and no excuse to get away from our spouses we were making the most of Friday afternoon. Getting that...

Added 15 Aug 2011 | Category Anal | Votes 24 | Avg Score 4.73 | Views 13,754 | 12 Comments

Playing Dressup

My parents have a library. I was a very lucky girl growing up, not because of the collection of classics that they had in leather bound editions, or even the enormous number of new books that they seemed to add constantly from visits to the book store or from various book clubs that they belonged to. I liked a lot of those, but my favorite books in their collection weren't actually on the...

Added 28 Jul 2011 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.73 | Views 5,441 | 7 Comments

First Date

A girl has to set some rules for herself. One of my rules is to never go to his place the first time. I used to have a rule that I never put out on a first date, but after violating it for the umpteenth time I decided to drop that one. I feel much safer in my own apartment though. Not that nothing could go wrong there, of course, but my neighbors are pretty nosy so I think they'd probably...

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