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The Big Game Sneak

Careful of who's watching your wife while you're watching the game.

The room erupted in an uproar of victorious shouting as the favored team made the first touchdown of the game. It only took nearly the entire first quarter and there were still three more to go. So bored. I decided to get up and go look for more entertaining options elsewhere; my leaving gone unnoticed by the jock football crowd. I wondered into the kitchen where I found my wife...Read On


Turning Tables

“I never approached men; it was always the other way around.”

I never imagined that I would end up running a restaurant. My dreams were always focused on something that would bring me immeasurable wealth, international stardom and countless admirers. In other words, I’d always fantasised about being a model. Unfortunately though, I stopped growing when I reached five foot seven and therefore my dream of a life in private jets and slinking down runways...Read On


Shoveling driveways

Sometimes we do nasty things when we're seduced.

I looked outside my window one morning to see a snow covered world. I turned to look at myself in the mirror. My balls hung under my six inch cock with a morning wood. My six pack abs and my muscular physic was why I looked in the mirror. My hair was obsidian black and my eyes were too. I stood at six feet and two inches. I was young and strong, a college boy back home cause of snow. It...Read On


Bodies in Motion

A mature woman gives in to wanton desire and seduces her young pool boy

Sunday afternoon. Mildred and Holly usually get together Sunday afternoons for a chat and a drink, well usually more than one drink, when their husbands are off playing golf. They're chatting now on Mildred's deck. A frosty pitcher of margaritas and glasses are on a serving table between them. "I had lunch with Marge Friday,” Mildred said. “Did I tell you?" She patted her hair, which...Read On


At The Pool

They met by chance, and it was a meeting neither would forget

It’s another hot sunny day, as you lay by the side of the pool in nothing but your hot little pink bikini. Your eyes closed and covered by sunglasses, relaxing, the warm summer breeze blowing against your firm hot body keeping you warm yet cool. Everyone must be out for the day, as you seem to be the only person there. Slowly sliding onto your stomach, you reach back to undo your bikini top...Read On

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a seduction of a different kind.

Seattle, Winter ‘07 Her name was Lucy, or at least that’s the name she used, and she was a junkie. I didn’t need to see the track marks to know. In my line of work, I’d seen enough addicts to ID them quickly. She said she was 25, another lie. Closer to 20 would be my guess. That’s the thing about junkies. Lying comes naturally. It’s second nature. “I want to get clean.” See?...Read On


Mistaken Idenitity

A milf seduces the man her daughter has fantasies about

Thomas was half asleep on the couch when he heard the doorbell ring. He was dressed for bed in just sleep pants, having promised himself an early night. He opened the door and saw a pretty blonde lady. She was very slim, very petite, but equally well proportioned for her size. She was wearing a white, tightly belted raincoat that reached only half-way down her shapely thighs, paired with...Read On


Seducing the Man in Black

A nurse seduces a stanger

At 2 am Laurie comes home from the late shift, earlier than usual. She tosses her frumpy nurse’s scrubs to the floor next to the rest of her laundry, both dirty and clean. “I’ll clean up tomorrow,” she says to herself, knowing she won’t. After a long shower that fogs up the mirror and leaves more water on the floor than her regular shower, Laurie makes her way to the bedroom of her...Read On


Pink Slip-pery Slope

Rob has no idea what he's getting himself into with the new young hottie at work.

“You missed it,” Rob said, still chuckling under his breath. “Dean was over on cooler dock popping a dock plate while standing on it, and slipped on the ice. Busted his ass good.” Rich erupted into laughter at the supervisor’s misfortune and then said, “Ah, damn. I wish I could have seen that.” “It was fucking hilarious.” Rich suddenly pointed at something on a pallet and muttered under...Read On

Recommended Read

Seeing Red

How to seduce a contract killer

There was something missing in my life. “What’s that, Blaine?” “Oh nothing. I was just thinking that there’s something missing in my life.” “Well there’s something missing in my life and that’s my 500.” “500? I thought we’d agreed on 250?” “Yeah. But that was before you did that thing with my ass. I won’t be able to have anal for a while, and you being such a reasonable kind of...Read On


Laundry Room Confessions

Who thought doing the laundry could be such a turn on?

