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Topic Lush V2 Bug List
Posted 30 May 2013 01:33

Of course I am not sure if this is a bug, but I will report two things.

First is that I cannot see avatar on any member page (and this is just aasumption) with the real avatar. It could be that has something to do with pixles? I cannot see avatar of overmykneenow and I was just visiting Liz's page and there I cannot see Sprite's avatar..

Second thing is that when I scroll down on profiles page, video is covering of navigation bar. When I get to the video gallery, part how wide is vido coveres navigation bar.


Topic Announcing our $100 Attention Whore Competition! (1-30 June 2013)
Posted 26 May 2013 00:27

BOOBS! *runs over to your page and peeks*

Oh, no, no I am not competing in this one, I was mocking myself, but that is not a reasnon not to open private album for you geek
beside, with the last poem I posted it would be too much of an irony evil4

Topic Announcing our $100 Attention Whore Competition! (1-30 June 2013)
Posted 24 May 2013 06:26

I won't be much of a support to this contest, because even when putting my boobs out on display, such as my new avatar pic, I get no more than 10 views per week. I guess I come across as very charming person at the forum evil4

Topic Bringing a puppy home
Posted 24 May 2013 06:09

I am a dog person as well, if this is your first one, you have to understand (and Lush mothers, please dont hate me for saying this) that dog is like a baby. Meaning, you have many duties and renssponsebilites, specially in first year of any breed or size. You will most probablly want to socialize your dog, so you will have to teach him how you want it to react in certain situations. You will have to repeat over and over the same tasks, so your dog will get it. It is really a lot of work with it, and if you dont have time for it, than your dog will be wild, unsocialized and unhappy. It is major commitment.

My family has newer breed Russian Terrier, smart as hell! I know that we buy things with our eyes, but read about different carracters and than decide, which one suits you, and your lifesyle most.
My 2 cents

Good luck with it! Dogs are such a lovely creatures :)

Topic Fuck off ~
Posted 23 May 2013 11:24

I can be realy mean.
I just look at the person and say: Please.

Edit: or if you want sinonim: Dej spizdi.

Topic New recommendation symbol
Posted 21 May 2013 11:29

*snide comment edited and censored by author*
haha, luckily you are adorable, not really afraid afraid of that cuteness ;)

Topic New recommendation symbol
Posted 21 May 2013 11:16

Ha, what now!
No one is complaining?!!
Oh come on people, you must have saying in this!!

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 21 May 2013 10:03

Topic Excellent Work with the Servers Gav!
Posted 21 May 2013 07:57

Bravo Gav!! great job as always! I just wish some people had more patience. You are amazing and everyone appreciate you!

Topic Excellent Work with the Servers Gav!
Posted 21 May 2013 07:55

I don't even know who Gav is, but i do know he is doing a great job =d>

He is hidden God behind the scene love7

Topic Prostate Cancer chances high - I guess I should get mine removed now?
Posted 18 May 2013 03:11

My grandfather had it, one of his son's had it - of course both were diagnosed with it when they were over the age of perhaps I should circumvent being diagnosed with it and just go ahead and get mine removed & beat cancer to the punch?

We live in era when cancer is pretty much cured but new diseases came along.. Farmacy companies are making rediculous amount of money with implying fear into our minds. I am no hippie, I don't live on a tree nor do I drink super expensive morning smoothies, however I am trying to be careful with what I treat my body with, mainly trying to avoiding GMO products.

That being said, my question to you is, are you really being concerned, do you really have feeling that you should get preventive surgery?

Why don't you try and live healthier, try to limit or even decrease acid in your body and see how that will feel.
Personally, and I am not saying that will do the trick for everyone, I literally fixed my blood with marihuana oil. In EU can be bougth in every supermarket.

Topic New recommendation symbol
Posted 16 May 2013 07:02

I dislike myself doing this, but..

Who are we? We're the end users! Without end users there isn't any point to development.

Of course we are and don't you think they/ she knows that? Don't disrespect them thinking they are ignorant. However, is Nicola's business and how she will aproach, analize and increase its growth and development it is her business. This is sex site, it is I believe a tad different to handle than grocery store, it is up to her how she wants her site to visually looks like, her rules. We got spoiled, she was asking us and giving us too much librety in the past about decisions she should make, and now we think we own this place just because we posted few poems. Please.

Topic New recommendation symbol
Posted 14 May 2013 16:02

And that too my dear She is a matter of opinion. G'night x


sorry Kiki couldn't resist. Good night.

Topic New recommendation symbol
Posted 14 May 2013 15:45

Reading your post She just makes me realize what a privilege it is to be born and to live in a democratic country with freedom of speech. A privilege that unfortunately doesn't go for all in this world. I like this site and I respect the form and freedom it offers to its members! I think I have said it all in my last posts so not going to repeat... Plus agree with what Maz, CD & others pointed out. I will wisely give my eyes the necessary rest they need to recover! Ciao Je Vous Salue!happy8

It has nothing to do with democratic world, it all has to do with manners.

