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Topic Why do so many Asian women not shave?
Posted 05 Oct 2013 13:16

I am glad that this thread got unlocked, because I was wondering the same. It could be that is cultural/fashion thing. Maybe similar to the fact that muslim women wax all their body. Not sure how they do it in this 'modern era' but they used to do it with balls of wax heating them in their hands..

Topic The Food Style Thread
Posted 03 Oct 2013 05:20

I'll share one very old recipe (no, not from the 90', giggles) This is very simple and cheep food, it comes from after 2.WW, but most probably its older than that. It was food of poor ones.

Sour cabbage with beens recipe:

1/2 fresh sour cabbage
1 big onion
oil (I use olive, but..)
1 tea spoon of red sweet pepper in powder
salt, black peper
and if you want you can add chilli and 1 bay leaf.
1 tin can of beans you like

Chop onion on small pieces, and fry it on oil with some salt untill is almost brownish. Add sweet peper, mix into it and immediately add cabbage. Add water finger or two above what is already in the pot. Cook half an hour add beans you like and cook for another few minutes. I serve that with mash potato, which I make with a bit of milk and olive oil, not from the box of course.

My body says thank you every time I cook this.

Forgot to say, it is fucking delicious!!

Topic Foot Candy
Posted 03 Oct 2013 04:50

I bought myself these the other day, Camper rain boots. They are surprisingly warm, I am happy with purchase. I have been Camper fan for years, but have never bought rain boots before.. Happy, happy with them drunken

Topic Is everything okay babe?
Posted 29 Sep 2013 11:24

There is also a danger of being too persistent. Don't go to the point where she feels like you're harassing her. Don't make her feel uncomfortable. There is a chance that she just doesn't feel about you like you feel about her, and that she never will. You say that she is a single parent. Maybe she just isn't ready to date again. Ask her to go out with you and a group of friends.

There is. However without taking any risk in life..well, each to its own, but personally that is not really living without taking any chances to make any difference.

Higwayman is not 22 anymore, so I didnt explain myself with my posts, I was just expressing oppinion, that he should be consistant in his way to get that woman. There is difference between no and never, stop bugging me and I assume Highwayman is aware of it.

@Higwayman: There was some judging and some bad advices how you should stop sending her poems and clips. Truth is that poems and music is you and why would you change that big part of you just to be with someone, and than what? you'll be miserable the rest of the time with her? You are not every ones cup of tea, hopefully you are hers. Be yourself, dont wait to long and keep asking her out, until you get proper answer.

Topic Is everything okay babe?
Posted 27 Sep 2013 14:04

Just wondering. Women are able to include a man in their world more easily then men can. Face it, we're easy. But, rather than be with someone who cares and thinks of you in every way, women seem to prefer being alone or waiting. To be with someone that's a momentary turn on, rather than be with someone who cares. Not a beta male, or push over, just someone who actually cares.

Back story: I'm totally in love with a lady at work. She's a single mom, my age, beautiful. In my eyes. I've invited her to lunch, nothing. She doesn't go to lunch with others either. I've looked out for her when she's sick/down. Never leaned toward anything more than just lunch in order to get to know one another. Nothing. I know it's a dead end road. But, what is in her head? The proverbial question of most men, married or single, if they actually care. We've talked frequently, and we get along well, and like me, she's probably home now sitting alone as I am..
Try harder. Keep trying. That is what will show her that you care. She is single mom, she has priorities, show her that you are willing to pass trough those barrieres and actualy be there. Try harder.

Problem: excuse my frankness, but I usually don't shit where I eat, but she is persistently on my mind, like now. She's very timid, and very shy although she is always dressed fashionably. She never leaves the office, so she doesn't dress for attention, she just has self respect and she always looks great. And, no, she does not have a boyfriend, or steady, we've talked about that. Two adults, single parents, I'm totally confused.
Try harder.

