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I am a bisexual mature woman and an advocate for swinging, polyamory, bisexuality (including gay and lesbian) nudism, spiritual ecology. I am passionate about the narrative, be it visual or literary. I have studied it for most of my life.
"The Virgin and the Hero symbolize two aspects of knowing one’s place in the world. The archetypal journey takes the protagonist from one polarity to the other, from shadow to light. Growth initiates from the Whore or the Coward, and then follows a path into the Virgin and Hero journeys. Therefore, the Virgin begins her story lacking a sense of self, giving too much energy to the needs and opinions of others. In the end, the Virgin meets her need for self-fulfillment. By contrast, the Hero starts with a strong sense of self-preservation, refusing to get involved." (Hudson, Kim (2011-11-01). The Virgin's Promise: Writing Stories of Feminine Creative, Spiritual, and Sexual Awakening (pp. 22-23). Michael Wiese Productions. Kindle Edition.)

"...... every human being has a unique and mystical relationship to the wild world, and that the conscious discovery and cultivation of that relationship is at the core of true adulthood. In contemporary society, we think of maturity simply in terms of hard work and practical responsibilities. I believe, in contrast, that true adulthood is rooted in transpersonal experience — in a mystic affiliation with nature, experienced as a sacred calling — that is then embodied in soul-infused work and mature responsibilities. This mystical affiliation is the very core of maturity, and it is precisely what mainstream Western society has overlooked — or actively suppressed and expelled." (Plotkin, Bill (2010-10-04). Nature and the Human Soul: Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World (p. 3). New World Library. Kindle Edition.)

I don't cyber any more, just chatting with a few friends. I write and read a lot on Lush, and my time is limited. Thank you for understanding.

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In a Relationship
I love reading and writing erotica. I love movies, mythology and sex. Did I mention I love sex? I also love being in nature, naked.

"Sex with someone who can see you on the levels of mind, body and spirit is a vulnerable act. If someone is only capable of seeing you on the level of mind or body or spirit it is a relatively less vulnerable experience since you are less exposed. If you are being viewed by another as just a mind, simply a body, or only a spirit then you are not being seen holistically, and are leaving aspects of yourself untouched. To touch is to heal if the touch occurs without judgment. To be fully exposed, to be fully seen by another brings insecurities to the surface. Am I attractive? Am I intelligent? Am I spiritual? Sex without judgement with someone who sees all of you does not simply express in words that you are beautiful, it communicates on a deep level that you are seen and you are valued. Why sex? Why not love without sex? Simply stated, were we not to manifest for the lessons of physicality we would have remained in the form of spirit. A basic understanding of the history of human socialization is an understanding of body shame. Sex is capable of producing the highest form of non-substance related pleasure to the physical form. This pleasure heals the misconception that the body is bad, and helps to bring a return to the pre-shame state of balance between mind, body and spirit. If you are without a sex partner or sex partners, heal with yourself. Experience self-pleasuring through fantasy without shame or repression. Allow yourself to surrender to the moment. You do not need anyone else to experience your wholeness. Vulnerable sexuality is a pathway to healing but you do not need another person to heal your mind, body and spirit. You need only to practice the lessons of openness, truth and surrendering to the moment. “When we battle against another we are projecting our internal struggle of yin and yang balance. Society teaches us that we are men or women but but our deeper awareness knows that we crave a balance of energy within that is ultimately androgynous.” (Life, Mystic (2003-12-21).

"Tantra says that if you are in order, then the whole world is in order for you. When you are in harmony, then the whole existence is in harmony for you. When you are in disorder, then the whole world is disorder. And the order must not be a false one, it must not be a forced one. When you force some order upon yourself, you simply become split; deep down the disorder continues." (Osho (2012-12-11). Tantric Transformation: When Love Meets Meditation (OSHO Classics) (Kindle Locations 75-78). Osho Media International. Kindle Edition.)


