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Topic ladies would u like to wear panties wet in your or your patner's juice?
Posted 03 Mar 2013 09:08

Sometimes I don't have a choice. I mean if I don't put my panties back on I am going to leak all over the car seat or if I am at work all over my chair.

Topic Pics of women
Posted 02 Mar 2013 20:43

Guy's how would you rate the different types of pics women post.

1. Fully dressed....but showing off her body.
2. Partially dressed....maybe bikini or bra and panty.
3. Flashing...boob or ass exposed.
4. Fully naked... showing all.
5. X rated...Having sex

Now I don't want answers like ...Oh I love them all....Thats BS

Which do you like best or better yet rate them.

Topic What's the naughtiest thing you've done sexually at work?
Posted 02 Mar 2013 20:34

Probably having sex out in the warehouse when I was 7 months pregnant with the black guy who was the father of the twins I was carrying. We did it down one of the aisles while other people were in there.

Topic First sign of arousal....
Posted 02 Mar 2013 20:23

Well it depends on the situation to some extent. I mean a face to face meeting with a sexy guy is a little diferent then reading a sexy story or looking at a sexy pic. Usually it is a little rush of heat with a flutter in my lower parts. I get wet down there without even realizing it. I fmy nipples get hard then I know for sure I am horny.

Topic Why do you have sex?
Posted 02 Mar 2013 20:08

Well first off I am really good at it. I'm not bragging it is just a fact. I guess because I have given into the animal instinct we all have to procreate I enjoy it more.

Topic Why do you have sex?
Posted 02 Mar 2013 20:06

Well first off I am really good at it. I'm not bragging it is just a fact. I guess because I have given into the animal instinct we all have to procreate I enjoy it more.

Topic Women with big breasts are always more sexy!
Posted 24 Feb 2013 20:01

I have never once had a guy say "OMG your tits are way too big. I really don't like them. "

Topic What is your favorite beer,wine or whiskey and how do you like it?
Posted 12 Feb 2013 20:04

Beer: Coors Light or Keystone Light but it has to be super cold like with ice crystals in it.
Wine: A decent merlot like Kendall Jackson at room temp of course.
Whiskey: If I am doing shots it's chilled Patron. I like scotch on the rocks or a good vodka sour.

Topic Open Crotch Panties
Posted 06 Feb 2013 19:23

Why wear them? If you want your crotch exposed don't wear any panties at all.

Topic what is the main reason for shaving your pussy?
Posted 06 Feb 2013 19:17

I was talked into shaving when I was very young by an older lover. I just kept doing it until I eventually got it lasered off. Certain bikinis and panties really require it.

Topic What when u be needing bad do up your bunghole n bollocks?
Posted 29 Jan 2013 20:37

No I was wrong. All the insane questions have NOT been asked.

Topic Is WD40 a good spermicidal lube?
Posted 29 Jan 2013 20:31

Have all the insane questions been asked now?......somehow I doubt it.

Topic What do you first notice?
Posted 29 Jan 2013 20:18

You are all such bad liars

Topic Experiences at a nude beach?
Posted 21 Jan 2013 19:51

I have been to nude beaches and topless beaches in Mexico and the Caribean mainly. I just like the freedom. I people watch just like on any other beach. If my naked boobs or body gets looked at then that's fine, I don't mind. I think guys find it a much more sexual thing then women.

Topic Vacation
Posted 19 Jan 2013 20:52

Lake Tahoe. Doesn't matter what time of year it is. It's an awsome place

Topic How many ladies prefer anal sex over regular intercourse?
Posted 14 Jan 2013 20:34

not me. I have to really be in the mood for anal.

Topic Built for sex
Posted 09 Jan 2013 19:22

Ok I have been told by more then one guy that I am "Built for Sex". What exactly does that mean? What makes one woman that way over another? Is it a specific body type? Aren't all women built for sex?

Topic What super power would you have?
Posted 05 Jan 2013 21:34

I make milk

Topic Please answer in just a single word
Posted 30 Dec 2012 19:50

I was going to say "God" but I will say "Imperfection" because nobody is perfect and God forgives us for being that way.

Topic Definite no no's
Posted 27 Dec 2012 19:42

i've heard some guys say that there's a lot of accessories to deal with such as labia, an opening, clitoris, inner thighs and so on. So i guess they are a little confused as to where to start/focus on lol. I've also heard women both straight and Bi say that when it comes to giving women oral pleasure it's all about the clit. Misinformed maybe?dontknow Besides if you watch porn it always seems like the guy is using 2 fingers and licking the clit as fast as he can lol.

Maybe watching porn is where guys learned that technique.

Topic Definite no no's
Posted 25 Dec 2012 20:14

If a guy shows potential then I will attempt to train him. If he pays attention and learns from what I tell him to do then he will learn the secret. Most guys think all we want is to have two fingers shoved up our pussies and to lick our clit was fast as they can.

Topic Where's the hottest place you've fucked?
Posted 16 Dec 2012 20:49

In my "HOT" Tub of course

Topic If you had one night to spend with the person of your dreams,
Posted 08 Dec 2012 22:01

The person of my dreams is in fact my girlfriend, and it honestly doesn't matter what we do, because it always makes me feel good about my life.

That is a great answer. The best I have read here so far.

Topic Lingerie Help
Posted 05 Dec 2012 19:11

edited by mod:

I wear lingerie often while fantasizing about my two imaginary wives.

Why doesn't this surprise me in the least.

Topic If you have a dispute after fucking and your partner runs away with your clothes how will you react?
Posted 05 Dec 2012 19:08

I would smack my forehead and think...."I remember that question that dufus asked on fetlife that time. I should have paid more attention."

Topic Have you ever been on a date and
Posted 02 Dec 2012 21:20

Well I have gone out with my husband and another couple. I have sex with the husband from the other couple while my husband has sex with the wife. Then I go home with my husband and we have sex. Does that count?

Topic If a Woman had to Challenge You...
Posted 02 Dec 2012 19:19

If touching yourself included scratching your balls I would say all guys would last about 2 min.

Topic boyfriends
Posted 02 Dec 2012 19:12

No way. I just don't get guys who want that. Now I admit. I get my way alot. The men in my life are smart and know this aspect of me. They let me get my way and believe me it pays off for them in the long run.

Topic if you were my ex..
Posted 01 Dec 2012 20:52

If you were my ex you would be a guy, so why would you be in a relationship with my "old man"? You are a guy right? Are you gay?

Topic Some advice, please?
Posted 30 Nov 2012 20:45

You didn't lose your ability to know what to say to women you just haven't used it in awhile. Like riding a bike. Just jump on and pedal. Oh and forget any drunken rants on here.