Group Sex(1)


Lynn Learning

Lynn's fantasies of being used as a slut are realised

Lynn I am I suppose, a pretty ordinary 20 year old girl living an ordinary life in a very ordinary little English village. I have an older sister who has, much to the pleasure of my rather conservative parents, “done the right thing” by getting married and having babies. I work all day in the village shoe shop, I live at home with my parents, and I go out on the weekends with friends - to...Read On



Still Waters Run Deep - Ella Surprises Me

For the background to this story, please read “Busted, I Really Ought to be More Careful” first.

It was some weeks since the filing room incident with Ella. Our relationship had returned to a more or less professional level, although she still managed to elicit from me an embarrassed glow when she would walk in to my office on a Friday, look me squarely in the eye and remind me that it was NPF. Usually she would do this by first asking me to stand up so she may inspect me and if...Read On


The Garden Party Turns Wild

This is a fantasy love story, the characters are as real as you and me

It is summer, the temperatures are hovering around 35C which for the Americans who still have not discovered the metric system, is 95F. The shrill screech of the cicadas is constant, deafening almost but reassuring in the way it tells me that all is well. It is Saturday which makes it the perfect day for lying out in the garden in the shade sipping gin and tonic and occasionally slipping into...Read On


The Coffee shop Liaison

This is a love story, based on and account related to me by a special friend

The following story is told to me by Tammy who asked me towrite for her. It is all real and so I hope I have done it justice. I write from the perspective of Tammy. Working in a coffee shop is neither the most glamorous nor the most exciting job. However it does have its advantages in particular if you can hook the late morning / early afternoon shift. Our little coffee shop is in a...Read On


A Forbidden Interlude

This is a love story that takes place in a way that some may consider taboo

Let me by way of setting the scene, paint a picture of life in suburban South Africa. As a nation we are addicted to a couple of essential pastimes · Sport, either playing or watching. The majority of the population follows football – for the Americans, that means soccer. The rest of the population follows Rugby in winter and cricket in summer · Braai – an Afrikaans word that...Read On


The Company Dinner

Jill torments Sarah, exposes her in public and has her wicked way with her back home

There is probably only one thing worse than not having apartner to your Prom / High School Graduation Ball / call it whatever is appropriate for your particular place on this planet; and that is being invited by the Chairman to “His” end of year function. In reality all it is, is a kind of a lottery where various names are drawn from a hat to attend a dinner with “God” whose sole purpose is...Read On


Jill, the adventure continues

If you haven't read Jamie, part one and two, you may find it harder to follow this plot

Jill – The adventure continues I suppose it was a week or so after the experience with Jamie at our local pub (Read Jamie Part II). As I mentioned before I was never much of an exhibitionist so what happened that day was still quite fresh in my mind. I would at once be blushing madly, mortified at my bold and somewhat provocative behaviour; and so aroused by the memory. I had...Read On


Jamie (Part I)

Jamie and Sarah discover each other

I have been so encouraged and humbled by the generous comments on my first story. I am not sure why I wrote Part II before Part I because it is important to know some context to who Jamie and I are. Being an only child in what some may call a dysfunctional family has its advantages and drawbacks. Dad was an immigrant with little more than a rudimentary grasp of the English language....Read On


Jamie (Part II)

My first attempt at a story for public consumption

I have written a few “stories” for friends, based largely on fact with a judicial slice of fantasy thrown in to add spice to the tale. I have never published these for a critical public, so I hope this does not fall too flat for a first attempt. Why I have written part two before part one? I don’t know. Call it author’s prerogative. We had been friends for some time, Jamie and me. We...Read On

Love Stories(1)


Jamie Part III

The love story of Jamie and Sarah must come to and end, as all good things do

There are many joys of spring as it leads into summer, even here in my part of the planet where we don’t really have the distinct seasonal differences that one has in the Northern hemisphere countries. Winter here, in the high grasslands, is a period of dry cold with temperatures ranging between 2 ° C overnight and the high teens in the day. We have the most glorious, endless deep blue...Read On



Busted, I really ought to be more careful

There is a judicious blend of fact and fancy in this story but I hope the line between the two is su

I am sure wehave all to a greater or lesser extent, experienced the “Mid-Cycle-Madness”; you know, when you have the sort of itch that no matter how many times or with what intensity you scratch it, it simply does not go away. Of course the downside of that is, you know that within a week or so, God reminds us why we are special by visiting upon us the monthly curse. I was at work,...Read On