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23 Jul 2014 07:10

22 Jul 2014 05:49

22 Jul 2014 01:48

21 Jul 2014 05:42

16 Jul 2014 06:02

I wrote a new story! God, I'm getting good at surprising myself! Hope you enjoy it.

16 Jul 2014 04:55

09 Jul 2014 07:55

03 Jul 2014 07:40

I don't know how people write entire novels! How do they get all those thoughts down in such a coherent way? I can barely write a 5,000 word story.

02 Jul 2014 07:48

Kinda forgot to say: I wrote a new story!

26 Jun 2014 07:23

25 Jun 2014 04:38

I flick the switch on the generator/So I can turn you on

24 Jun 2014 06:48

He makes me feel better

23 Jun 2014 07:52

I'm loving the World Cup! How can North America not love football???

17 Jun 2014 07:46

Kind of working on a new story/series. I don't know which it'll be. Part of me wants to write it all out as some serial, but then I feel maybe something short and standalone would be better? Idk. It's about ballet. I've kind of become obsessed with ballet recently. I once got told I have an obsessive nature. I don't believe that. I just get obsessed with SOME things. Not like, everything. Anyway. I love this Kian Egan line: "Tell me, we belong together/Dress it up, with the trappings of love..." Literally obsessed with that song.

16 Jun 2014 07:51


11 Jun 2014 07:28

Working on something new. Might not become anything. Hardly ever does.

06 Jun 2014 07:09

Did my exam. I think it went okay. Feeling tired now!

04 Jun 2014 07:37

My comp entry is up! Please check it out if you get a chance! Last exam ever on Friday! Wish me luck! xx

02 Jun 2014 07:39

02 May 2014 01:01

I'm taking a bit of a break from Lush for the next few weeks - too much work to do! My latest story is up though, it's about... sex and money. Hmm, why do those words sound so familiar? Oh yeah, two things I fucking adore and do not get enough of.... okay, chill out guys; I'm joking! Really, I am! Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think! I'll be back ASAP. Hugs, Emilia x

01 May 2014 07:49

Tired. Wrote a new story. Shouldn't have. Should be studying. Boo.

30 Apr 2014 07:47

29 Apr 2014 07:50

"I just wish there's no such thing as fighting; that the world could just be like perfect, and everybody can get along. But obviously that can't happen."

28 Apr 2014 09:08

24 Apr 2014 07:30

i hate having so many emotions

22 Apr 2014 07:37

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna touch you, You wanna touch me to.... NOW IT'S STUCK IN MY HEAD

22 Apr 2014 04:36


17 Apr 2014 02:47

Will be away over the next couple of days. Have an awesome Easter everyone! x

15 Apr 2014 08:43

I'm so slick it's untrue. You should hear my goddamn telephone voice.

15 Apr 2014 05:14

this site is so full of talent it's ridiculous.