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i'm 21. i'm bisexual. i'm in a loving relationship with my boyfriend, but i can't stop looking or thinking about girls. he's aware of, and okay with this, as he knows he satisfies me in every level except my desire for a girl level. i love reading the lesbian stories on lush i don't really cyber, so i'm probably not good at it. i'd appreciate actual conversation before you even try to bring that into a conversation, and there's not guarantee that i'll go with it. it may be a sex story website, but still. I have a tendency to forget I have lush opened in a tab, so if you try talking to me and I don't respond, sorry, it doesn't necessarily mean i'm ignoring you. my screen name is secretsub, and i may lean more towards being a sub, but i am a sub for who i want, when i want. don't expect me to automatically act like a sub when talking to you. it's not in my nature to be that vulnerable unless i choose it.

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Romance novels, romance/mystery novels, mystery novels. Catcher in the Rye, Little Women, Jane Eyre, Something Wicked This Way Comes was good up until the end
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