So, how do I make it better?
Keep trying until she realizes that you mean it for real and not just for fun.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 27 Sep 2013 12:01

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 27 Sep 2013 11:56

Lana Del Rey? evil4

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 27 Sep 2013 11:54

Lana Del Rey live..easy mood for friday night :)

Topic advice for newbie?
Posted 27 Sep 2013 11:52

Hi syzygy :) I think you will do just fine and this is first step to introduce yourself in social part of lushstories!
As Curly said, you will have to do first step and try not to come across needy or pushy, girsl can sence that. Relax and have fun, really, Lush is great place to hang out, you'll just need to figure out what you want and how much you want from it. Have fun glasses8

Topic Mesmerizing GIFs
Posted 25 Sep 2013 02:31

Topic Mesmerizing GIFs
Posted 25 Sep 2013 02:30

Just editorializing, but this is a turn off. Slapping a woman's breast just seems mean. A playful spank -- maybe -- but hitting the boobs a definite no

Maybe for you, but for some couples it is actually a huge turn on..just saying.

Topic Girls wearing tall socks
Posted 25 Sep 2013 02:27

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 25 Sep 2013 01:18

Topic If you could be an animal
Posted 21 Sep 2013 04:42

African elephant for sure. I havent studied them, but they look so paceful and down to earth caracters ;) beside, do you know how much they can eat per day and still look decent, giggles

Topic Do you hang in or say goodbye?
Posted 21 Sep 2013 04:32

I always say goodbye. There is no reason and no room in my life for people that make me or could make me feel bad. Life in itself can be shity without all unnecessary drama and it will become drama if you have bad feelings. Trust your instinct what it tells you, not your emotions.
Good luck!

Topic What is your experience with affairs?
Posted 21 Sep 2013 03:50

Girls, just a kindly reminder to...

WOAH! Hey, please calm dow...

OUCH! Stop it already!

OKAY... I'm out of here!

hahahah I wanted to answer the op's question than saw all that and decided to rather have a laugh. Thanks for this post!

Topic Erogenous Zones for girls
Posted 21 Sep 2013 03:46

Number 1 is definitely my mind. If he can get me wet over dinner time than my body will surrender..behind neck is on high place, behind knees as someone said, inner ties, my ass cheeks..but I learned over the years that for me really nothing works if my mind is not stimulated, although 2 day old beard helps, giggles

Topic How to pick a Master?
Posted 20 Sep 2013 11:40

Not here....


Topic Pit Sex
Posted 20 Sep 2013 10:59

This could be useful for some Asian guys evil4

Topic Does hair color matter?
Posted 20 Sep 2013 10:51

of course not, although I do get more attracted to dark haired guys than blond.. But is not a rule.

Topic Frilly things: lingerie love
Posted 20 Sep 2013 10:49

I am not big fan of lingerie, per se, if its not ridiculously expensive. I cannot stand cheep trashy lace. White cotton knickers I addore, black is dominant in there as well..

Topic 24hrs as the opposite sex
Posted 20 Sep 2013 10:40

Definitely, so I could get a chance with Tom Ford drunken ahh, I can only imagine how would it be letting him seduce me over

Topic If you were to get a divorce would you get married again?
Posted 20 Sep 2013 10:37

Piece of paper that will say what, that now I love? Ridiculous, would never get married.

Topic What Pets Do You Have?
Posted 20 Sep 2013 10:34

Dog person here :) Black Russian Terrier definitely the race no.1!

Topic What turns you off immediately?
Posted 15 Sep 2013 06:43

When people try to pull their game on me..please.

Topic What is your favorite beer,wine or whiskey and how do you like it?
Posted 15 Sep 2013 06:37

Leffe Blond - is Belgium beer and as any beer must be serverd cold for me.
Red Bordeaux -red wine room temperature

I am still learning about whiskey, and usually drink what my drinking partner suggest..still havent found my brand, although must be straight up

Topic In your Relationship...
Posted 15 Sep 2013 06:31

I guess I am dominant in relationship but submissive when it comes to sex. I know, it doesnt make sense for most..

Topic Foot Candy
Posted 03 Sep 2013 13:42

These are my favorite shoes I have right now.
They were really cheap from Target bunny

These look amazing!

Topic What is your favourite scent?
Posted 03 Sep 2013 13:23

I dont have favourite one but right now I am loving Gucci Guilty. It is extremely soft and least thats how I feel wearing it.

Topic Hey there I'm kitty. (:
Posted 03 Sep 2013 12:47

Hi kitty, welcome to the site! I am sure you'll find your cup of tea people here icon_smile
Enjoy your Lush time!!