Tied and Teased part 1

Mike warms up Helen for the night ahead

Helen lay naked face up on the bed, her wrists encased by leather cuffs that were attached together and restrained above her head to the headboard. Similar cuffs were attached to each ankle, with ropes to each corner of the headboard pulling her legs up and open. A pillow beneath her arse made the position more comfortable whilst leaving her pussy and arse fully exposed. A bright red drool...Read On



The Affair, part the second

Our two Lushies continue their Evening

Our hapless couple had met in a hotel and things were just getting exciting when the fire alarm started sounding……. The ringing of the fire alarm was joined by another ringing sound... the bedside ‘phone. Extricating myself from between her legs, I sat on the edge of the bed to answer it; it was hotel reception informing us that there was a fire in the kitchen, and that the hotel had to...Read On


The Affair

A story about meeting someone from Lush... Thanks to swollen for some of the ideas...

“Was I really going to go ahead with this?” I asked myself as I stood in the hotel shower. For some time I had been chatting with a lady on Lush, and, although we were both married, she had agreed to meet for a drink, and “see what happens”. It had taken some careful planning, first I had to organise a course with one of our suppliers that was conveniently quite close to where she...Read On

Love Poems(1)


Ode to Lush

Quick Poem about the site

Lush is the site where we all come, To read, to chat and have some fun. Nicola is the matriarch, She set the site up as a Lark. Gav is the one behind the scenes, Making sure the info gets on our screens. Order is maintained by the bunch of mods, To many they appear like far off Gods. The Stories are the backbone of the site, Which many people struggle to write. ...Read On