Topic New recommendation symbol
Posted 14 May 2013 15:43

So then she doesn't have to take it.
giggling, of course she doesn't, giggles, was my post really read as Nicolas defence? she is more than capable on her own.

If she wants she can leave the icon, although it doesn't seem like even she wants that. What's going on here, in my opinion, is venting. If Nicola, or anyone else with power, wants to listen to the venting, then thats great for the venters. However, if she chooses to ignore it or even lock the thread, so be it. I don't think any one here is demanding a change or even holding an official vote for change. That is the nature of forums, anyone with a keyboard can spout their opinion publicly whether or not their opinion matters to those with power. I think that the creators of this lovely site are tough enough to take some criticism and hell, if they're not, they can shut us all down!

Exactly as you said, classy venters. I don't believe people cannot take negativism, I was not talking about that, my problem with this thred is that it is not our bussines to talk about it. I am sure they chuckle reading all this.

So, dont worry brooke, no one is shuting us down, they love us! evil4

Topic New recommendation symbol
Posted 14 May 2013 15:22

Given that this was brought up in a public forum and, as with every other thread on this site or indeed the internet, people have their own opinions and like to share them.

I hadn't heard anyone complain about the original, black icon that appeared. Everyone seemed to like it well enough and those fortunate enough to have one against one of their stories were (as far as I have seen and heard) very pleased indeed to have that honour bestowed.

I personally don't like the check mark in blue and I said so - I also, like others who've posted here, made suggestions for alternatives - that doesn't mean that I didn't appreciate any work which had gone into it.

The new icon seems unpopular and, given that it's something which appears on pages of contributors to the site, I'd have thought that feedback would not only be welcomed, but necessary. We can choose our avatars, backgrounds etc, why should it be a surprise that we'd want to have a say on this.

Whether we volunteer our time as part of the moderating team, contribute to the forums and chat rooms, support the site by purchasing gold memberships or spend many hours writing stories for everyone else to read, we are ALL valuable members of the site. But we are all also putting ourselves out there to be judged by our Lush peers - whether your forum post gets slated or praised, your story gets comments or votes (or not), it is a public place and as such, we can expect that, sometimes, the 'masses' will not like what we say or do.

That's life, that's the internet and instead of getting upset about this, perhaps we should remember that none of this is a personal slight, develop thicker skins and be thankful that people care enough about Lush to offer their opinions, suggestions, creations and ideas to make it the place that we love so much.

There is a Lush improvement thread, perhaps this is where we should be discussing this?

Actually, and we all should learn the difference between if we are asked about oppinion or we just decide to share it in forum about someone elses busines. Lets say for instance, and start new thread to discuss your page and what colors are not going together and what we dont like about it..or about my page....What would you say? Stay the fuck away from my page it is my busines what will i do with it, right? The same goes with Nicola (although I don't believe she would use fuck word) and her site. Sometimes I think she is too democratic.

I didn't like previous recommended star, however, neither Nicola nor Gav, asked us about what we think so I didn't push my opinion. There is a team behind Lush, i think pretty great one who is capable of doing their job, we cannot all be part of Nicola's decisions, thats why she has team around herself, good one as well, the one she choose. No need for every Mazza, She or Kiki to fill her head with our opinions when we are not asked for My 2 cents

Topic Window Cleaners
Posted 14 May 2013 07:14

This is pic is highlight of my week! I never thought of it and it is so amazing. Can you imagine children in beds , ill, looking out the window and there it is, superhero! So cool, so great whoever thought of it!

Topic Site Suggestion - IM Character Countdown
Posted 14 May 2013 05:44

I've posted this in bug list section earlier today, not really knowing if it is a bug.. Anyway, I don't mind how it is done, as long it does stop us from typing novel in a blackbox. I am okay with whatever you decide, maybe what would be easiest for Gav?

Topic Lush V2 Bug List
Posted 14 May 2013 04:19

Definitely not sure if this is a bug, but black boxes are not sending complete message. It says 100 characters allowed, you can write as pleased (more than 100 I think) but it is sent just allowed 100 characters.

Topic New recommendation symbol
Posted 14 May 2013 02:48

If I may add, I am all for simplicity -- check for recommendation read, is lovely!

As far as I see it, this site has three strong colours (red, yellow and blue) beside black and white and personally I think no new colours need to be added. That being said, I would like to see how would look yellow check in blue would go perfectly with yellow ribbon but still you could tell that the story is 'less quality' than editors pick, but recommended for a read..

when star medall was up, I truthfuly didn't know is it more than editors pick? less? but then there was grey colour so it must be less, but it is still medal..with new check is easy, you got some kind off approval, but not the higest recognition. I think readers could go easy with that, specially if check would be yellow, easly associated to ribbon. My 2 cents

Topic New recommendation symbol
Posted 13 May 2013 22:25

yeah that makes sense, I love that this site, unlike some similar sites, is soooo NOT a facebook clone! But I agree that the medal was much classier!

