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Seduction stories involve situations that entice and lead characters astray, often consenting to sexual acts through a state of uncontrollable arousal.

A seducer will be in control of a situation through persuasion. They will usually tease through a variation of alluring elements and will tempt to win the seduced over, for their own personal gain. Acts of temptation are typically sought through heightened senses, which can include a wide variety of attractions, including visual and aural stimulation.


Happy Birthday

I give my husband the ulimate birthday gift

A soft breeze blew across my body as I lay on the beach. It was not enough to cool the hot rays of the sun but it was refreshing. I loved the warmth of the sun on my bare skin. That’s one of the reasons Michael and I loved the clothing optional beaches. I also loved them because I enjoyed men looking at me while I was naked. It was arousing for me to know they were staring at me. Michael...Read On

Editor's Pick

Parisian Nights

La grande seduction in la Ville-Lumière

The echo of designer heels clicking across polished granite tiles pierced the silence of the building lobby. It was the confident stride of a young woman who to look at her, exuded contemporary class and an urban sophistication. She stepped into the elevator as the doors slid open and with a perfectly manicured finger, pushed the button for the twenty-fourth floor. Everyone in the open...Read On


Seducing Kevin My Son's Best Friend

The night I had my son's best friend

My son Jake was home from college on summer break. He'd told me that he would be bringing his friend Kevin to stay with us for a few weeks. My husband Frank, was in Japan with his job for a month. I hadn’t seen my son in a while and was looking forward to spending time with him and his friend. My name is Maria and I'm a MILF (a mother that likes to fuck.) My husband is always traveling and...Read On

Recommended Read

Seducing Collette

When Lydia and John move in, their pretty neighbor will have a hard time to resist the horny couple

She was the first thing I saw when I looked outside the kitchen window of our newly acquired house in the small Yorkshire village, and I was smitten the moment I glimpsed the saucy twintails in her red hair, the big eyes that appeared to look at the world with utter astonishment and the lithe form of her cute body, pale skin painted with delicious freckles and barely covered by the...Read On


The Taking of Cassidy Lynn: Part 2

Cassidy continues her illicit affair

The Taking of Cassidy Lynn: Part 2 When Cassidy arrived at Manuel's door she had found it surprisingly difficult to ring the bell. She really didn't know him at all and yet just less than an half an hour earlier she had allowed him to take her sexually on the balcony during her Firm's company party that was still taking place upstairs. And then, even after fucking her as if she were...Read On


Dressing Room With a Personal Touch

and that's when things got rather interesting.

It was late afternoon. I was busy arranging new arrivals at the back of the store for window display and upcoming Spring theme when a distinct accent was heard coming from the front of the store. At eighteen, I was in love with the concept of latest fashion and fairly confident of my ability to come up with visuals that would draw the eye and guarantee sales. I could hear my name...Read On

Recommended Read

When You Go Down In The Woods

All heads in the area turn as she marches past. The graceful, elegant figure she cuts through the crowd cause all and sundry to admire the swish and glide of her step. She’s beautiful and confident, radiating an elegance most women could only hope for. There’s a purpose to her gait, her mind focussed on her destination – on her prize. Her long dark hair billows out behind her as she walks....Read On


Dear Shelly: Bathing Jennifer Part 3

I figure out a way to tell my roommate how I feel and patiently await her response

I didn’t sleep at all that night; I was just so nervous. Just a few short months ago, I was a shy schoolgirl, yet here I was devising the boldest, riskiest plan of my life. I knew the implications if it failed—I could lose my best friend forever. Even success had profound implications. Would our relationship ever be the same? Could we still be friends? All those thoughts kept racing through...Read On


I Seduced My Neighbor Over The Phone

Trish helps her neighbor who is in need of a good fuck.

Do you have a neighbor who you wanted to fuck the first time you saw them? Well that is how I felt when The Humphreys move in. Stan who is an absolute hunk, is 6'4" tall with short black hair and hazel eyes. Stan works from home as a freelance graphic designer. Melissa is 5’11” tall with long blond hair reaching the middle of her back. She has aquamarine eyes. Melissa is a former model...Read On


The Blizzard

An older guy, a young girl and a well-timed snow storm.

