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17 Apr 2014 02:47

Will be away over the next couple of days. Have an awesome Easter everyone! x

15 Apr 2014 08:43

I'm so slick it's untrue. You should hear my goddamn telephone voice.

15 Apr 2014 05:14

this site is so full of talent it's ridiculous.

11 Apr 2014 07:56

Will be away a bit for the next few days.
Still want that jacket, though!
Brandon Flowers = Coolest guy on the planet!

09 Apr 2014 01:39

Want that jacket.

07 Apr 2014 07:59

03 Apr 2014 07:46

Okay, so now I think I need to catch up on my work! I looked at my exam summary and i'm 13 done out of 14 and if I pass in June i'll be like OVER THE MOON. So I'm going to hit the books! My god, the advanced tax textbook is the fattest thing i've ever seen!
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03 Apr 2014 01:43

I FINISHED DANCE FOR ME! God, that was a fucking rollercoaster!

01 Apr 2014 07:55

was looking for my public enemies dvd last night and then i realised i gave it to one of my old school friends! i let her borrow it and then i said she could keep it but now i really want it back. i guess i'll just have to do without. boo. working on the next (and last) bit of 'dance for me'. it's harder than i thought to end it. i'm so stupidly in love with brandon! in my mind he's a cross between brandon flowers, jared leto, and matthew mcconaughey. god, didn't you just feel your heart stop?! heads over to fan

31 Mar 2014 06:58

"Tell your little brother that we put down the gloves, and give him all my love..."
"Why can't I sleep at night? And why don't the moon look right?"

31 Mar 2014 01:10

28 Mar 2014 08:20

life keeps doing unexpected things

26 Mar 2014 08:38

If Brandon Flowers knew what I thought when he sang 'Swallow It' in that voice, he would be appalled. I'm kind of obsessed with him and The Killers as of late. I can't get 'Just Another Girl' out of my head...

25 Mar 2014 08:40

sorry i've been away. my dad got ill and work caught up on me. i'll try to be on more

20 Mar 2014 09:05

So the tech guy gave me a new printer a t work. It's so sexy. The pages just shoot out with a whoosh Like, awesome! I submitted the next chapter of Dance for Me (part 7). Hope you enjoy! Oh, and if you haven't seen my comp entry, please check it out! xx