"Erotica is so sex-centric, plot dilutes a shorter story, as backward as that sounds. Make a book too much about a traditional plot, and the sex will feel crowbarred in, or vice versa. It’s a sex book, and that’s plenty. That’s legitimate. Sex is fascinating, and there’s no need to dress it up. Let sex drive the story, not some half-baked suspense yarn that gets tied up in a hurry after the fifth boinking session. It’s the emotions at play that constitute the conflict, both internal and between the various characters, in the absence of an external plot. Will they regret it? Who’s got the power? Is one person being indulged, the other under duress? Will it bring them closer or drive them apart?" (How to Write Hot Sex: Tips from Multi-Published Erotic Romance Authors (pp. 10-11). Shoshanna Evers. Kindle Edition.)
Favorite Books:
Ménage, Cooking up a Storm, The Top of her Game (Emma Holly), Bikini Diaries (Lacey Alexander) The Baumgartners (Selena Kitt), Simply Series (Kate Pearce)
Favorite Authors:
Joseph Campbell, Bill Plotkin, Emma Holly, Lacey Alexander, Selena Kitt, Tom Brown, Kate Pearce.
Favorite Movies:
Avatar, The Last Samurai, Three Colours, The Double Life of Veronique,
Favorite Music:
Leonard Cohen, Beetles, Classical,
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Topic: Pros and cons of lush membership...
Posted: 24 Feb 2014 02:16

Pros: Getting to publish my stories and hone my writing skills. Get to meat wonderful people and making great friends. Being able to get naughty with a friend and explore my own boundaries. Seeing how different readers react to my stories. To being encouragement to fellow Lushers on many issues and being helped by them.

Cons: Not being able to meet friends personally. Not having enough time to chat to everyone and juggling the time difference between my various friends.

Topic: Is pubic hair making a comeback?
Posted: 10 Feb 2014 01:50

I prefer mine clean shaven and give her the same treatment I would my face. It shows that I care about my whole body. I also love my lovers to be clean. I read that some conservatives say that it is due to soft porn that most women shave down there. As a nudist I started shaving when I was still young because I care about how I look all over. We all have our preferences, each to her own.

Topic: Do you ever just write, and not have an idea in mind for it?
Posted: 09 Feb 2014 08:27

Writing is hard work. I usually sit in front of the PC's blank screen until blood pours from my forehead.

I usually get a character and a setting, then I look for a genre that can fit the story. I try to be true to the genre and still push the limits of that genre. My romances are seldom just between two people, my scifi stories are not about technical or scientific futures but about what humans will be or can be in the future, my fantasy is more about the expression of the divine within, my private eye is a stripper and my porn actress has an understanding husband while my porn director has a MA degree in Film. One must know the rules of the genre before you can mend or break it. The beginning must connect with the end and the middle must complicate the goal of the main character. I try to open the story in media res - in the middle of the action and then take the action and plot to the conclusion. Sometimes the characters want a different ending that makes more sense than what I originally wanted.

I am to dumb to write a story as a stream of consciousness. I need a structure, even if it just in my head. Writing becomes a journey of discovery for me.

Topic: Poly relationships
Posted: 08 Feb 2014 21:32

I love this discussion about polyamory. I know it is difficult for many to see your wife or husband loving someone else. Love should never be jealous. I read a book called Spiritual Polyamory and I've been posting quotes from this book on my profile. Here are some more important quotes:

"The possessive mentality permeates the planet. It seems that many people are questioning the possessive mentality that leads to wars over the possession of land. There is often a correlation between a society’s laws about the ownership of women and their tendency to exhibit aggressive, war-like actions. I believe that as we release ourselves from the possession that taints our individual relationships, a more peaceful planet will emerge...... When you go beyond codependence, you will find your true self. You will know that you are able to give and receive love without conditions. You will still set boundaries and take care of yourself, but you will no longer be a prisoner to “needing” another person to act a certain way for your happiness..... Polyamory is a philosophy that is about non-possessive love. Embracing this philosophy is non-quantitative and arises from a desire to experience the giving and receiving of love without conditions." (Life, Mystic (2003-12-21). Spiritual Polyamory Kindle Edition.)

I believe what he is saying because I have experienced it myself. One should never put a limit on love.

Topic: Husband interested in having multiple wives
Posted: 08 Feb 2014 18:50

What an interesting discussion! The question about a man with multiple wives should take a step or two forward: What about a woman with multiple husbands,like the movie, Paint your Wagon? It is called polygamy. I propose another multiple partner relationship called polyamory - loving more. It is when the main partners both love other people and even love the same people. Here are some quotes I love:
"If you are monogamous, you are most likely okay with your lover sharing his or her love, time, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, nonjudgment and attention. The one thing you will probably not stand for is the sharing of their sexual intimacy. This implies that you value it above all else. It is the one thing you must “own” to feel safe. I challenge this belief......
You can therefore practice compersion, the opposite of jealousy, which states that you gain happiness when those you care about are more happy. This involves non-attachment to your ego’s goals of having everyone to yourself. Once you are able to see how sexual possession has become an “accepted attachment” in your society, you can then introduce sexuality into the above “multiple friendship” scenario, and see how your responsibility to yourself is to release your attachments as opposed to struggling to preserve them.....
Polyamory questions the requirement of sexual monogamy. This may feel like a great threat to our sense of security. However, there is no greater sense of security in a relationship than knowing that your love is not threatened by the presence of more love." (Life, Mystic (2003-12-21). Spiritual Polyamory)

