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The Retired Headmaster and the Schoolgirl

I was old enough to be her grandad

This happened when my marriage was virtually at and end. I used to go out for long walks to get away from the house. My route took me out of our middle class suburb through one or two rough areas of the city. Near the footbridge across the river there is a path which leads through a council estate to the city so I thought I would go through and have a coffee at some nice place in the town. ...Read On


old man gets flashed by young girl.

I make an old man's day by showing him all I got.

Another true story from my wild youth before marriage sucked the life out of me! I was 19 and at the time was in college in Uxbridge West London, Living locally with an aunt to save money. I had a boyfriend who lived Near Baker Street in London, and one Saturday night I travelled to have a night out of dancing, drinking and maybe a club. The plan was to travel back fairly early on the...Read On


Old Alaskan Widow

At 33 years of age I met a 62 year old widow.

I was 33 years old at the time. I had a friend who had a service for dating. One night she called and needed a favor. She only had women in her stable and had been contacted by a 62 year old widow for some company. I had never done anything like that, but it was a Friday night about 10:00PM and I was home with nothing to do but watch the tube. I told her I'd call the woman. I phoned the...Read On


35 Year Old Mom Is Seduced By The Young Shoe Clerk

35 year old mom needs new shoes but ends up in the back room with the young clerk.

“I really need new shoes? These are falling totally apart.” I told my husband. “Why don’t you go looked for some new ones?” he said. “You are right! I hadn’t bought a new pair of shoes in two years. It is very hard to teach my aerobics class with this pair.” I said. I had the day off so I decided to go to the mall to look for some new shoes. I had figured their was several shoe stores in...Read On



Girl comes upon cabin, finds man, gets to know him, and they have sex, and so do others too.

It was about 1890 or 1891 approximately but I’m not sure to be exact. I was holed up in this shack when she came by and out of nowhere too. My leg was “damaged” somewhat and seeing as I was by myself I had to find a way to fix it up as best as I could but what I’d done wasn’t all that good. She was about as naïve as they came, except in mending people’s injuries I’d say because she fixed me...Read On


Not Just a Walk in the Park

An old man gets more than he expected from a walk home.

It had been a long cold winter and a slow climb in temperatures through spring to this late warm spell in May, my favourite month. Trees were still in mid leaf, Cherry blossom brightened the avenues of trees in parks and along streets. Spring bulbs were coming to the end of their flowering and being overtaken by the promise of the heady scent of roses as June neared and they pushed their...Read On


seduce an old man

alone with an old man that i like to seduce

Well its my first story hope you will enjoy name is Rachel am 27 years old brunette black her nice tight ass perfect body and 34 DD breast .I have no kids my husband had to travels for work business. one day he was in a business travel in kouba so he call me and told me that there are an important agent that will come from china to our city and I have to show him my husband work coz...Read On


The Retired Headmaster and the Schoolgirl 2

She was my dream come true -

Continued from part 1 I tried to persuade Tayla to take the ten pounds but she would not. In view of what had just happened I thought it best not to insist. We spent some time after that just looking at each other in a kind of marvellous wonder. Could it be? Yes, our eyes replied, it could be. I left her on the bridge and passed my mobile number to her (the mobile my wife is not aware of)....Read On


From Nobody to Somebody

A month ago my father got a promotion for the company he had been working for. He had been a lower level employee for twenty odd years, give or take a year or two, so you could imagine his complete excitement at being promoted. I, on the other hand, was far from being excited. My father taking this new position was the worst thing that could possibly happen to me. I had been born and...Read On


Chav Teen Becky Fucks Old Man

Chav teen Becky fucks an old man.

I’m Becky and I’m eighteen years old, I live on a council estate in the north of England and I'm a little bit naughty when it comes to my sexual experiences. I thought I would share some of them with you. This is my first attempt so be nice. I get super horny sometimes and just have to fulfill the urge or it won't go away. This particular day I woke up aching for sex. I had been a week on...Read On


The Generation Game - Part 2 - Suze

Years later, I meet a beautiful young woman in Texas, and start a passionate affair.

1988 After a rather messy divorce, which was entirely my own fault, I had been rebuilding my life and trying to avoid the multiple affairs that had plagued the previous ten years. Luckily, in some ways, we had no children, so apart from the financial settlement, I had become a free agent. I had a good job and had travelled widely as a result of it, taking me away from home for weeks at...Read On


Young Gay Sex

A first time gay sex with a very hot boy.

My name is Leo, and I am 16. Before I was the age I am currently, I was completely straight. But, being in an all-boys boarding school, I haven't been used to girls. I haven't had my first boob, pussy, or even my first kiss. Since I was with all boys, I had gotten over my shyness. It didn't bother me to shower or change in front of them. During my second marking period, I had gotten a...Read On


How to Choose a Secretary, Chapter 14

Natasha has a tree house...

