Me and Daddy

Me and Daddy have hot sex.

Hey, my name is Kaitlyn. I'm seventeen and my dad is freaking HOT. It started when I was sixteen. Peeking on him in the shower, when him and my step mom were having sex, and when he spent his time in the hot tub completely naked. He works out five days a week, eight hours a day. See, he doesn't need to work. My grandparents are filthy rich. Anyways, he has the sexiest six pack I have ever...Read On



My fetish for fangs

A girl, and her vampire lover

He pushes me up against the wall with more force than necessary, but I stay as quiet as possible. He presses his body against mine and I can feel his rock hard six pack against my stomach. "Sorry" He mumbles as he kisses me fiercely, running his hand up my inner thigh and under my skirt. I push against him as he presses himself against me more forcefully. "Blade, easy." I say against his...Read On