Laundry Room Confessions I can't keep this a secret for one minute longer! If I don't spill my guts and confess my saucy secret, I'll burst for sure. Thank Heavens you are here for me to share my story with!.... It was last fortnight when I was unceremoniously "dumped" by my so-called man of two years. Initially it would be fair to say I was rather upset, after all, nobody likes to be...Read On


Angel of Seduction

The stars align and a married couple are seduced by an Angel.

Kristen McNally was lost. She had been trying to do the weekly grocery shopping, but had gotten turned around again. It was so hard finding things in a new town anyway. Couple that with having to learn how to drive on the left side of the road, and she was having major problems. Kristen and her husband, Ben, were visiting Australia. He was a martial art instructor who conducted seminars...Read On


Memoires of an Army Base: The Art of Seduction

An army is a great place to seduce your future husband.

I lost my virginity at the tender age of 16, two days after my birthday, at Lake Narracan. Within weeks, my Year 12 had commenced at the Yallourn High School, the year being 1980. Throughout the first semester, I met an American boy who was living in Australia for two years while his parents were seconded on a huge engineering project. Taking a liking to Larry, the boy in question, I...Read On


Czech the Mileage

Anna needs a new car but can she afford it?

Recently, Our BMW failed it's MoT test. It was nothing serious but it made us realise that old cars don't run forever. It was over fifteen years old and starting to show it's age. We had bought it whilst my husband was still able to work and had more money and now we couldn't afford to replace it with a new one. I still earn a good wage but not that much so we decided it was time to...Read On


Helping Jan

Sometimes all you need is a little encouragement

The Last Time We’d just finished having lunch together, a local café in her neighborhood, Friday afternoon. We used to work together several years ago; now we just got together once in a while to catch up. The day was warm for mid-October, and clear, with that wonderful golden light. I was parked around the corner. She lived only a couple blocks away. I used to live in this neighborhood...Read On


The Perfect Storm

A couple rediscover each other during a spring storm.

The weather had been perfect for days. Perfect blue skies with big fluffy white clouds. George and Carol had used the time to work on their yard. Bushes had needed trimming; flowers were ready for planting, and winter debris needed to be removed. All that remained after two days of hard work was mowing the lawn. That could be done the following day which was predicted to be yet another...Read On



A secret affair full of passion, energy, lust and love

The room was in an average sort of seventies hotel, pastel coloured walls with out-dated lights casting dirty shades across the corridor carpets. Probably good that the lighting wasn’t too bright, expose all the cigarette burns and wear and tear of thousands of feet that have trekked these halls for better or for worse. We had checked in late afternoon. We had only one thing on our mind...Read On


Just a Drink

When Julie meets a stranger on the subway one drink leads to another...

The dark tunnel flashed by through the subway's windows. Julie gazed out them without really seeing. It was just a way to avoid looking at the other passengers also commuting home. “Looks like you're really thinking hard.” A man settled down next to her. She glanced at him, giving him the once over. Strong chin, fit man, obviously a player. She turned her attention back to the black windows. ...Read On


The Shadow Lover

Meet the shadow lover in his domain

Hands resting on a smooth balustrade, their pale colour contrasting nature, she was frozen. There was something wrong with her hands, something very wrong. They were …. They should be …. She could not catch that instinctive feeling, explain her certainty of wrongness. Her mind seemed to want to give her a desperate hint as she looked down on the smooth, unmarked skin; but she could not grasp...Read On


A Predeclared Seduction

Chrissie found the idea of being seduced by Mrs. Harding ridiculous. Until she showed up in person.

