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05 Mar 2014 22:09

04 Mar 2014 01:38

Quality of friendship has many layers. We prove our friendship through different challenges on the road of it, however one of mayor moments that I learned in my cases is that friendship 'sometimes' needs a reality check. Sometimes we as friends, go into the battles without thinking about consequences, just to support our friend, but sometimes it is much more powerful if we tell our friend straight to the eye that she/he is being stupid that battle is not worth fighting for, that outcome of the battle is not right for neither of them. I call it honesty and bravery and when that happens new level is reached.
Just to think about it.

27 Feb 2014 19:18

So, let me see if I got this one...
One who is fighting their whole life for being accepted who they are (this is their claim that is) is refusing to accept others for being different. In different contest of course, but it is still that need to point fingers, censorship others, and in power act like, well, like all people in power.
I am not quite sure, shall I offer help, a hug, or just fucking laugh. So pathetic, seriously. Put your game together, for real. And no, I am not interested in excuses, bottom line is that you are playing by double standards when suits you and I have zero interest to be part of that. Try to censor this blog, and I will laugh even louder.

26 Feb 2014 07:01

24 Feb 2014 22:12

24 Feb 2014 07:14

07 Feb 2014 10:59

Sorry for not being around to read your new work, will come back soon and take time to do so

23 Jan 2014 05:55

sexy minded people, I can see you have been busy Hopefully your year started as planned and well!

19 Dec 2013 23:20

Great holiday season to all
I am celebrating in Nikola Tesla's style this year
All well!

19 Dec 2013 08:03

08 Dec 2013 09:06

Happy Birthday, Jim, you would be 70 today

08 Dec 2013 04:53

01 Dec 2013 11:28

This made me want to be 20 again.

01 Dec 2013 02:36

I am not perfect, nor I ever claimed to be. What we do after realizing mistake, is what makes us human. Just because we are slipping in our actions, that shouldn't stop us from living. I would say, live, be courageous, screw up, however don't forget to clean after yourself. Have lovely Sunday, you all

28 Nov 2013 04:55