HAvent read the whole thread, but that medal star thing, reminded me too much of a is a medal, a star and a gray color (non appealing color) three strong indicators, giggle. So I am strongly suporting new symbol :) it makes sense, it is a check and goes so much better with the site than that communist medal. Please tell me I am not the only one seeing communism in that symbol! evil4

Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 10 May 2013 17:42

And you are quite sure that the posts that were deleted did not contain elements that could somehow break the general lush rules? If a post says "We should have no guns due to (insert argument here), you maggy little cunt" that post thouroghly deserves to be deleted simply because of the comment in the end .

Exactly and if I know right, mamber has some kind of a consequences.
Anything eles is power abusing, and threating in his op (in another thread) what will he do if..shows that he is on the road of abusing his powers.. In a way I do understand why he said and did, what he did, he hes been called names after all.

Topic Congrats, gun lovers, you've done it again
Posted 10 May 2013 14:54

Okay, I posted this on MrNudiePants thread but keeping true to his word he is deleting whatever he wants. So, here I want to thank Overmykneenow for pointing out...

I think it stems from her use of the saying "they shoot horse, don't they" - used, I'm pretty sure, in the context that it's cruel to let him go on like this and if he was a horse he'd have been put out of his misery.

OMG...I read my past posts over and over trying to find where MrNudiePants could possible get that I wanted him shot. I rolled right over that statement because that statement means putting YOURSELF OUT OF YOUR MISERY. The statement I made was

So, Puh-lease set me on ignore...better yet, let me block you.
Christ...they shoot horses don't they? put me out of my misery. This guy who plays God with your opinions probably knows this but like I said before he is a classic manipulator. And now we know he is a Drama Queen as well.

But to anyone and everyone who read into that statement that I meant to do or wish harm on this guy...I sincerely apologize. I'm embarrassed This guy twisted it to mean something it doesn't mean. Google the term. You'll find I'm not lying. But I do apologize to any fellow Lushie who read that to mean something that was not intended.

Fact that he is deleting opinions he cannot handle, is just so bad for this site. Is this means that here is no credibility anymore?

here was some name calling, and as far as I know that is not allowed, site Thread Mediators should regulate that, or at least I was living in this believe, but deleting posts in his thread is just pathetic and thrutfuly I don't like where this is going, specially because this is not first thread where people are suggesting or in this case performingchensirship.

You are farely new to this site, so you might not know, but most of us who ever debated naked guy came to the same conclusion as they were mentioned in this thread.. I am not regular anymore but as far as I can see, no one seems to be bothered with nakeg guy. He lost his personal credibility years ago, I am just wondering if this site will go on the same road as he went..

Topic What does your Kindle library say about you??
Posted 09 May 2013 23:40

I have all Lush Publishing books as on my pc. Right now I am reading "Loretta", by Peter Karargiris. I wish I know how to copy my kindle library so I can show you how sexy that looks like icon_biggrin . I believe I am in treat for some great erotica, every thing else I am reading old fashion way.

Topic Forensic Artist
Posted 09 May 2013 23:24

Nothing much to tell, but just the difference how majority of people see themselves and how others do.

Topic Announcing: "Kelly's Passion", by Milik Redman, is now available on
Posted 20 Apr 2013 12:36

Just finished reading your e book, Milik and I have to say that I was captured into the moment from the begining. You set interesting read straight from the start, with sexy caracters and interesting plot. Great job and congratulations again!

Posted 11 Apr 2013 13:31

Another thing I've spotted...

If you post on someone's profile and change your mind and delete it, that original post still appears on her "what you've missed" even though it's deleted off her wall.

Bug or feature?
maybe she just needs to log off and on again? dontknow

by the way grat job with new featre, gav!! I love how this site looks like 3601

Topic You don't need a Kindle to buy eBooks!
Posted 27 Mar 2013 13:28

that's how i read Ash's books - i don't have a kindle, either. :)

If I remember correctly, you gave me this advice, when I was asking lushies at the forum what to do..Thanks!

And let me take this chance and congratulate Lush Publishing and Authors with new books!! I will buy them, and hopefully read them soon as well! Good luck to all!3601

Topic Announcing: "December Snow" by Nicki DeLante, is now available on
Posted 27 Mar 2013 13:20

Among my Lush Publishing collection, I randomly began reading it with your e-book and I was so not disappointed. I really enjoyed how story was building up and developing. Congratulations and lots of success with it 3601

Topic Announcing: "Lurid Cinderellas", by Frank Lee
Posted 21 Dec 2012 01:08

Congrats Frank!
I have my copy already and I am amazed again how quickly you can purchase e book, under 10 seconds with literally 3 mouse cliks..
Best of luck!