I should have shown some compassion. At least I should have held back my sarcastic comments and kept from twisting the knife in Anne’s wound. In hindsight, I was a lousy friend to her, and the outcome of the whole thing makes my guilty conscience even worse. But back then I was tipsy after the one or other glass of wine too many, and when Anne had confessed that she had licked the pussy of...Read On


How I Met My Daddy

I Want To Be His Good Girl

The heat is scorching hot, almost unbearable. I can feel tiny beads of sweat rolling down my back, sliding down my spine. My naked body is dripping with perspiration. It tickles in some areas, making me writhe a little. My wrists are bound above me. So, I can’t even wipe the sweat from my brow. It’s growing closer to dripping right into my eyes. How did I get myself in this situation? Am...Read On

Editor's Pick

Parisian Nights

La grande seduction in la Ville-Lumière

The echo of designer heels clicking across polished granite tiles pierced the silence of the building lobby. It was the confident stride of a young woman who to look at her, exuded contemporary class and an urban sophistication. She stepped into the elevator as the doors slid open and with a perfectly manicured finger, pushed the button for the twenty-fourth floor. Everyone in the open...Read On


An Erotic Online Encounter

An online chat turns into erotic video play.

One late evening I could not fall asleep for the life of me. I tossed and turned in my bed for hours, thinking about the woman I met online the other day. She was in her mid thirties, and since I was in my mid twenties and preferred older women, she was absolutely perfect. She was a free spirit like I was and enjoyed talking to people online. Our chats quickly became flirty and even turned...Read On


The Beguiling

Old sins re-visited

One of those social gatherings that occur occasionally that you’re really not a part of but decide to attend anyway. More like a moon orbiting an outer satellite than a major planet closer to the star. Still after not deleting the invite I figured that they’d be quite a few old acquaintances that would be in attendance that it’d be good to catch up with them. The function room was crowded...Read On


Amelia's Seduction

Wednesday: Eight Fifty-Nine p.m. She stood at his door. In one hand a single red rose, her other poised and ready to knock. Her heart beat wildly and her head spun with a heady mixture of fear and pure excitement. Her mind was full with the expectation of what was about to happen to her body; her insides ached from her high state of arousal. Like a ripe peach her womanhood was bursting...Read On


Teacher, teaches me a lesson

It was my last day of school and Miss Evans decided I needed detention.

My name is Jonathan and I am seventeen years old, it was my last day of school for this year and our last lesson was Geography. I am normally a very well behaved pupil; a bit boisterous at times and a bit of a rebel when I have my friends around me, but then I do have friends that would encourage and lead me on. But underneath the brave façade lies quite a shy boy for my age. My friends and...Read On


Emily's Seduction

A mature woman is seduced into overcoming her fears

She knew it was wrong, and that she would never agree to it in a million years. But she knew that it was because it was so forbidden that she was drawn to it. She was obsessed with the idea of group sex, particularly MMF threesomes. The idea of being with two men thrilled her, even though she knew she would never dare to try it herself. Her name was Emily Wilson. She was a tall,...Read On


Fresh Meat

He would learn. He would learn his lesson well.

It was a small shop. It carried the oddities of the world. The things that odd people needed for their potions and lotions and curative powders. It was dark, no matter how many lights he lit. The windows were covered with old dust and cobwebs. Shelves lined every wall, and every shelf was lined with vials and bottles and boxes of ingredients needed for many an unusual concoction or elixir. It...Read On


Storytelling Seduction

A storyteller's tale of pleasure and seduction

I slowed the door down before it slammed loudly, and eased it shut and locked. I shifted the laptop over my shoulder and turned to walk down the hall. Distantly, I saw another person doing the same thing as me. Her skirt-and-jacket combination looked tastefully chosen even from this distance, and as she walked down the hall I saw the unmistakeable pose of a woman holding the handheld to her...Read On


No Ordinary Gal

My first story, with lots of help from a good friend--you know who you are.

She was no ordinary gal. No, Allie was something special. That sexy glow she wore when she spoke to me had me hooked. That body left me dazed as I watched her strut around in that cute, short, black skirt. Watching her in that skirt was easily the biggest reason why I stopped at the sports bar where she worked for a beer or two on my way home from work, always hoping Allie would be serving...Read On