Sometimes I can’t help but be disgusted by my own stubbornness, or maybe I should say, my own stupidity. Why, just an hour ago I was sitting in my car shaking my head at myself, wishing I’d listened to my gut instincts to stay home I’d felt earlier. But no, not me, I got ready and went to work. Heck, the weather predictors are never right anyways, right? Every school in the five county area...Read On



Two Lush friends finally met, anticipation runs high

Jenny and Mike had been chatting for a couple of months on Lush. The chats were not just of the sexual flirting kind, their conversations also touched on other emotions and feelings. One day, Mike suggested they meet even though Mike was married and they were miles apart. He felt a connection, a burning desire to meet Jenny. “Have I crossed the line,” he wrote, worried about the answer. ...Read On


Kelly's Passion ch 2

A teenager is seduced on a Bus by an older man

Kari stared out through the window and into the night. The moon was full that evening, casting its eerie light upon the floor of the desert. The pale blue radiance of the moonlight gave the desert’s rocks and cacti an almost mournful appearance, as if they were suffering a terribly painful loneliness as they silently watched the world travel by on the blacktop of the interstate. ...Read On

Recommended Read

The Taking Of Cassidy Lynn

Cassidy is seduced at a company party by a dark stranger

The Taking of Cassidy Lynn By Milik the Red Cassidy was in a foul mood. Everyone at the party could sense it and the other guests were avoiding her as if there were a five foot quarantine surrounding her. Stress was ever present for associate attorneys at Sinclair & Lewis and the others had far too much of their own to be interested in becoming involved in hers. For her part, Cassidy...Read On



Part Two of a Trilogy

My head on the soft pillow with my eyes closed, I lay there embodied in full contentment, and a satiated smile rests quietly on my lips. It takes about three seconds for my brain to process that I likely overslept. I sleepily reach for my cell phone on the night stand, which is only inches from my face. I swipe the screen and give a one eyed wink to see the time. 7:19 AM. The Eurostar train...Read On


A Secret Need - Part Two

She Knew What She Wanted

My hair is tied up so it doesn't get wet as I climb into the hot soapy bubble bath. My perky breasts bob lightly as I soak for a long time. I am thinking of all the things I want to do with Mr. Helmer. I am a virgin and haven't done a whole lot with boys and am so unsure what to really expect. I of course have watched porn but that is so unrealistic to go off of. I run my fingers over...Read On

Editor's Pick


a seduction of a different kind.

Seattle, Winter ‘07 Her name was Lucy, or at least that’s the name she used, and she was a junkie. I didn’t need to see the track marks to know. In my line of work, I’d seen enough addicts to ID them quickly. She said she was 25, another lie. Closer to 20 would be my guess. That’s the thing about junkies. Lying comes naturally. It’s second nature. “I want to get clean.” See?...Read On


Seducing The Substitute Teacher

What Would You Do For A Grade?

The morning light is just peaking into my bedroom, as I shift to avoid it. I pull the covers up, hiding my face. I groan lightly, thinking the day has come all too fast. Why me? I don’t want to get out of bed. Maybe I’ll just not go to school today, I groan. I know I can’t ditch, I have a major test in math and I need to go. I throw the covers off myself, taking a deep breath. I can smell...Read On


Seducing the Man in Black

A nurse seduces a stanger

At 2 am Laurie comes home from the late shift, earlier than usual. She tosses her frumpy nurse’s scrubs to the floor next to the rest of her laundry, both dirty and clean. “I’ll clean up tomorrow,” she says to herself, knowing she won’t. After a long shower that fogs up the mirror and leaves more water on the floor than her regular shower, Laurie makes her way to the bedroom of her...Read On

Recommended Read

A Wolf In The Night

Sometimes, the chase itself hides a seduction nobody realizes until it hits.

June 2005 Slants of moonlight spilled through the cheap, ugly motel curtains, throwing soft silver glows on discarded clothing. A broken lamp dangled from a table, cord taut, the shattered bulb still flickering. The orange sparks of light were locked in tune with the muffled rattling of an ice machine and the hum of cicadas going about their own song and dance of seduction. They had...Read On


My Secretaries

I had affairs with both of my married secretaries!