“Sara!” Mike blustered, knowing perfectly well his instant hard-on was giving him away. “We mustn’t. Not here.” “Why not?” She had popped his seatbelt and was pulling him out of the car, one hand still on his cock like a remote control. “Her parents are away, there’s only her sister here.” As so often in his life the sensation in his cock had taken over, and he let her lead him into...Read On


Middle of Nowhere

Last year my parents decided they didn’t love each other anymore and got divorced. No one asked me if this was okay, but I guess my opinion did not matter much to them at the time. I figured we would get through it and things would remain halfway normal, except I would have two home’s instead of one, spending half my time at my mothers and the other half of the time at my fathers. I did not...Read On


Walked In On Me

A Curious Young Girl Wants To Learn

   On my way home from work I was so horny I didn't know what to do. So, I called my dependable pussy, but, it was that time of the month. No problem, I got a back up, no answer. Last shot, as I dialed I thought to my self she's not that good looking, but, she has a hot body and her pussy gets real wet. But, she tells me her sister is there and they have plans. Strike three..... .no...Read On


Invitation Only!

An 18 year old goes to her first ever special Invitation Only group sex party!

Invitation Only! Tegan, a sweet and innocent 18 year old girl, had heard through a girlfriend of hers about a special 'invititation only' party that happens every month in a secluded area, from a middle-aged couple who are into sharing their experiences with others in a sexual party atmosphere. Tegan loved sex, and had several sexual partners already, and the thought of seeing one of...Read On


Purity in the Old West

The beautiful lushness of blonde there between her legs was unlike any Killy had ever seen

Cadence stopped turning the wench that brought the bucket of water out of the well to pat the beaded sweat on her forehead with her sleeve. The wind was blowing the dry desert dust around so it stung exposed skin. Her blonde tresses felt mangled as the dust stuck to her ponytail. It was all Cadence could do to manage herself in the dry heat. It had not rained in over a month. Cadence was...Read On


Jan's quest

Jan goes out once again to improve her record of orgasms with strangers in the street.

The night was young. Jan left the cubicle after a long hot shower, beads of water dripped from her skin to the floor, wetting the towel mat and the cool tiles. She took a towel from the rail but did not wipe her glistening skin with it, but draped it over her shoulders. She opened the bathroom door, looked left and right down the corridor, then boldly walked slowly down to her bedroom. It...Read On


The Vicar's Granddaughter

Emma had quite an experience during her summer at the vicarage ..

"This is my granddaughter," said the vicar. "Emma is with us for the summer." Stanley nodded to the young lady who was stretched out on the vicar's sofa reading a magazine about horses. She barely acknowledged the visitor, lifting her black eyelashes fleetingly, and continued reading as if her attention had been uninterrupted. Stanley was nothing much to look at of course, just an aging...Read On


Monsieur Nhoc's perfect day

Nhoc's sad memory is made easier by Gertrude in the pine forest.

    It was a pristine day. A perfect day.     Monsieur Nhoc has just come down the stairs from his apartment over his bookshop near the lake. He bows to madame who lives not far, whose name has bypassed his memory, which is actually getting really bad.     He likes her, and her tiny dog that looks like a wound-up toy. He may have a chance to know her better, as she looks like someone who...Read On

Editor's Pick

Letter of Recomendation

An innocent favor turns into an interesting afternoon

“You sure you don’t mind writing the letter?” “Not at all. I’m glad to help out Wendy.” I replied to Laura. We work at the same company in different departments. Our paths cross in the hallways, break room and the other usual places. We got to the same happy hours and other events. She’s really terrific looking for a woman ten years older than me. I’ve tried to initiate a...Read On



An older man meets a young woman at a weekend conference......

This is a slightly embellished true story…only slightly….. I’m definitely an older man, and certainly a dirty old man, although I prefer to think of myself as an older man who enjoys eroticism. Fortunately, despite having passed my 65 th birthday, my virility hasn’t waned a great deal. OK, to be honest, the repetition time has got longer, but since there’s so much you can do in...Read On


How to Choose a Secretary, Chapter 7

Paradoxically, the young girls seem to be having a beneficial effect on Mike's perversion.

“What shall we do with it now?” asked Sara. She and Natasha each had a hand on his cock, which had just been brought back to hardness by Natasha’s sexy little mouth. “I think you need it, Sara.” Natasha sounded concerned for her friend, whose energy level was in the stratosphere, the orgasm Natasha had just given her having apparently merely whetted her appetite for more. ‘The little...Read On


The Minx (Part I)

A man looks after the 18 year old daughter of his neighbour, and finds himself getting 'blown' away

Tiffany, the daughter of my next door neighbour, was a hot eighteen year old girl who had a body that men would drool over. She often liked to flaunt herself for the boys, wearing small cut-off tops that revealed her slim waist, and small daisy duke jean shorts which showed ample cheeks of her round, perfect ass. I'd often see her lying in the back yard, wearing little more than a string...Read On


The Neighbours

A sixteen year old boy has his first experiences with new mother/daughter neighbours.

Chapter One: I had lived in my home with my strict parents for many years now, it wasn't the best home; a small home in an apartment block that had a small, virtually tidy most of the time, swimming pool. I had just turned sixteen, and still a virgin when my first real sexual experiences took place. We had seen people come and go, those with little money, and those who had money and lost it...Read On