The author links polyamory with spirituality, not religion. I know this is not part of this discussion but it is important in my life. I cannot serve another person's ego in a monogamous relationship. 3some

Topic: Girls, do u like sleeping naked? What do u usually wear to bed?
Posted: 30 Jan 2014 02:51

"The only thing I wear to bed is Chanel No 5," to quote Marilyn Monroe. What else is there to wear? It also depends on whom I'm sleeping with. Embarassed

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An Unexpected Journey

Dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum. Imagine you are standing before an opening in the ground……” Dum-dum, dum-dum. In my mind’s eye, I saw a crevice like a vagina where two leg-like smooth red sandstone walls joined, inviting me in. “Your power animal is waiting at the opening.” Dum-dum, dum-dum, dum-dum. My animal guide, the Cougar, sat patiently in front of...

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My Darling wife

“Please don’t,” she pleads with me, as she pushes my head away from between her legs. “It is not clean.” I look up, past her soft pubic hair, between her breasts to see her face filled with disgust. This is the first time in ten years that I have come close to her sex and then this. Doesn’t she read any women’s magazines? Isn’t there often articles about cunnilingus and the pleasure women...

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Tantric sex

“Aaauuummmm.” “That is the sound of the energy of the universe that finds manifestation in all,” I said in a soothing voice. “No, fuck this!” I opened my eyes and saw Mary, one of our course attendees, busy stripping off all her clothes. Next to me sat William, my husband and partner in our South African Tantric meditation retreat. He shrugged his shoulders as if to say we had to...

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Recommended Read Holy Whore

His questioning eyes pierced my defences. I lifted my eyebrows and shrugged, not willing to lower the rest of my barricades. I saw his gaze dropping down and the light in his eyes changing. His gaze no longer held a question but something like worship shone in his eyes. When he looked in my eyes again, the worship was still there. I thought it would be filled with lust or desire, but...

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I have to thank him for the situation I was in. He humiliated, cheated and threw me away like a dirty oil rag. To prove him wrong I decided to do something I would never have done in a million years. I was really a shy, reserved person that believed that a woman’s sexuality is holy, only to be exchanged for security by marriage to a wealthy man. He called me prudish because I would not wear...

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A Clusterfuck weekend

“If you want us to do it, you must first suck off Andy,” came the challenge from my wife Marianne. Our friends, Andy en Lynette, were visiting us for the weekend in Cape Town. We were sunbathing on the sundeck of our beautiful home next to Table Mountain. We could see the city and the ocean in the background. The women, Marianne and Lynette, took off the bikini tops a while ago....

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Loving More

After a hard day’s work, I wanted to be home with my true love. He was smart, funny, caring and full of love for me. (No, he’s not a dog or a cat.) I’ve been married to Gerald for two years and I must say, he treated me like a queen. He never complaint about the hours of my job, nor the traveling or what I did. He was always there to support me, to cheer me on and to get me through the...

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A Mind Fuck

“What am I doing here?”I asked my hostess as I licked her pussy and clit. I looked up from my position between her lovely smooth legs to find her eyes full of love and admiration. I felt her smooth thighs against my cheeks as she shifted her position on the small bed. "I thought it is obvious, my dear June,” she said with a smile. “You are licking my pussy and you want me to return the...

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“Blade,” I said, as I looked around me at the sterile doctor’s consulting room. “My name is Blade.” Her sudden movement brought my gaze back to the doctor across the desk. I saw her name: ‘Dr. Eve Deckard.’ Dr. Deckard opened the file in front of her, looked me up and down and slowly stood up and walked around the desk. Her long black hair fell onto her shoulders and the buttoned-up...

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As You Like It

My husband, Jonathan and I were both working in the film industry. We lived outside Hollywood, in South Africa to be precise, and it was only once in a while that we could get some money to produce a feature film. Our specialty was the romantic comedy with a touch of Shakespeare, William, that is. I usually write the scripts and Jon directs it. We both star in our movies. But people wanted...

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