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Topic: are you straight, gay, bi-sexual, or bi-curious
Posted: 21 Aug 2013 22:03


Topic: Favorite football team?
Posted: 10 Jun 2013 03:02

I think it's pretty obvious for me? LOL

Topic: Your top 10 celebrities you love to have sex with.
Posted: 20 Aug 2012 22:50

1. Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski
2. Ryan Phillippe, Actor
3. Sam Page, Actor
4. Christopher Egan, Actor
5. Justin Bruening, Actor
6. Chord Overstreet, Actor
7. Corbin Fisher, Adult Star
8. Ricky Martin, Singer
9. Chad Michael Murray, Actor
10. Riley Smith, Actor

*11. Hunter Parrish, Actor

Topic: Question for the "straight" guys
Posted: 06 Jul 2012 22:20

Ok guys I have been trying to explain to a buddy of mine that receiving oral sex from another guy doesn't make you gay.

Here is the arguing question.
You find yourself being woken up receiving a blowjob. Its dark. You think its your girlfriend you just go with it.
Next morning you find out it wasn't your girlfriend. The only other person around was your roommate.
You are not gay for getting off. Just because you didn't know it was a guy doesn't make it wrong. You didn't go looking for it. It just happened.

Do you think it makes him gay or is it ok?

Were you the roommate? b229

Topic: What do you wear to bed?
Posted: 28 Feb 2012 20:58


Topic: I want to come out, I'm tired of hiding who I am!!
Posted: 26 Feb 2012 22:04


Thanks for the help everyone!

Topic: I want to come out, I'm tired of hiding who I am!!
Posted: 22 Feb 2012 14:42

Okay, you've had all the supportive comments that you were looking for and some of the advice has been awesome. Now for a little reality.

Your quoted response from your Mom indicates that she handled this as best she can. The reference to God indicates a deep rooted belief that, at her stage of life, meant your news probably hit her like an express freight train. The good news is that she came right out and said she still loved you so work with that. Keep talking to Mom - not AT her.

I applaud your decision to come out. It is a far better world in which you live now compared to 30 or 40 years ago (your Mom's era) so do not over indulge your perceived victim status and have some consideration for how she might be feeling and how she is trying to cope. Remember, SHE STILL LOVES YOU and will no doubt defend you to her dying breath as all of her like-minded homophobic friends suddenly turn on her whilst you go gaily skipping off into the sunset. Mom probably needs you more than you need her approval so tread carefully and tactfully....

....unlike my response.

Sorry, recently had a friends son 'come out' and they were torn to shreds by our small towns mentality. All I heard was "Oh woe is me" from the poor little lad who decided we should all have to suddenly embrace HIS view on life. Parents stand by their son but OMG.

For the record, I've never claimed to be a victim and I don't see myself as one. I've dealt with more in my young life than you know and I'm stronger because of it. I'm not even referring to my sexuality. "Oh woe is me" would NEVER come from my mouth!

Topic: I want to come out, I'm tired of hiding who I am!!
Posted: 21 Feb 2012 21:02

I think the reaction often depends on the environment and how liberal it is. Coming out might shock people living in a small conservative town or community that revolves in some way around the Church. It might still be seen as something to hide or ignore for a certain generation that probably has little direct experience with the gay lifestyle and probably still defers to stereotypes of negative assumptions.

Living in a major city, dealing with reaction to coming out is probably going to be more along the lines of "oh ok - great". Nobody looks twice at a gay couple (either male or female) walking hand in hand in the street. I'd think that family and friends would probably follow with this more liberal, open attitude. I work in an industry that has a solid representation from the gay and bisexual community and everyone is very comfortable being openly who they are, without fear of judgement or raised eyebrows. My city has a very strong gay community, and with things like Pride Parades and celebrations and a cool, trendy area of the city that is probably about 80% gay, I think it's done a lot to give the average conservative straight person enough exposure to the community to realize that other than sexual orientation - they're just regular people like everyone else.

I think tides are changing and aside from smaller religious communities, each generation will become more open and accepting and make it easier for people to come out to their family and friends.

It's hard to imagine how a family could prefer that their child hide who they really are or be made to feel like it's not acceptable or desired to just be themselves. I can't imagine how frustrating that must feel. Honestly, I think moving to a location that has a strong gay community that's supportive would be ideal - they become like a second family in some ways. Then over time, as your family sees that you're happy, settled and confident in who you are - they should hopefully come around to seeing your happiness as the most important factor. Sometimes it just takes time for them to understand that it's not a phase and to get to the point of acceptance - I think it's just a process.

I would love to move nearby or in a major city, but right now I just can't afford it by myself. I'm saving money, but its slow going. Hopefully I can move away soon! A few other attempts have tried and failed (not because of me).

Topic: Would you or have you ever been with/dated someone in a wheelchair?
Posted: 19 Feb 2012 21:20

I'm just curious to see how you all feel about it...


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