I took the assignment in California working on the Space Shuttle in August of 1976. It was to be for around a year and a half on TDY with all expenses paid by NASA, so I jumped at the chance for adventure and the added income. I had never been to the high desert before and was in for a surprise as I drove through Barstow, Mojave, and into Lancaster. After living in Florida where everything...Read On


Amelia's Seduction

Wednesday: Eight Fifty-Nine p.m. She stood at his door. In one hand a single red rose, her other poised and ready to knock. Her heart beat wildly and her head spun with a heady mixture of fear and pure excitement. Her mind was full with the expectation of what was about to happen to her body; her insides ached from her high state of arousal. Like a ripe peach her womanhood was bursting...Read On


My Audacious Lover

Woman, craves sex from man who turnes out to be an arrogent, exhibitionist.

This is the sequel to The Night That Changed My life Forever. You may want to read that story first, otherwise the beginning will not make sense. If you are not concerned about continuity and just want a hot read, push on. It has been nearly a year since that incredible night with Jock. I thought about him every day. My life with Jonathin had not changed very much. He continued to be...Read On


The Perfect Storm

A couple rediscover each other during a spring storm.

The weather had been perfect for days. Perfect blue skies with big fluffy white clouds. George and Carol had used the time to work on their yard. Bushes had needed trimming; flowers were ready for planting, and winter debris needed to be removed. All that remained after two days of hard work was mowing the lawn. That could be done the following day which was predicted to be yet another...Read On


A Change in Circumstances - Part 1 - I Really Couldn’t Help Myself

I couldn’t believe my wife’s friend was this depraved, but I was powerless to stop it.

I have been married to Jennifer for about four years now. When we first met, Jennifer came complete with her best friend Melissa, who at that time, was in her early thirty’s. Slightly over a year ago Melissa and her boyfriend moved away and are now working and living some distance from us, it was a bit of a wrench since the girls seemed to be so close. Both women were very attractive and...Read On


Nicki's Mini (Part 1)

Can Nicki get a great deal on a car? You bet!

If you have read some of my other stories, then you'll know I am an office temp and I work in Brighton on the South coast of England. I am no stranger to adventure and some of my adventures have been pretty strange! Anyway, the story I wanted to tell you about today relates to the day I decided to buy a car. It struck me that I might have more jobs available to me if I didn't have to rely...Read On


Pink Slip-pery Slope

Rob has no idea what he's getting himself into with the new young hottie at work.

“You missed it,” Rob said, still chuckling under his breath. “Dean was over on cooler dock popping a dock plate while standing on it, and slipped on the ice. Busted his ass good.” Rich erupted into laughter at the supervisor’s misfortune and then said, “Ah, damn. I wish I could have seen that.” “It was fucking hilarious.” Rich suddenly pointed at something on a pallet and muttered under...Read On


Undress Me With Words

When Christine visits her chat buddy Robert, a suprise awaits her and her love-life.

I stow the crumpled slip of paper with the address in my purse. My hand reaches out to push the large brass knob, and while I stand here on the steps of the large manor house that towers over me and wait for a response, I feel a bit intimidated. Strike that. I feel a hell of a lot intimidated, and it takes all my concentration to keep from shaking like a leaf. The house looks as if it has...Read On


How I Met My Daddy

I Want To Be His Good Girl

The heat is scorching hot, almost unbearable. I can feel tiny beads of sweat rolling down my back, sliding down my spine. My naked body is dripping with perspiration. It tickles in some areas, making me writhe a little. My wrists are bound above me. So, I can’t even wipe the sweat from my brow. It’s growing closer to dripping right into my eyes. How did I get myself in this situation? Am...Read On


Teacher, teaches me a lesson

It was my last day of school and Miss Evans decided I needed detention.

My name is Jonathan and I am seventeen years old, it was my last day of school for this year and our last lesson was Geography. I am normally a very well behaved pupil; a bit boisterous at times and a bit of a rebel when I have my friends around me, but then I do have friends that would encourage and lead me on. But underneath the brave façade lies quite a shy boy for my age. My friends and...Read On


Mistaken Idenitity

A milf seduces the man her daughter has fantasies about

Thomas was half asleep on the couch when he heard the doorbell ring. He was dressed for bed in just sleep pants, having promised himself an early night. He opened the door and saw a pretty blonde lady. She was very slim, very petite, but equally well proportioned for her size. She was wearing a white, tightly belted raincoat that reached only half-way down her shapely thighs, paired with...Read On